163 Seafood

    The three-meter-long worms attacked Chu Xian, lunging at him as quick as lightning.

    "So fast!" Chu Xian was stunned. The speed at which the worms attacked was so fast, and like a patient hunter who waited until he could catch his prey, Chu Xian had no time to react.

    "They're like assassins!" Chu Xian's face turned cold. There were countless creatures in the sea and there were many different types with countless dangers in addition to all kinds of predators.

    "Those transparent crystal fish must be bait, and the things hidden in the seabed are hidden killers!"

    As that thought flashed through his mind, dozens of long worms were already in range. Their sharp teeth bit into his flesh.

    "Ka ka ka!"

    Chu Xian felt more than he heard the sounds as the teeth punctured his skin.

    "F**k off, I'll zap you all to death!"

    Chu Xian swallowed the pain and like an angry, flailing electric eel, he unleashed the high voltage electricity stored in his body. The worms instantly let go, twitching as they limply fell in the water.

    With his God's eye view, Chu Xian looked over his body, examining the cuts and bites in his bony body.

    "Incredible biting power!" Chu Xian exclaimed silently and looked around. One of the long worms was still struggling and moving weakly, struggling to escape into its little hole in the sea bed. Chu Xian spat out a ball of electricity and hit the worm. [1]

    "These should be Bobbit worms [2]!" Chu Xian looked more closely at the dead worms.

    Chu Xian had watched a video about an American man who videotaped the aquarium in his home. Every day, the American man woke up to fewer and fewer fish in his aquarium, and finally, even the choral worms disappeared. Finally, after setting up the camera, he discovered a long worm over a meter long hiding in the sand. It was a Bobbit worm.

    The Bobbit worm was the longest marine worm [3]. Its digestive organ was very complex and could turn itself inside out [4], and it had sharp jaws that could cut its prey in half. Humans sometimes unintentionally stumbled upon these creatures and suffered.

    After capturing its prey, the Bobbit worm immediately retreated into its hole. The worm used five tentacle feelers that it extended out of the seabed to detect prey. The Bobbit worm was extremely aggressive, and its fast speed and powerful bite could tear fish in half.

    The longest Bobbit worm recorded was about five meters long - so scary. [5]

    "The dozen Bobbit worms combined add up to some forty meters in length. How terrifying."

    Chu Xian looked at the Bobbit worms still slowly writhing around on the sea bed and noticed they seemed to have lost all their strength.

    "This must be because I'm poisonous!"

    "Eh? The crystal fish?" For some reason, the Crystal Fish hadn't fled and were gathered around him, sucking the blood that flowed out of his wounds.

    "What a weird fish. It consumes blood for nutrition; no wonder it's so transparent [6]."

    Chu Xian looked at the cute crystal fish around him. He grabbed one and ate it.

    "So fresh! So tender and slippery! They're so delicious!"

    Chu Xian chewed quickly, surprised by the taste. He had Sword One and Sword Two gather and net the crystal fish before sending them to collect the Bobbit worms.

    As they swam around, Chu Xian caught three large lobsters that each weighed four to five catties and found over ten 15cm long mussels.

    Mussels were a delicious and expensive delicacy that he hadn't eaten before.

    All throughout the sea bed, Sword One and Sword Two caught codfish and other expensive fish, but unfortunately, they didn't find any larger fish.

    After lingering near the sea bed for about two hours, Chu Xian and the others swam back to the fishing ship, dragging along a dozen of the crystal fish as Chu Xian controlled all the sturgeon and cod that Sword One and Sword Two gathered to swim along with them.

    The bag in Sword One's hand contained the large mussels, and Sword Two held the one filled with clams. Sword Three and Sword Four transported the other seafood like lobster and shrimp.

    All in all, although they hadn't caught any large fish, they still found a lot of edible seafood.

    Back on the boat, Chu Xian and the others put away the crystal fish, sturgeon, and codfish carefully and tossed the other seafood on deck.

    "Boss, how was the haul?" Old Huang called out as he walked over.

    Chu Xian shook his head. "We couldn't catch any of the large fish."

    Old Huang nodded. "Boss, the strong fish eat the weak ones, and every fish has the instinct to prey and run; the bigger the fish, the stronger it is! They'll be far more difficult to catch than normal fish."

    Chu Xian nodded. "Old Mu, use the sonar and let me know when you find a large fish."

    Old Mu nodded.

    "Boss, the crystal fish smell so good!" Old Huang came up as they were putting the fish away. He leaned in and smelled one of the Seabed Crystal Fish.

    "En? Really?" Chu Xian said with some confusion, walking over and picking up one of the fish to smell.

    "Huh, you're right. It doesn't smell fishy at all. This is very pleasant; no wonder it's a fish that mainly eats blood." Chu Xian remarked. "Old Huang, cook some for me!"

    After swimming around for more than two hours, Chu Xian was hungry and he wanted to try some of the seafood he caught.

    "Okay." Old Huang nodded.

    "Boss, should we fry the Bobbit worms?" Old Huang looked at the three living Bobbit worms in their tanks.

    "Eh, probably not." Chu Xian shook his head. "Are they even edible?"

    "They should be!" Old Huang exclaimed with hesitation [7].

    "Let's not." Chu Xian shook his head.

    Old Huang nodded and returned to the kitchen where he belonged to cook a lobster and some of the crystal fish.

    Less than ten minutes later, Old Huang returned with a dish of seafood.

    Chu Xian looked at him with some surprise. "So fast?"

    "Hehe. Boss, I think crystal fish are perfect for sashimi. If you cook them, you're wasting the ingredients!" Old Huang laughed. "There isn't too much of the dipping sauce, but it should taste pretty good anyway."

    "Sashimi?" Chu Xian shook his head in wonder as he examined the thin and transparent slices of crystal fish.

    Sashimi originated in China but was developed and gained fame in Japan. [8]
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