158 Police Station

    Chu Xian, Old Huang, and co. were locked in a small room in the office of the Hai Qing City coastguards for a little under half an hour when a coastguard named Xiao Wen and another middle-aged professional walked in.

    Chu Xian glanced at the name tag: Wu Jicheng.

    When the pair entered the room and sat down on the chairs facing Chu Xian, Wu Jicheng opened the laptop in his hands and looked at Chu Xian. "Chu Xian, male, twenty-four years old, owner of Paradise Company with two stores, one fishing ship. No family background, young and successful!"

    Chu Xian smiled. "Officer Wu, your dossier is praising me."

    "Haha." Wu Jicheng laughed. "Tell me - why did you sink two fishing ships and injure five people?"

    "Self-defense. I think Officer Wu already knows the truth. These people followed my ship and wanted to harm us. We only fought back, and we didn't harm anyone. Even if we did, it was only the people from Disaster, and you coastguards should know more about them than we do," Chu Xian said directly. He hadn't killed anyone, and all the people he injured had criminal records with only a minor exception.

    Officer Wu listened to his words carefully. "Even if you were defending yourself, your actions were still illegal. The people on Disaster were wanted men, and I'll represent the coastguards in thanking you for capturing them for us, but an innocent fisherman was also involved and his leg was broken!"

    "Officer Wu, you already know whether he's really a fisherman or not. We fought them off, and if there's a next time, things might not end so cleanly." Chu Xian shrugged. "We didn't violate any laws, and if that young man wants to sue us, he can do so."

    Officer Wu frowned. He hadn't anticipated Chu Xian's boldness. He admitted to sinking ships and injuring others, and his frankness was difficult to deal with. Furthermore, he already received a call from his superior to make little fuss and smooth over some details.

    "What were you going out to sea for? Why did Disaster attack you, and who were these people who were following you?" Officer Wu asked after a moment's pause.

    "Last time we went out to sea, we saw Disaster killing turtles, and we didn't know who they were yet. They tried to blackmail us but it backfired, and they probably attacked in retaliation. The three fishing ships following us probably wanted to know where we get our aquatic materials," Chu Xian replied honestly.

    Officer Wu nodded, and Xiao Wen looked Chu Xian over inquisitively. Paradise Aquariums was well-known and incredibly popular in Hai Qing; obviously people envied their success.

    "Ask me what you want Officer Wu. I'll answer honestly."

    "No, if nothing else happened, we can release you soon." Officer Wu shook his head.

    "Thank you!" Chu Xian nodded.

    Less than ten minutes later, the coastguard, Xiao Wen, led them out of the building just in time to see Zhen Youyun and Duan Zhengwei's men leaving.

    "Big Brother Chu, I'm very very sorry. This will never happen again!" Zhen Youyun immediately hurried over and called out apologetically.

    Zhen Youyun was terrified. He originally thought that Chu Xian had some minor background and was completely floored by how strong the young man actually was. Five of his men sunk two ships and easily disarmed a group of pirates; he could barely look at those intimidating bald men flanking Chu Xian.

    "It's in the past as long as it stays in the past!" Chu Xian laughed carelessly and turned to the side. "Tell Duan Zhengwei that if there's a next time, he'll have to bring searching parties out to the sea."

    The threat was obvious, and a middle-aged man in the middle of the group frowned and inhaled deeply. "It was our fault this time. It won't happen again."

    Chu Xian looked over the middle-aged man and nodded before he turned away with another laugh as he led Old Huang and the others out of the building.

    "Sir Duan, we..."

    "Okay, don't trouble him in the future!" The middle-aged man waved his hand. He was already fearful of the young man's background, but now that he saw some display of his strength, he was even more afraid. He heard all about how Chu Xian's men sunk ships and knocked out pirates. This young man wasn't simple.

    The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. Someone without a family background reaching such a position demanded some explanation; if he didn't have any capabilities, no one would believe him.

    "I think I'm getting better. Now I can be overbearing and intense." Chu Xian laughed with some bitterness as the cab took him away from the building. Power changed people's personality, and ability changed people's bearings.

    Maybe one day, he would become a well-regarded success or a condor hero.

    "Today's trip was a wash, but we'll go again tomorrow. Somehow, I don't think there'll be anyone bothering us!" Chu Xian thought.

    What he didn't know was that knowledge of the day's events was already spreading. Along with news from Jing Hai, people paused for a moment and thought about the incident.

    Three ships went out to follow Paradise Aquarium's ship when they were suddenly attacked by two other ships and people almost died then the people from Paradise directly sank the attacking ships and knocked out all their crew!

    Sinking ships and beating up pirates? If they were facing an inexperienced crew, would the ships have just disappeared into the ocean?

    Even if you were successful and discovered where the aquatic materials were, how would you retrieve them? The watchers could kill you and sink your ship without difficulty, yet people still wanted to get the ingredients? Were they suicidal?

    Who would notice if a couple dozen people disappeared into the water?

    Although it was just rumors and conjecture, there was something else at the back of everyone's minds.

    When all the ornamental fish in Saintly Dragon and Primordial's shops died, many wondered whether someone played dirty.

    As for the official story about how the ornamental fish weren't used to the location and had a bad reaction? Only an idiot would believe such an outrageous story, and anyone familiar with ornamental fish would never be caught dead believing this statement.

    Instead, they were even more convinced that someone was covering up something.

    But who? There was no clear answer.

    Many people thought it had to do with Ornamental Fish in Paradise's Chu Xian.
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