152 Fish died

    Eleven twenty p.m. The nightlife of Jing Hai was boisterous, and many people were still mingling about downtown in a scene of feasting and revelry.

    Saintly Dragon and Primordial were still celebrating at the restaurant.

    And beside Saintly Dragon's Ornamental Fish Store and Primordial's Aquarium Store, a luxurious Rolls-Royce drove by slowly.

    Cameras monitored every corner of both stores in the quiet night.

    "Business is good. This is my present for you." Chu Xian smiled mockingly and closed his eyes.

    Five minutes later, Chu Xian opened his eyes, smiled and drove back to the hotel.

    The next morning was a beautiful and sunny start to the day.

    Chu Xian had some breakfast before making his way back to Saintly Dragon and Primordial.

    It wasn't 9 a.m. yet, and many people were already gathered around the stores. The situation looked as good as Chu Xian's opening day, if not better.

    The people from Saintly Dragon Farm and the managers of Primordial had already arrived, and they were watching the gathering crowd with anticipation.

    "Haha, welcome. Thank you, everyone, for coming. Today, our little stores will officially open. I hope everyone gets what they like. I also want to remind everyone that our products are limited, so it's first come, first serve, haha!"

    A manager spoke loudly then a worker opened Saintly Dragon's doors.

    The doors opened. The black horned snow dragon king was placed at the entrance just like the showpiece of Primordial was placed at their store.

    It was Saturday, and many people were gathered downtown. As soon as the doors opened, the crowd of customers rushed in.

    The people from Saintly Dragon and Primordial had prepared for the situation, and seven to eight large men kept order between the stores.

    "Pretty good business!" Chu Xian walked over to the Dragon Ornamental Fish Store and smiled at the managers.

    "Haha, of course! Are you jealous?" one of the middle-aged men said jokingly.

    "En, a little." Chu Xian nodded.

    The manager choked then smirked.

    "Store associate, pack these two Arowanas for me. I want them!" Very soon, a middle-aged man with a huge belly waved at a store associate and imperiously requested some assistance.

    "Yes, one moment please!"

    "Excuse me, I want this Rajah Cichlasoma!"

    "Okay, I'll be right with you!"

    "I want this Arowana that's worth three hundred thousand RMB. Hurry up and put it in a fish tank for me!"

    "Yes, our staff will be right with you!"

    The buyers in the store of Saintly Dragon yelled and the store associates ran around busily. Even the staff responsible for catching fish were constantly moving.

    "Hehe, hehe." The manager of Saintly Dragon Farm stood next to Chu Xian and smiled, patting his shoulder. "Son, you're still young. There are many things to learn. I'll speak plainly. Compared to our Saintly Dragon Farm, Paradise is still a child!"

    "Really?" Chu Xian looked at him. "Then let me tell you something - your Arowanas are really not suitable. Remember these words. If you aren't capable then don't enter another market - you'll bleed!"

    "Are you threatening us?" The people from Saintly Dragon Fish farm looked at him coldly.

    "I'm not!"

    Chu Xian laughed as he left. He also took a moment to look around the aquarium store where the people from Primordial mocked him many times, and he wasn't afraid to call out their pretension.

    "Customer, please wait. There are a lot of people inside - please enter after someone leaves."

    The two young men positioned by the entrance spoke to Chu Xian politely.

    "Aiya, don't you know who this is? Let the boss of Paradise Fish Farm in, let him in! If the owner of Paradise Farm wants to come in to study, he can come anytime!"

    Just as Chu Xian turned to leave, a mocking voice called out from within the store.

    "Come, brother Chu Xian. Are you here to see how our business is doing?" The German man waved at him.

    Chu Xian walked inside with a smile.

    "Look, right now we've sold thirteen sea tanks in total, and it's been less than half an hour. Oh, and we have more than thirty pre-sold ones, haha!" The man patted Chu Xian's shoulder as he spoke excitedly.

    "Then congratulations, I hope you'll still be laughing tomorrow!" Chu Xian moved his hand away from his shoulder.

    "Hmph! Just some guy who got lucky!"

    "If you want someone to fall into despair, you have to let their hearts go crazy. The better your business is going, the bigger the surprise. Hope your business goes well." Chu Xian turned his head one last time to look at the boisterous crowds before he drove away.

    "Boss, you're back? How's Primordial's aquarium business?" Zhang Xiaohua walked over impatiently when Chu Xian returned.

    "Very good. Business is blooming!" Chu Xian nodded and replied honestly.

    "Good!?" Zhang Xiaohua was unhappy. "Boss, we should enter the market in Jing Hai City as soon as possible. Otherwise, we won't even be able to drink the soup!"

    "We don't need to rush!" Chu Xian shook his head slightly. "They won't be happy for long!"

    "En?" Zhang Xiaohua looked at her calm boss with astonishment then asked, "Boss, how's the quality of their aquariums?"

    "Pretty good. They're not as precious as ours, but they're still top-quality tanks. Their ornamental fish are especially good, and they have many kinds. The designs are good!" As Chu Xian spoke, he took out his phone. "I'll send you the pictures and you can look over them."

    "Okay!" Zhang Xiaohua nodded.

    "Don't worry, the Chinese aquarium market is ours. Other people will have to pay a lot if they want to get in our way!" Chu Xian patted Zhang Xiaohua's shoulder and comforted her.

    "En!" Zhang Xiaohua nodded heavily.

    He didn't actually mind if others wanted a share in the market. After all, it was unrealistic to stop other people from developing and following in your footsteps, but if they wanted to get ahead by stepping on him, they would be courting their own deaths.

    "It's about time," Chu Xian whispered.


    Zhao Zhikun was a wealthy aquarist who owned three tanks, and the fish inside each of them were worth a couple dozen thousand RMB.

    He was very excited when Saintly Dragon Fish Farm opened an ornamental fish store in Jing Hai City. The title of "magnate" in the ornamental fish industry filled him with expectation.

    After he read that they purchased the number one Arowana in the world, he expected even more, and he agreed very much with Saintly Dragon Fish Farm's opinion on Paradise Ornamental Fish Farm.

    After all, Paradise Ornamental Fish was only famous for one Arowana, and they didn't have any foundation or background. Its reputation and history couldn't compare with Dragon's.

    When Saintly Dragon Fish Farm had their soft opening, he visited the store, and the Arowanas and other ornamental fish didn't disappoint. He was especially excited for the dozen or so hundred-thousand-range Arowana.

    Earlier today, he arrived early for the official opening and spent a hundred and ten thousand RMB on the Highback Golden Arowana that he liked.

    "Come, come. Old Ling, Old Five, come look at the Arowana I bought today!"

    Zhao Zhikun had called his friends over excitedly and invited them to his house. These aquarist friends of his hurriedly rushed over to examine his new treasure.

    "You're here! Sit, sit. Come look at the Arowana I bought today. Isn't it beautiful!" Zhao Zhikun declared proudly when his entourage arrived.

    "Yo, this is the Arowana you bought? Stunning. This kind of delicate Arowana is incredibly rare. Where did you buy it? How much?" Old Ling asked in surprise.

    "Hehe, I bought it from Saintly Dragon's Ornamental Fish Store. Such delicate Arowana are rare in other places. It wasn't expensive - only a hundred and ten thousand RMB!" Zhao Zhikun bragged.

    "A hundred and ten thousand. Impressive, and it really is beautiful. Oh, what? Old Zhao, look, is there something wrong with your Arowana?" Old Five suddenly gasped as he examined the fish.

    "What, what's wrong?" Zhao Zhikun turned in alarm and quickly leaned over. The lively Arowana had suddenly gone limp, and its eyes were lidded and its tentacles (whiskers) hung weakly. (1)

    "What's wrong? Is it sick? I just bought it today - how could something be wrong with it?!" Zhao Zhikun yelled worriedly.

    "Old Zhao, it seems like there's something wrong with the Arowana," Old Five said.

    "Possibly!" Zhao Zhikun's face turned ugly. He was an ornamental fish lover and he knew a lot about Arowana. He could guarantee that he made no mistake in handling the fish, but now, the Arowana was ill. There must've been something wrong with it before he bought it.

    "F***, I'm going over." Zhao Zhikun angrily rushed over to Saintly Dragon Ornamental Fish Store. He was incredibly embarrassed. He bought an Arowana and wanted to show off, yet now something had happened. He was furious!

    After he arrived at the store, he was stunned; there was already a large crowd gathered around, even larger than the crowd gathered in the morning. There were even sounds of arguing.

    "Is it not just my fish?" Zhao Zhikun was confused. He then asked Old Five to help him carry the Arowana and walked inside.

    "Let us through, let us through. We're here seeking compensation from Saintly Dragon Fish Farm!" Zhao Zhikun yelled into the crowd.

    "Another one, another one," the crowd murmured quietly.

    Zhao Zhikun wasn't sure how to react, and he continued toward the store. There were eight people at the entrance with fish tanks, and one had even smashed the tank on the ground. All the ornamental fish were dead.

    "Good. Here's another one. So this is the quality of Saintly Dragon's fish? Huh? Hustling us with dying fish? You said I was here looking for trouble, but how about now? How about now?"
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