157 Power

    Zhen Youyun stared at him in disbelief and amazement.

    "Call the police; the people who just attacked you were the Disaster pirates," Chu Xian repeated.

    "Thank you, big brother, thank you so much. We already called!" Zhen Youyun thanked him repeatedly. He let out a deep breath and relaxed.

    "En." Chu Xian sat down on one of the chairs, not at all uncomfortable with a middle-aged man calling him brother. "What do you do and why are you interested in the aquarium business?"

    "Big brother, I'm ashamed - I was blinded by money!" Zhen Youyun laughed awkwardly. "I'm a high-interest lender."

    "Money lender!" Chu Xian laughed. "Do you have a boss?"

    "No no, I'm self-employed. I don't have a boss!" Zhen Youyun hurriedly shook his head.

    Chu Xian nodded and left the cabin. He called out: "Check the other fishing ships."

    The fishing ship in the distance was already under Bass One group's control. It had eight people kneeling on deck, afraid to move.

    When he boarded that ship, Chu Xian looked them over. "Who's the leader here?"

    "Me, me. Big brother, it's me." The captain was a thin young man who raised his head when Chu Xian called out.

    "Why were you following me?" Chu Xian asked directly.

    "Huh? Brother, we weren't following you, we were just fishing when those ships attacked us. We're innocent! Please let us go!" the young man cried out in loud despair.

    Chu Xian laughed coldly. "Throw him into the water!"

    "Ah!" The young man cried out in alarm and backed away quickly from the big bald man sauntering towards him. "What are you doing, I...."

    Before he could finish, Sword Two picked him up and threw him overboard.


    The other men kneeling on deck jumped at the sound as the young man fell into the water.

    "Ah, save me, help!" The young man called out in a panic.

    "Brother, we were following you. We were at fault, please forgive me! I'm begging you!" The young man flailed in the water and cried out in terror.

    Chu Xian sneered at the young man and signaled to Sword One.

    "Thank you, thank you!" The young man was soaked and gasping.

    "Pong!" As soon as the words came out of the man's mouth, Sword One kicked him in the leg. Even though Sword One was one of the weaker mermen, he was far stronger than the average man, and the strength of his kick cracked the young man's bones and he fell into a kneeling position.

    "Ah!" The man grabbed his leg and screamed in pain.

    Chu Xian watched him rolling around. He wasn't a cruel man, but that didn't mean he would tolerate these fools forever.

    "Who told you to follow us?" Chu Xian asked when the young man stopped screaming. "You have three seconds."

    "Brother Duan, it was brother Duan. Please, let me go. Don't kill me!" the young man said, terrified.

    He had no doubt that if he kept silent, he would take the secret to his early death!

    "Who's Brother Duan? Details!" Chu Xian frowned.

    "Duan Zhengwei, president of Zheng Wei Real Estate!" the young man said quickly.


    "He asked you for details, aren't you listening?" Sword One came up and kicked him again.

    "Yes, yes, I'll talk, I'll talk." Cold sweat dripped from the man's face. "Duan Zhengwei develops small real estate with forty to fifty people working for him. He's developed connections over the years and has become a small player in the field."

    The young man stumbled over his words as he spoke quickly, describing a real estate developer with a spotty past who'd made money in recent years.

    A few days ago, he heard about this new aquarium craze and come up with an idea, so he sent people to follow Chu Xian.

    "Why didn't you talk earlier? Then you wouldn't have had to suffer like this!" Chu Xian shook his head

    "I know, I know." The young man nodded hurriedly. "They're part of a gang in Hai Qing; the boss owns six bars and clubs in the city. They're very powerful!"

    Chu Xian nodded. Normal companies wouldn't dare follow him around with nasty intentions, and only people with spotty pasts would arrange something like this, especially if they knew he had a powerful background.

    "Boss, the coastguard is here!" Old Huang called out softly.

    "En!" Chu Xian nodded. "Go, let's return to the ship!"

    When Chu Xian and his men returned to the Mermaid, Sword One and the others stowed the harpoon weapons away and waited patiently.

    Chu Xian wasn't concerned with leaving; even if he did, the police would find him anyway, so he just waited.

    "Hands above your heads!" A motorboat stopped by their ship and coastguards with pistols called out.

    "Police officers, we're the victims. We won't resist, please board the ship!" Old Huang called down to the coastguards.

    The officers exchanged glances and boarded the ship. "Behave and sail back to the harbor."

    "Of course, no problem." Chu Xian nodded. "Old Mu, let's go!"

    "Xiao Wen, watch them. Fire if you need to!" A male coastguard called to the only female coastguard present.

    The woman nodded.

    "Don't be so nervous. We aren't criminals." Chu Xian smiled at the heroic and cool female coastguard and sat down.

    "Heng, you knocked out a group of people, yet you still claim you aren't bad!" Xiao Wen snorted coldly.

    "If we were the bad guys, we would've thrown them overboard. Why would we wait for you?" Chu Xian chuckled

    Chu Xian thought for a bit before finally calling Hong Chenghai. Even though the coastguards and local police weren't part of the same chain of command, his influence might help.

    As the ship neared the harbor, they could clearly see over a dozen police cars and many more officers waiting.

    This was no small mater. Over thirty people were involved, including wanted pirates. The city viewed this very seriously.

    "It's them, the Mermaid. The young man from the Mermaid!"

    "It really is. I wonder what the hell happened? Why are there so many police officers!?"

    Curious fishermen gathered around watching the familiar fishing ship and the police officers as they whispered.
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