164 Storm

    Does sashimi taste good? Some people like it while others think it's gross or tasteless.

    But eating fish sashimi-style preserves the largest degree of nutrition, and the fresh and sweet taste leaves people craving for more.

    Of course, the quality of the sashimi depends on the quality of the fish, and usually, only the highest quality fish are made into sashimi, and even then, they're mostly saltwater fish. This is because there are more parasites in freshwater fish, and they can be harmful for human consumption.

    Chu Xian had never had sashimi before, and he never really ever wanted to try it before, but since Old Huang prepared it and made the sauce, he decided to give it a try.

    There must've been some reason why this kind of food became popular.

    Chu Xian tried a small piece. The crystal fish sashimi was soft and gentle in his mouth and had no trace of that customary fishy smell. It was like a small tongue and snuck into his mouth.

    The main side dishes accompanying the sashimi were sea kelp and radish that were readily available on the ship. The dipping sauce paired beautifully with the tender and soft fish. It was delicious.

    "Not bad, not bad. This is pretty good!" Chu Xian licked his lips. Even for someone like Chu Xian who preferred strong flavors, this light and fresh sashimi was delicious. It was like ice cream on a hot summer day, cooling his heart and soul.

    But very soon, the dish was finished and exchanged for a large lobster Old Huang presented with a glass of red wine.

    Chu Xian didn't like very strong liquor, but he really enjoyed fruit wine and red wine.

    "Tsk, tsk. I bet there aren't any other fishermen who could go out to sea and enjoy themselves the way I do!" Chu Xian smiled confidently.

    That afternoon, they maintained their course, sailing slowly while Old Mu watched over the sonar equipment. Chu Xian also used his abilities to scout the surrounding area.

    The sonar equipment on the ship only showed red dots and could only find schools of fish. If the fish were close enough, it could help estimate the size of the fish, but it was generally not incredibly accurate.

    But Chu Xian's sonar ability was far more precise.

    "A kilometer ahead of us! Slow the ship!" Chu Xian opened his eyes and called out to Old Mu.

    "Yes, boss!" Old Mu nodded and slowed down their approach.

    Even with the deceleration, the fish still moved quite quickly. In three or so minutes, they had arrived at the area.

    "The large marlin is a kind of sailfish. It's very large, with the bigger ones reaching four or five meters in length, and the smaller ones two to three meters. This particular marlin is a little over three meters and probably weighs around three hundred catties."

    Chu Xian eyeballed the sailfish and immediately used his control ability.

    With his current capabilities, his radius of control was thirty-five meters, and any fish that entered the area fell under his control.

    The sailfish swam slowly in the water, ten or so meters below the water's surface. It didn't hide from their ship. Perhaps this wasn't the first fishing ship it had encountered.

    "Ten more meters!" Chu Xian's face revealed his excitement as the ship slowly sailed closer.

    "Rule!" The gap was finally within thirty-five meters, and Chu Xian immediately used his ability and jumped into the sea.

    The large marlin felt a sudden force constraining it. It struggled and tried to flee.

    But the force suddenly increased in a burst of strength, and its consciousness was slowly smothered.

    "Hu, just in time. Good thing I reacted quickly!" The large marlin was fully under his control, and Chu Xian smiled. Finally, he captured a large fellow after two days out at sea!

    Large marlin (sailfish): Energy 1488

    Gift: None

    "If this large marlin's energy was a little higher, I wouldn't have been able to control it. Looks like I need to eat more fish." Chu Xian furrowed his brows.

    The marlin followed him back to the ship, and Sword One and Sword Two helped lift it onboard.

    After carrying it into the cabin, Chu Xian immediately began remolding it.

    The large marlin was just like a swordfish and part of its jaw was shaped into a sharp, sword-like bill. Compared to the bill of a swordfish, the marlin's was even longer.

    With his previous successes, it was much easier for Chu Xian to remold merman, and half an hour later, a strong, bald man almost two meters tall stood in front of him.

    "Old Huang, you'll be responsible for teaching him," Chu Xian called out as he left the cabin.

    Old Huang nodded. "Boss, it's getting dark. I'll make dinner first!"

    Chu Xian nodded. In the future, when he had enough mermen, he could fashion a professional cook. He was sure that if he made a merman dedicated to cooking, it could definitely cook better than Old Huang.

    Old Huang made a body-warming clam and shrimp soup. After Chu Xian ate, he looked up into the darkening sky and checked his watch with a slight frown.

    "Boss, there might be a storm tonight, probably around level seven." Old Mu approached his side and informed him.

    "Level seven?" Chu Xian nodded. It was never good to encounter storms at sea, but a level seven storm wasn't a big concern. With his fishing ship, he didn't need to be afraid.

    But the truth was that he wouldn't be afraid even if it were a level ten or stronger storm; the worst that could happen was that their ship sank, but even then, they wouldn't be in danger.

    Storms at sea were usually accompanied by rain, and at around seven p.m., they could already see signs in the increasingly turbulent wind and waters.

    At around eight p.m., clouds hung above, and the whole sky looked like a great devouring abyss.

    "Honglong!" Lightning tore through the sky. In a single brief flash, it lit up the sea, outlining the great and terrible waves rising higher and higher.

    "Hualala!" Very soon, heavy rain poured down with huge balls of water hammering the ship.

    The fishing ship was like a paper sail in the wind, teetering on collapse. In conditions such as these, you could barely exert any control on this ship, and it would be very difficult to sail.

    But the modern design of ships was excellent and scientifically-informed, and the fishing ship rolled over the waves. It was very unlikely that they would capsize, and with Old Mu at the helm, it wasn't very dangerous, as bad as the waves were.

    Chu Xian sat on his bed and looked out through a window at the great waves and large fish outside. He couldn't help exclaiming at the power of nature.

    Sword One and Sword Two stood firmly on deck, fearless and at home in the rain and sea.

    The storm came and left quickly and gradually faded away into the night.

    The next morning, the sun rose from the eastern horizon, shining down on the rolling waves.

    After a thunderous and stormy night, the sea breathed a breath of fresh air and felt new and bright.

    Chu Xian prepared himself for the new day. He slowly made his way out of the cabin and stood firmly on deck!
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