165 Ocean Sunfish School

    Chu Xian looked up at the beautiful rainbow arching into the distance and felt some happiness in his heart.

    In the noisy city, rainbows were very rare, and he hadn't seen a rainbow in a long time. He hadn't realized how beautiful the ocean could be after a storm.

    "Boss, the food is ready!" Old Huang said quietly to Chu Xian as he walked over.

    "En." Chu Xian nodded and walked to the table. Breakfast this morning was a fruit salad and some bread. After breakfast, the fishing ship sailed forward again.

    "Boss, Boss! There are a couple of large fish silhouettes." Not long after they started sailing again, Old Mu yelled out from the cabin.

    "En? Our luck is this good?" Chu Xian had just laid down in his chair and was preparing to rest when a joyful voice cried out.

    "How far are we?" Chu Xian asked as he immediately stood up.

    "They're right in front of us," Old Mu said, pointing to the front of the ship.

    Chu Xian was slightly astonished and walked to the front of the ship. He looked down at the eight large fish nearby with some confusion.

    The morning sun glistened off the scales of the large fish swimming just below the water surface, shining with radiance. From a distance, they looked like crescent moons, so the fish were often poetically referred to as moonfish.

    "Stop the ship!" Chu Xian called out immediately, afraid they would disturb the school of fish.

    This fish was known as the ocean sunfish and was a peculiar large fish species. They could reach 5.5 meters in length, and the school of sunfish in front of the boat had two large fellows about five meters long.

    The ocean sunfish was one of the world's largest and most strangely shaped fish. Their bodies were round and flat, like huge plates, with sharp fins on their bodies and bellies. Their tails were almost nonexistent, and it looked like a large portion of their hind bodies were just missing.

    The fish swam around slowly and lazily. Chu Xian stripped out of his clothes and jumped into the water.

    The school of sunfish wasn't at all bothered by Chu Xian's human form and swam around playfully. Although they were ugly, they still had a certain cuteness.

    Ocean sunfish: Energy 4557

    Gift: None

    Chu Xian was taken somewhat aback. He then inspected the smallest ocean sunfish in the school.

    Ocean sunfish: Energy 3112

    Gift: None

    "So much energy!" Chu Xian's mouth twitched. Even the smallest ocean sunfish had an energy level twice as high as his own, so it was impossible for him to rule or reform them.

    "Ay, I guess it makes sense. The smallest ocean sunfish already weighs over a ton, and they aren't like swordfish or sailfish. They're much heavier, and there's a comparably large difference in energy as well." Chu Xian shook his head helplessly.

    It wasn't so easy to find large fish that were easy to catch, but these ocean sunfish were so large and the difference in energy was so huge that it would be impossible to remold any of them.

    Also, ocean sunfish didn't have much commercial value either. Their bodies had many parasites and couldn't be eaten in large quantities by humans.

    You could even get food poisoning, so no one caught ocean sunfish even if they found them at sea.

    Chu Xian shook his head and thought for a moment. He returned to the ship and had Old Mu sail the fish to his side.

    He retrieved his camera and took pictures of the seven or eight ocean sunfish.

    After the brief incident with the seven or eight worthless ocean sunfish, Chu Xian and company continued sailing onward as Chu Xian stretched out his senses.

    Black and white pictures appeared in his mind as Chu Xian lay back in his chair, exploring the underwater world in his own unique fashion.

    Suddenly, a beam of light flashed through his mind.

    "This fish school!" Chu Xian burst upright excitedly. On his trips out to sea, this was the second time he encountered a school of fish. The first time, the school was extremely small, but he could tell from the small proportion of the school he could see in his mind that the school of fish was very large.

    "Boss, we found a school!" At that moment, Old Mu came running up excitedly.

    "I know!" Chu Xian nodded. "Sail towards it immediately!"

    "Yes!" Old Mu nodded and the fishing ship sped up.

    The school of fish also wasn't moving slowly - it was moving quite fast, swimming forward like an army on the march.

    As the fishing ship approached, the picture in Chu Xian's mind grew clearer and clearer. They were like a group of artists, dancing to some special purpose.

    The school of fish slowly transformed. Sometimes they swam like the vortex of a hurricane, and other times, they became a black ball. They continuously changed into forms that might've come out of a fantasy film, beautiful and terrifying.

    The fishing ship sailed closer and closer, and soon, they could see traces of the fish with the naked eye. The force of their passage was shocking.

    "Incredible!" Chu Xian snapped photo after photo.

    "Boss, should we start catching them?" Old Huang reminded him.

    Chu Xian nodded. "Put out the nets!"

    It was a school of Spanish Mackerel with at least forty thousand fish; it was quite a large school.

    Spanish Mackerels were longish fish with blueish-black heads and backs. They averaged 25-50 centimeters in length and weighed anywhere from 300 to 1000 grams.

    In this school, Chu Xian could tell that the mackerels were on the larger side, and there were around fifty or sixty thousand catties of fish.

    Sixty thousand catties of Spanish mackerel represented a huge find for any fisherman, and even if you only caught twenty or thirty thousand catties, that was still a very decent catch.

    Spanish mackerels sold for a market price of twenty to thirty RMB, and they were sold wholesale for over ten RMB. Twenty to thirty thousand catties sold anywhere from three to four hundred thousand RMB. For ordinary fishing ships, as long as they grasped an opportunity like this, they could definitely make over a hundred thousand.

    Chu Xian didn't intend on catching the Spanish mackerel to sell them but to devour them, yet this didn't stop him from feeling excited. As long as he devoured this group of fish, both his energy level and the number of mermen he could control would increase by a lot.

    "Old Mu, check the route the fish school is taking and cut them off!" Chu Xian called out.

    "Yes, Boss!" Old Mu nodded seriously. He knew this school of fish was extremely important to his boss.

    "Wuwu, wuwu!" At that moment, the hasty bugle of incoming ships filled the air, and in the not-so-far distance, three approaching ships appeared.

    Chu Xian frowned at the ships. Two of the ships were around thirty to forty meters in length, and the third was an expensive-looking cruise ship with about four floors. It was over ten meters tall and forty meters long.

    Many people stood on the decks of the cruise ship and the fishing ships, with many of them looking in Chu Xian's direction with telescopes.

    "Boss, the fishing ships are hailing us. They say they're part of the Dragon Mastiff Fishing Company and are asking us to leave."

    "Ignore them!" Chu Xian glared coldly at the incoming fishing ships.

    He had never heard of this Dragon Mastiff company. They should have some strength if they thought their name could scare him away, but he wasn't concerned.

    As for trying to steal the school, did they think they were stealing from children?
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