170 Great White Shark

    The entire fish group was on the ship, and one Spanish Mackerel after another leaped into the seine net.

    After Old Huang and the others were done reeling in the net, they immediately started storing the fish.

    Chu Xian smiled as he looked at all the fish. He opened his mouth and devoured them.

    The Dragon Mastiff Fishing ships left, suitably chastened. It would cost at least a couple hundred thousand RMB to fix the spots where the two ships crashed, and they could do nothing but slink home. This was the ocean; there were no laws.

    The cruise ship in the distance had stopped for the moment, and some of the passengers were out in the water on little boats. There were many sea fishing enthusiasts fishing.

    With the blue sky above the blue sea, a small boat drifting in the water was like a dream, and some children played around, peering into the bottomless ocean and laughing.

    The blue sky, the wide sea, the cruise - it was everything people wanted.

    "Children, be careful. Don't play so violently on the boat!" A staffer called out on one of the small boats beside the cruise ship.

    The small boat was only about four meters long, and although everyone wore life vests, with the wide ocean gaping beside them, the staff members couldn't stop worrying about the children.

    But the young kids ran around and screamed without care, happily dipping their hands into the water.

    Newborn calves had no fear of tigers!

    Children were always bolder than adults, perhaps because they didn't worry about what might happen, and they played around with fearless curiosity.

    The staffer called out again: "Children, behave!"

    On the other side of the ship, seven or eight middle-aged men sat enjoying the sun, relaxing with their fishing rods and talking.

    "Shark! A shark!" Suddenly, one of the middle-aged men shouted in alarm, his shaking finger pointing to the not-so-far distance as his fishing rod fell from his grasp.

    "F*ck me, it's a f*cking shark! It's huge! What kind of shark is it?" The fishing folk all shot upright when they turned and saw the huge figure in the distance.

    A grey body waving a huge tail, like a huge monster staring at the cruise.

    "It's a great white! The world's biggest shark! How could we find such a monster?!" An old man cried out in shock, his hands fumbling with his glasses.

    The Great White was the largest carnivorous fish, reaching a length up to 6.5 meters and weighing up to 3200 kilograms. Its tail was a crescent, and its large triangular teeth were edged like saws, each 10 cm long. It was a highly aggressive shark, but because of its size, although it was an apex predator, it was also the highest consumer.

    The biggest Great White on record was 7.2 meters long - as large as a small boat - and could easily swallow an adult whole with its huge mouth. Of course, sharks didn't eat people.

    "The Great White! Not good, it swam to the other side!" One of the middle aged men yelled in panic.

    "The kids are still in the sea. Sh*t! Sh*t! Get over there and get them out!" The middle aged men yelled out in dismay and terror.

    A chance meeting with a Great White might've been the highlight of their trip, but given the circumstances, it had become an impending and bloody danger.

    The fishermen ran over.

    "Get those people out of the water, quickly! There's a shark in the water!" The people yelled out in panic.

    All the people on the cruise were stunned, including the staffers, but they still started moving back towards the cruise ship.

    "Look! Shark! It's really a shark!" At that moment, a person on the cruise ship exclaimed.

    Everyone on the ship looked.

    Indeed, on that side of the ship was a huge figure slowly swimming in their direction!

    "Oh god, my child! My baby is on that boat!" A young mother screamed in terror.

    "Quickly, quickly, get back! There's a shark!"

    Suddenly, the cruise ship burst out in a messy uproar, with everyone shouting at the people on the small boat.

    The staff sailing the small boat looked back at the huge figure swimming towards them and quickly sped up the boat.

    "Wow wow, look guys, what a big fish!" Among the crowd of terrified people came the naughty voice of a little boy who was pointing excitedly at the shark.

    "Don't play around or it will eat you!" The staffer's face was cold with sweat, and he hurriedly shouted out.

    The naughty child tilted his head and looked back at the great white shark.

    "Don't panic everyone, don't panic!" At that moment, the manager of the cruise hurried to the scene and shouted to the panicked crowd: "It's a great white shark, but it isn't as scary as it is in the movies. Although they call the great white the 'human-eating shark,' it doesn't actually eat humans and won't attack people under normal circumstances. Please don't panic!"

    "Dear, don't worry, don't worry. It'll be alright, everything will be okay. It's just as they said, sharks don't attack people for no reason. Don't worry, we don't have to worry!"

    The comforting words echoed across the deck, but although everyone spoke those words, they were all still scared. After all, it was still a great white shark, a very fierce and aggressive creature.

    "Mom, it's coming over!" On the small boat, a boy wrapped in the arms of his mother cried out and pointed, his shiny eyes locked onto the swimming shark.

    "Don't be afraid! Don't be afraid!" The woman covered her head and clutched him closer.

    "Don't be afraid!" The staffer on the boat also called out in a small voice.

    And the great white swam slowly past their small boat.

    The staffer exhaled softly, immediately revved up the engine and rushed back to the cruise ship.

    The cruise ship workers immediately hauled up the kids and got them back on board, exhaling heavily in relief.

    "Be careful!" The small boat boarded the cruise ship safely and the manager breathed a sigh of relief before turning back to the six small boats still in the water.

    For whatever reason, the great white was just swimming around beside them, but the danger was still there.

    But to everyone's relief, the small boats returned to the ship safely, one after the other, and the great white left them alone.

    "Children, don't move, don't play around!" On one of the remaining boats, the staff member was staring nervously at the great white and yelled out shakily.

    A four or five-year-old boy in a turtle life vest looked over at the shark with curiosity, his face showing some hesitation before he suddenly thrust out his hand.

    "Ya! Look, mom. I caught it!"
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