154 Followed

    Chu Xian planned to have their fish die the following day, but he made a mistake while remolding, so here they were.

    "They got lucky." Chu Xian laughed. If the fish died the day after as planned, the two fish farms would've been even more screwed.

    "Boss, let's make preparations immediately. The aquarium market is very hot now with all the preparations Primordial made. We can take advantage of that if we act quickly."

    "En. Tomorrow, we'll go out to sea and prepare some materials then we can prepare to enter the Jing Hai market!" Chu Xian thought it over and nodded.

    "Okay, I did some research. The Jing Hai City market is at least five times larger than Hai Qing City's. There are many rich people there, so we need to prepare enough products to open with."

    Chu Xian nodded silently.

    The next morning, Chu Xian took all his mermen and left for the harbor. He boarded his ship and set sail for the endless blue seas.

    The fishermen around looked at the fishing ship and shook their heads, but a fisherman followed Chu Xian's progress with an indescribable expression, and he immediately took out his phone. Soon after, a group of people departed on another ship and followed the Mermaid.

    Two other ships quickly followed, and the three fishing ships sailed away from the harbor slowly.

    "Huh, why are there so many ships going out to sea today?" A fisherman muttered as he watched the fishing ships leaving one by one.

    In another corner of the dock, a thin young man watched the Mermaid leaving. He immediately picked up his phone and dialed a number.

    "Fuck, that boy finally came out. Brothers, let's f*ck them up!" On Disaster and Shipwreck, Brother Dragon put down a phone and called out.

    Chu Xian didn't know that going to sea attracted so much attention this time and was currently laying in his chair, playing with his phone.

    "Boss, there are people following us!" Old Mu frowned and called out to Chu Xian.

    "En? Following us?" Chu Xian was a little stunned. "Old Mu, are you sure?"

    "Boss, there have been quite a few fishing ships following us for some time now," Old Mu said with certainty.

    Chu Xian frowned and walked into the cabin. He looked at the red dots behind his fishing ship and pondered.

    "They've probably been paid to follow us to figure out where we get our materials for our tanks. Anyone paying attention can easily figure out what I bring back from going out to sea. They want to find out the location by following me!"

    Chu Xian muttered to himself before turning back to Old Mu. "Let's take them for a ride!"

    "Okay boss!" Old Mu nodded and adjusted the ship's position. He turned it in a different direction.

    "Don't lose them!"

    "Boss, they already know we're here, and there are two other fishing ships following as well. I don't think they're going to show us where they get their materials."

    "F*ck, it's impossible to follow a ship quietly. Whatever, we have to follow them anyway."

    "Should we take them to the seaweed area? It'll be easy for the mermen to kill the people that are following us."

    Old Mu sailed aimlessly in the sea for more than an hour but the ships were still following them, and Chu Xian started pacing impatiently.

    "Boss, there are two more ships here and they sped up. It looks like they're coming for us!" At this time, Old Mu suddenly yelled from the bridge.

    "I know." Chu Xian nodded and laughed coldly. It was nice that they were so rushed; he had been hesitating, but now he could act without worries!

    "Boss, it's Shipwreck and Disaster from before. They signaled and asked us to surrender. Otherwise, they won't let us go!" Old Mu called out again.

    "Oh? Shipwreck and Disaster!" Chu Xian smiled slyly. "Reply and tell them they're already surrounded, and they should surrender otherwise we won't let them go!"

    "Okay boss!" Old Mu nodded.

    Chu Xian walked over to the cabin. He sat down and watched.

    "Not good, Brother Dragon. Our ships are surrounded!" On Shipwreck, the driver called out in panic.

    "What? Surrounded?" Bro Dragon was stunned then became embarrassed. "How did they surround us? Did they bait us?"

    "Bro Dragon, it was the three ships behind them! The three ships are with them. Look, they're speeding up and coming over!"


    The three ships following Chu Xian nervously watched as two ships appeared out of nowhere and sailed quickly towards their target.

    "Quickly, catch up to them. Don't let those two ships get to them, we need to follow quickly."

    "Looks like there's no other way. Since someone already moved, we can't fall behind. Let's go quickly."

    "Charge! On the wide seas, if worse comes to worst, we can use other methods to figure out their secret location."

    The people following Chu Xian weren't nice and cuddly, and there were seven to eight big men on each ship.


    "Bro Dragon, what should we do? Those ships are approaching quickly."

    "F*ck his grandfather!" Bro Dragon swore, and he swung his fist in the air. "Do it, f*ck them. I don't think their trash ships can fight with our Disaster!"

    "Okay boss, f*ck the front ones or the back ones?" the middle-aged man called out in reply. (1)

    "Let's handle the small fry first. Since they dared to charge at us, let's teach them a bloody lesson!" Bro Dragon stormed on deck and yelled out, "Ready the harpoons! Attack when they're within a hundred meters!"

    "Boss, the two fishing ships ahead stopped and so did the Mermaid!"

    "They might be negotiating, quickly!"

    The three ships competed with each other as they all rushed forward in a loose arrow.

    "Turn around and get close to them, f*ck them!" Bro Dragon yelled. He turned his gaze towards the center ship. "F*ck him up for me!"

    "Yes, Bro Dragon!" The three young men controlling the harpoons nodded.

    "F*ck them!" Bro Dragon yelled as the fishing ships approached.

    "Sou sou sou!" A series of noises pierced the air as harpoons the size of a human head flew out towards the incoming fishing ship.

    "Pong pong pong!"

    The harpoons smashed into the ship. There were two ways to attack with harpoons - the first way usually had a rope attached and they used that to catch fish; the second way was to shoot them directly, with a disposable arrow for example.

    They shot all three harpoons as arrows. They were extremely powerful, and if they could immediately kill people if hit.

    Even if it hit the fishing ship, it would still leave a gigantic hole.

    A harpoon smashed into one of the ship's cabins, smashing through the glass and onto the floor!
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