Tell The Devil I'm Here And I Want To Dance

from the moment Annie was born and opened her eyes she was able to see the other worlds. the magic beings, the elves the mermaids, spirits,ghosts, demons, angels, thoughts of others, portals, runes! she was able to see and practice magic and spells even from before she was able to walk!read and observe as Ann defies the laws of nature, god, and dares to dance with the devil. A certain girl " What do you want me to do, surrender my heart and body to you?" she rose an eyebrow.A certain male lead " no, your heart isn't that important, and neither your body, i want your soul!"she laughed sarcastically " i already gave you that!"a certain male lead snickered " really? then i want your services!"she leaned back in her chair her eyes giving him a side glance "what kind of services?"he grinned "All of them!"Her exquisite features turned gloomy when she retorted "Greedy!"

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