148 Saintly Dragon and Primordial

    "Be careful, don't hurt them!" In front of the Dragon Travel Resort, Lu Cheng yelled loudly as the workers carefully retrieved the fish.

    The surrounding visitors watched with confusion as the Arowanas were packaged and brought away.

    Chu Xian stood aside and smiled. To the others, the black horn snow dragon king was unique, but he could create as many as he wanted. To him, selling these Arowana for eighty million was like catching a star that fell from the sky.

    His previous low funds were now completely replenished with this eighty million, and Chu Xian could even open another sea tank store in another city earlier than planned.

    "Alright." Lu Cheng smiled at the Arowanas packed in the truck and turned to Chu Xian. His smile didn't change as he offered him an invitation card. "This is an ornamental shop we're opening in Jing Hai City. We hope you can visit!"

    Chu Xian paused for a moment then took the invitation. He frowned a little as he examined Lu Cheng's smiling face. "Then I hope your business prospers."

    "Haha, of course." Lu Cheng nodded as if their success was a matter of fact then turned around and left.

    Chu Xian looked at the invitation in his hand. He opened it slowly and barked a cold laugh. "Saintly Dragon Farm!"

    "Saintly Dragon Farm!" Chu Xian murmured. The last exhibition changed the whole ornamental fish industry. For one, the four magnates in the ornamental fish industry had turned into five magnates.

    But Saintly Dragon Farm was impacted the most. As the previous magnate in the Arowana business, it had been knocked off its sacred pedestal by the upstart, Ornamental Fish in Paradise, and the prices of Arowanas in the whole fish farm industry were influenced a lot. Some aquarists even went so far as to opine that the glory of Saintly Dragon was gone and they no longer deserved the title of magnate (1).

    "It seems that Saintly Dragon made proper preparations, and they even investigated my background. Otherwise, they wouldn't have spent eighty million on my Arowanas!" Chu Xian laughed coldly then directly tore the card into pieces.

    However, to his surprise, Saintly Dragon Fish Farm made an announcement that very same day along with spreading news of the sale.

    "Saintly Dragon Fish Farm announced today that they bought the black horn snow dragon king from Paradise Fish Farm. The black horn snow dragon king is worth ten million dollars, and with this purchase, they will overtake Paradise Fish Farm's place in the Arowana industry as well as in the ornamental fish industry. Paradise Fish Farm is just a nouveau-rich company without any foundation. They were lucky to win the championship for Arowana because they accidentally cultivated the black horn snow dragon king. Actually, there aren't any other good Arowanas in their fish farm!"

    A thread from a Saintly Dragon forum suddenly became the focus of the entire ornamental fish industry.

    But the situation wasn't as simple as people imagined. Immediately after this post, Germany's Primordial also made an announcement.

    "We don't recognize the upstart, so-called magnate Paradise Fish Farm. Their black horn snow dragon king indeed is the most precious ornamental fish in the world, but this is because they were lucky enough that one of their Arowana mutated. Actually, they don't have any decent Arowanas aside from this black horn snow dragon king. Even now, they might not have any Arowana left at their fish farm. Paradise can only be called a nouveau-rich and they are not qualified to be a magnate in the ornamental fish industry."

    Germany's Primordial was obviously doing the equivalent of kicking a man while he was down and dropping a stone on the man who had fallen into a well. There were several people in the know who were unsatisfied with their comments.

    "Everyone who went to the exhibition knows that Ornamental Fish in Paradise also presented two Arowanas worth over five million RMB each. They were both sold at auction. This wasn't just luck!"

    "That's right, the quality of Arowana is obvious."

    People who went to the exhibition supported Chu Xian, but their voices were drowned out.

    "Paradise is obviously just an upstart. Aside from the Arowanas and black horn snow dragon king they showed at the exhibition, they don't have anything else! Have any of you bought Arowanas from Paradise? No!"

    "Paradise is a very small fish farm, and they were just lucky that they cultivated some nice Arowanas. They're just trash."

    "That's right. Let me post a picture of Paradise Fish Farm. How is it possible for a fish farm like this to be called a magnate in the ornamental fish industry?"

    Very soon, pictures of Paradise Fish Farm were posted online, and everyone was surprised.

    "Is such a small fish farm really Paradise Fish Farm? This.. how is this possible?"

    "Umm, how small is this fish farm? Is it used to raise goldfish?"

    Others replied that Ornamental Fish in Paradise indeed raised goldfish. People were shocked once again.

    "A small goldfish farm wins the lottery on a couple Arowanas then wants to be called a magnate in the ornamental fish industry? Too naïve!" At the same time, Japan's Sakeiwei also came out with a statement. They lost more than ten million RMB to Chu Xian - of course, they wouldn't give up this chance to mock him.

    This huge fight in the ornamental fish industry attracted a lot of attention. Everyone read through the comments online with surprise. Eighty percent of them commented on how Paradise Fish Farm was incapable and how they were nothing now that they sold the black horn snow dragon king.

    "They're really going at it. This is war!" Some netizens watched happily. They didn't care what people said or who they said it about; all they wanted was entertainment.

    There were also people who waited silently for Ornamental Fish in Paradise's response, but they were disappointed.

    "Our Saintly Dragon Fish Farm can guarantee that there are no Arowana left at Ornamental Fish in Paradise's Farm. They are actually a goldfish farm and don't deserve the title magnate, let alone the title 'King of Arowanas.' The Arowanas from Saintly Dragon Farm are still the best in the world. In two days, our farm is opening an ornamental fish store in downtown Jing Hai City to show everyone what real Arowanas are."

    "Our Primordial has always worked hard with the original ornamental fish industry, and we've decided to establish a presence in the aquarium market in China. In two days, we will be opening a Primordial Aquarium store in Jing Hai City."

    Posturing, sensationalism, and suppression.

    Some of the people understood Saintly Dragon and Primordial's intentions, but by that point, they had already accomplished their goals.

    The most expensive Arowana in the world was a hot topic, especially when it was sold for a record ten million USD.

    The two industry magnates, Saintly Dragon Fish Farm and Primordial Fish Farm, began to mock Paradise Fish Farm. The duo soon propelled the whole fiasco to become the top trending topic on Weibo.

    Saintly Dragon's ornamental fish shop and Primordial's aquarium store also benefitted from the publicity. After all, these industry tyrants were at the top of their fields; the fish they sold weren't common by any means.
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