5 After all

    After all this imma keep writing not to improve my life style, but to let myself know that im alive.

    Sometimes i black out and dont think i just sit there not thinking, and that scares me so much.

    Think about it. You dont even remember what is happening around you. You dont know what was happening then and all the stress and pain isnt there. Even thinking about it makes me feel like im ganna die and the only thing im good at is reading.

    Many people believe in a god, humans need a sense of relief. Putting that on something that is bigger then them and that may or may not be there is a way to do that. They think if they put all their trust in something it wont hurt them. But what is nothing they wanted happens and all that trust is thrown away like a dead gold fish. Those people then get a feeling called depression this can lead two way,one way is not acting upon those feeling. Then they eather do self harm.

    The other way that it could go is them getting help from close friends or a family member and go back to that god.

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    This is just a time waster for me and you. (Mainly me)  but i hope you guys have a good day!
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