149 Arowanas and Aquariums


    Chu Xian laughed coldly as he read through Saintly Dragon Farm and Primordial Farm's attempts at discrediting him.

    "This opening ceremony... when the time comes, I'll have to go and take a look."

    After Saintly Dragon announced the purchase, many acquaintances texted him to ask about the situation, and Chu Xian didn't hide anything. He hadn't prepared to sell large ornamental fish in the immediate future, but Saintly Dragon and Primordial's mudslinging made him sick.

    "Boss, aquariums from Germany's Primordial entered our Chinese market!"

    When Chu Xian arrived at the store the next day, Zhang Xiaohua immediately approached him.

    "I know." Chu Xian nodded. "Germany's Primordial mainly works with ocean ornamental fish and they're not new to the aquarium business, but this is the first time they've set foot in China."

    "I don't think this is a coincidence." Zhang Xiaohua looked at him then said, "We just opened our aquarium store last week and four or five other stores have already appeared in Hai Qing City, but those aren't worth worrying about. There are many new sea tank stores in other cities as well, but they all fall short of our standards by a lot. Germany's Primordial is different. The're capable and even if they aren't as good as us, the difference can't be that big!"

    Chu Xian nodded. Since Primordial dared to gamble in a foreign market, they definitely made preparations. Their work might not be as good as his sea tanks, but the difference in quality wouldn't be too obvious.

    "Boss, Jing Hai City is one of the most prosperous cities in China. Shouldn't we enter the market in Jing Hai City sooner rather than later? Otherwise, when Primordial has stabilized its position in the market, we can only drink the soup while they take all the meat!" Zhang Xiaohua said again.

    "We should. Let me handle this!" Chu Xian's eyes flashed coldly.

    Zhang Xiaohua nodded again.

    On the third morning after the grand opening, Chu Xian drove to Jing Hai City accompanied by Sword Two and Sword Four. The two strongest swordfish wore suits, ties and leather shoes. Everything about their appearances shouted "bodyguards," including their impressive physiques and not-at-all-cliché sunglasses.

    "Nine forty. I hope we're on time." Chu Xian checked the time and smiled.

    "Looks like I'm not late!" Chu Xian drove to a spot downtown and saw the entrance to a store surrounded by flowers and congratulatory paraphernalia. He parked nearby.

    He walked over to the two stores and examined their placards.

    Saintly Dragon Ornamental Fish; Primordial Aquarium.

    The two stores were neighbors and both looked very luxurious. Many people were already standing outside the store entrances, and close to the entrances was a little stage.

    "Very grand!" Chu Xian looked around. The man who purchased the Arowana from him, Lu Cheng, was also present. There were also a couple other familiar faces.

    Chu Xian's arrival was immediately noticed by the people from the two fish farms, and they all looked at him with surprise.

    Lu Cheng was also stunned. Although he gave Chu Xian an invitation, he wasn't genuine and had been confident that Chu Xian definitely wouldn't come, but to his surprise, he came and even had his bodyguards bringing a basket of flowers.

    "Is he trying to mend our relationship?" Lu Cheng guessed as he walked over to a group of people, whispering quietly and pointing at Chu Xian.

    The middle-aged men turned to look at Chu Xian.

    Chu Xian returned the gaze. The group was a mix of Singaporeans and Germans.

    "Haha, you must be Mr. Chu from Ornamental Fish in Paradise." The group walked over and one of them greeted him loudly.

    The people gathered around heard the commotion and immediately turned to Chu Xian. Ornamental Fish in Paradise?

    "Hehe, that's right. Since you invited me, of course I had to come to congratulate you all. Tsk tsk, you bought my Arowana, but can you sell it again for a decent price?" Chu Xian smiled at Lu Cheng.

    "Hehe, we didn't buy it to sell; we bought it because we felt that this champion fish was too good for its owner, so we spent lots of money on matching it with a suitable owner," one of the middle-aged men replied, smiling at Chu Xian.

    "Oh, is that right? Then I do hope you won't disappoint it," Chu Xian said with a fake smile then turned to the people from Primordial. "You've entered the aquarium market in China. The market looks to be on the rise right now!"

    "Of course. Our professionals have already done their research. The aquarium market is very good in China, and we'll open stores in each of the most prosperous cities within the month. In the following half year, we'll open stores in all the mid-sized Chinese cities," the representative from Primordial said confidently.

    "Then I will congratulate you in advance." Chu Xian smiled.

    "Haha, no need, no need. I've heard that Paradise also sells sea tanks and that business is going well. Ah, youth. Jumping from one industry to another when you struggle. In the end, you won't do anything well," the middle-aged man said in a patronizing tone.

    "I recklessly jumped industries?" Chu Xian laughed and looked at them mockingly. "I thought you envied my aquarium business, so you entered the Chinese market? Or am I wrong?"

    "Haha, son, your current situation reminds me of how you were at the exhibition. It's almost the exact same scene - flashing gaudily without any substance. In the words of the great ancients, you're just a paper tiger that won't last against failure!" That middle-aged man said with a gloating smile, "I remember like it was yesterday!"

    Chu Xian shook his head slightly. "You said it wasn't good for me to enter an industry recklessly, so I will remind you as well that it isn't so simple to enter an unfamiliar market."

    "Is that so? Then we'll see with the popularity of our two stores!" Lu Cheng smiled.

    "Alright. You invited me and I came. I wish you all the best of luck!"

    Chu Xian shrugged, and the people from Saintly Dragon and Primordial laughed coldly.

    With the promotions prepared by the two magnates combined with the sound and fury of the forum debates, many aquarists and busybodies came for the grand opening. At the moment, there were one to two hundred people gathered around.

    Saintly Dragon and Primordial's opening ceremony was a lot more complicated than Chu Xian's was, and at ten a.m., the managers of both stores went up on the little stage and made many remarks.

    They not-so-subtly implied that there was a particular fish farm that didn't deserve its title. This farm only relied on luck and didn't have the foundation to back up their short success. Saintly Dragon was and had always been the best in the Arowana business. They claimed to have a long history and impressive development. In a word, they were very glorious!
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