170 Hunting the Shark Part One

    "Ya! Mom, look! I caught it!"

    As the innocent words came from the child's mouth, everyone on the cruise ship was suddenly shocked with cold sweat.

    They could only watch as the little boy with the turtle-decorated life vest grabbed onto the great white shark, touching its fin and laughing proudly.

    "Little turtle!" A woman on the cruise suddenly felt her vision turning dark as she shouted out in a panic.

    All the people on the cruise were startled to their cores, and their hearts seemed to stop beating.

    The great white shark seemed to feel that it was attacked and it turned quickly, hitting the small boat with its huge body!

    The small boat capsized!



    The children on the boat screamed, and everyone on the cruise ship burst out in panic.

    "Quickly, quickly! Go save them!" the manager of the cruise yelled out in terror. His staff hesitated for a moment before sailing the small boats over.

    "Mama! Papa! Waaah waaah!"

    The children were all terrified and panicking, and the staff member who fell into the water with them grabbed a kid beside him and swam towards the cruise ship.

    The great white shark moved as if it were looking around, as if it was trying to find the thing that attacked him, completely ignoring the people flailing in the water.

    "Quickly! Save the child in that turtle life vest, get him on board!"

    At that moment, a managerial staffer shouted out with concern.

    The surrounding crowd was stunned for a moment, but one of the middle-aged men among them quickly agreed. "Quickly, let the other children go for now. Save that boy first!"

    "Yes, yes. Sharks won't usually attack humans, but turtles, seagulls and sea lions are all food. The shark might mistake the kid as food!"

    Some people familiar with sharks shouted loudly.

    In history, although there were a number of shark attacks on humans, there was a tendency for them to attack surfers who looked like swimming turtles from below who attracted instinctual aggression from sharks.

    "Sh*t, sh*t, f*ck! Which bastard bought that turtle life vest?!" a cruise manager cursed angrily.

    At the same time, in the water, the boy with the turtle life vest wasn't scared at all. He kicked his legs happily, looking around with bright eyes.

    "Please let nothing happen, please let nothing happen!"

    The passengers on the cruise couldn't help but pray for the cute child. They nervously stared as the great white swam around.

    The great white shark used its head to nudge the capsized boat, pushing it a little.

    "Kaka!" The shark seemed as if it was spurred with anger as it bit the small boat, sending a huge crack into the air.

    "Quickly! The shark is becoming more aggressive! Get over here right now!" The people on the cruise watched as the shark attacked the small boat and panic rose in their hearts. They all called out to the last two small boats in the water.

    The staff members preparing to launch off new boats hesitated, shaking a little as the shark tore the capsized boat apart.

    "Save the children!" the passengers urged.

    "Go! We have to save them!" the manager of the cruise ship said in a determined voice as he grit his teeth, looking out at the children in the water.

    "Save the boy in the turtle vest first. If the shark attacks, it'll attack him first!" The other people on the deck reminded the staffers.

    "Ah! Not good, the shark is swimming towards the turtle!"

    Some cried out, and everyone turned to watch as the crazy shark turned its head towards the turtle boy, even opening its mouth a little as if it was going to swallow him!

    "Ah! Die for this grandpa!" Suddenly, a young man on the cruise ship threw an object that accurately hit the shark.

    "Not good!"

    "Ah! The shark is rushing over!"

    The shark shook its body, but its aggression was triggered. It burst forward and rushed at the child.

    Everyone was terrified, and the shark's gaping mouth seemed to fill the whole world as the watching crowd closed their eyes and turned away.




    At that moment, three sounds pierced the sky, followed by splashing and the sound of metal piercing flesh.

    "Boss! The shark is too strong! We might not be able to stop it with three harpoons!"

    On the Mermaid, Chu Xian had already been on deck for the past five or six minutes. He immediately felt it when the shark appeared and had just come out on deck as the shark was capsizing the small boat.

    As soon as he saw the boy with the turtle vest, Chu Xian knew something was going to happen and had Sword One and the others bring out the harpoons from the cabin.

    They hit the great white but underestimated the strength of the shark and viciousness of the over five-meter-long beast.

    The enraged shark violently thrashed, pulling against the chained harpoons. The hooks lodged into its body, worsening the wounds and making it bleed copiously.

    But the blood only seemed to drive the shark even crazier.

    Chu Xian didn't know sharks were so fierce! Disaster's crew usually surrounded their prey with two ships and locked it down with six harpoons, letting the shark tire out before claiming it. Chu Xian only had three weapons, and it obviously wasn't enough!

    Chu Xian's face couldn't help change color. He could see that the harpoon hooks were gradually coming loose, and if the shark wasn't slowed down, the result would be terrifying. It would attack everything in sight.

    "Bring some of the unchained ones. Sword One, Sword Two, Sword Three, Sword Four, you're with me."

    Chu Xian stared at the thrashing shark with glinting eyes. "Today, we're hunting a shark!"

    "Yes, boss!" Sword One and the others called out, grabbing the harpoons and handing one to Chu Xian. With a gesture of their arms, long swords appeared in their hands.

    "Go!" Chu Xian shouted. Like a hero, he directly dived into the water!


    With a series of splashes, Chu Xian and the others dived into the water and darted forward with startling speed.

    Fast; everything happened too fast.

    The shark turned towards the child and a passenger threw a wine bottle at it. The shark then rushed forward in fury, almost reaching the boy just as three hooked harpoons fell from the sky and pierced the shark's flesh, locking it down. Just as the shark seemed about to free itself, five people suddenly jumped into the water, betting their lives to fight the shark!

    "They're so strong! What are they doing?" a passenger muttered in amazement.

    "Are they trying to kill the shark in the water?!"

    Terrifying! Fighting a shark in the water? Were they filming a movie?

    But when people looked at the bleeding shark, their expectations and fear reached a peak. They watched as the five... heroes darted through the water, right at the shark!
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