169 Fishing

    "Staff, get me a speedboat!" Director Xu called out to one of the cruise crew members and he boarded the speedboat angrily, speeding off towards Dragon Mastiff.

    "Tsk tsk, Director Xu suffered a significant loss this time, at least a million RMB!"

    "I can't even imagine! Who knew this guy was so vicious and that they would directly swim over to their opponent's ship? Definitely not normal people!"

    "Today's competition really opened my eyes!"


    "Boss, I have the route planned. We can prepare the seine over here and wait for the school of fish to swim over!" Old Mu pointed out a route on the equipment.

    Chu Xian thought for a moment then nodded. "You guys prepare the seine, I'll bring the school over."

    "Yes boss!" Old Mu nodded.

    Chu Xian looked around then quietly dived into the water in a place blocked from the view of the people from the cruise and Dragon Mastiff. When he reached a depth of thirty meters, he turned into a fish.

    For this school of fish, Chu Xian had two methods he could use. He could directly devour them all in the water or he could catch them first then eat them.

    At the moment, he was leaning towards the first method to directly devour them all at sea, but after considering the cruise ship in the distance, Chu Xian ended up going with the second method.

    After entering the water, Chu Xian swam over to the school of fish, trying his best to sneak up to the school without disturbing them.

    At the same time, the Mermaid was speeding forward to cut off the school of fish's projected path and to set up a seine net there so that when the school of fish swam over, they would be swimming right into the nets.

    The passengers and tourists on the cruise looked over intently. Watching fishing ships at work was a very new experience for them.

    Three minutes later, Chu Xian was under the school of fish. When he raised his gaze and watched the school of fish and its ever-changing shape, he couldn't help but feel stunned.

    "Looking from underneath the school of fish really has such an impact!" (1) Chu Xian thought in his heart, and he suddenly sped up and dashed into the eye of the school.

    With his max speed, Chu Xian only needed two seconds to reach the center of the group, not giving the fish any time to react.

    "Young fish from a couple months to a year old still have such low intelligence. Their sense of danger is quite poor!" Chu Xian smiled and used his control ability.

    Suddenly, in a sixty-meter radius around him, the ruling power bound twenty to thirty thousand Spanish Mackerels.

    At that moment, Chu Xian had already reached three and a half meters in length, and his energy was over 1500. He could easily control all the fish in his range; these fish only had up to a hundred energy and had no chance of resisting.

    "Heehee!" Chu Xian laughed proudly, gathering up the school of fish into a tight ball and swimming over towards the seine net.

    At that moment, if a camera was there recording the scene, it would see a huge ball of Spanish Mackerels swimming alongside a terrifying sea monster as if they were following its every command. Impossible! Frightening!

    The people on the cruise ship also noticed the change and were shocked. The ball of fish moved slowly in the water, and their current form was even more shocking that that of the vortex shape.

    "The school will fall into the seine net! So many fish! What a feeling to catch them all in one net!" The visitors on the cruise watched with excitement.

    "They're there! The school of fish is in the nets!" A person who had some understanding was yelling in excitement.

    The school of fish had entered the seine net, and the cruise was slowly speeding up, only stopping some hundred meters away from the school. The passengers leaned over the rails excitedly and some even rented small boats to sail out and watch more closely.

    "Alright, they're all in the seine!" Chu Xian judged the position of the school. After some thought, he ordered Old Huang and the others to start reeling in the net.

    The seine slowly contracted at the bottom, cutting off escape routes and capturing all the fish. Perfect.

    As the net rose, the Spanish Mackerels began pushing against each other and struggling, jumping nonstop.

    At that moment, the scene of thousands of Spanish Mackerel jumping captivated all who were watching. The scene was magnificent.

    The passengers on the cruise took pictures and videos while talking excitedly.

    Chu Xian transformed back into a human and snuck on board, returning to deck and standing by, joining the others in watching the school of fish in the net.

    "Boss, we have a problem. Our net can't hold this many fish!" At that moment, Old Huang walked over awkwardly.

    "Eh!" Chu Xian was stunned and didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    Twenty to thirty thousand Spanish mackerels weighed anywhere from fifty to sixty thousand catties, or almost thirty tons. The fishing ship's entire load had a max of fifty tons, so obviously one net couldn't hold more than half of that.

    "Let's take some out first then we can use the net for the rest!" Chu Xian rubbed his head and replied helplessly.

    If no one was around, he wouldn't even need to get the fish on board; he could just directly devour them all at sea!

    "Yes!" Old Huang nodded, and Sword One and Sword Two picked up small fishing tools and went down to take some fish out of the seine.

    They didn't even need to look to catch ten or more fish in one go, and it was quite pleasant to watch the jumping Spanish Mackerels (2).

    "So many fish! So many fish!" Back on the cruise ship, some of the children were pointing excitedly, and even the adults were watching with curiosity.

    "Move the fish to the lower cabin!" Chu Xian ordered as he looked at the Spanish Mackerel. With this method, it would take at least an hour to get the entire school of fish aboard, and all the while, the fish would be dying.

    So, Chu Xian was prepared to devour while they caught the fish.

    Old Huang heard Chu Xian's command and nodded, moving all the Spanish Mackerel to the bottom fish cabin, and Chu Xian directly transformed into his fish form and started devouring.

    The speed Chu Xian devoured the fish was very fast, and even with Sword One and four other mermen netting and moving the fish, he completely kept up with their speed!

    The Spanish Mackerel were small, and each one only gave him less than a tenth of an energy point, but they made up for it in quantity.

    And so, at a speed markable by the naked eye, Chu Xian slowly grew bigger and went from being three point five meters to almost four.

    "If I devour this entire group of fish, my body can reach 4.3 meters and break the two thousand energy mark. Not bad, not bad!"

    After gaining so much from a single school of fish, Chu Xian was very satisfied.

    Two schools of fish like this would increase the number of fish he could rule absolutely. It really felt good.

    Very soon, after enough of the fish were taken out, the seine was able to haul up the rest.

    "Reel it in!" Old Huang yelled, and the huge seine net filled with fish was slowly raised up onto the ship. The net was filled with Spanish Mackerels and really was incredible to look at!
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