4 Chapter Three

    "Where were you!" he roared, smashing a beer bottle next to my ear. I flinched. Of course. I should have expected this. Using his cracked bottle, he scrapped the glass ends across my already blind eye. Then he kicked me all the way to my room. I slammed into the door, coughing up blood. I watched as the red liquid slowly seeped into the white carpet, spreading like a wild fire. Devin growled when I didn't move. So he opened the door, grabbed me by the throat, and threw me inside. My head slammed against the pointy bed corner. He shut the door. I sat there dazed, then collapsed.

    I stuck a square bandage on my head, where there was still a scar from where it hit the bedpost. Then I carefully covered in with foundation. Again and again. As much as I hated being abused, I didn't want other people to get into my business. So I cover it all up. No one must know.


    I smiled. Today was going to be good. I can finally find out all of Thana's little secrets. I patted my pocket. Instant makeup remover, check. I looked to my right. Daniel, who had wonderful senses and could heal anything. Check. Milo, my beta, here in cause anything goes wrong. Check. I took a deep breath.

    One step, two step, three step... and I'm on school grounds. Jade rushed over to me, as if she had been waiting for me.

    "Darli-" Milo pushed her away and flipped her off. Jade stood there, shocked. I guess no boy as ever told her off before. I turned my head around. There. Thana. I see her. I slowly approached her, hand slipping into my pocket.


    Ah, **. The boys are here. My eyes zipped around, looking for escape routes. Hmm... I guess I might be able to fit between Daniel and that tree, then run away. Well, if he doesn't grab me first. So I waited until they were a little closer then I bolted. Daniel clearly didn't expect that and backed away as I rushed towards him. I hurried into the school building and for the first time, went to class early.

    The bell rang. I shrank behind my desk, trying to be invisible. It didn't work. Hunter saw me and went to claim the seat next to me.

    "Why...I really don't want to skip another class," I thought. When he walked closer, I saw a...shape in his pocket. I panicked. Well, ** that thought then. I'm skipping class.

    I went up to the teacher, quietly asking for a hall pass. She rolled her eyes and sloppily signed the slip, already knowing that I won't come back.

    I ran up the stairs to the rooftop, and took gulps of fresh air. My anklelet tingled against my skin. I debated on whether I should transform or not.

    If werewolves stay in their human form for too long, they could get sick or even worse, die.

    But I still decided against the risk of someone seeing me and stayed human.

    I laid down on the ground, and closed my eyes. Feeling the sun on my face, for once, I actually felt...content.

    The bell rang. Great. My wonderful moment of peace snapped into pieces. I sat up, thinking if I was hungry enough to go down for lunch. No, I decided. I'm not that desperate.

    With fifteen minutes left of lunch, I heard the door open behind me.

    I immediately jumped up, defenses ready. Of course it was Hunter. His friends were nowhere to be seen though. Good. I think I can handle him one on one.

    However, before I could say anything, Hunter lifted his hand.

    "I brought you lunch." he said as he showed me a sandwich and a juice box.

    "... thanks." I don't take them. I'm suspicious. For all I know, they could be drugged or something.

    He stared at me.

    "Aren't you gonna take them?"

    "No. I'm not hungry. But thanks anyway."

    Take the hint and please leave me alone, I thought. He didn't. Instead, he sat down. Hunter patted the spot next to him.

    "Well, there's no one sitting here," he joked.

    I sat down. A meter away from him.

    "Come on, I don't bite," he smiled as he inched towards me. I quickly scooted back.

    "Okay, okay. Space it is, then." he laughed.

    "Can I see the white stripe on your head?" he said out of the blue.

    I choke. Coughing, I shook my head frantically, pulling my hood lower.

    "I have that strip too," he added.

    I stared at him, eyeing his pure black hair.

    "Well, not now. I dyed it black. But I can show it to you tomorrow, maybe,-"

    I nod my head.

    "-if you show me yours right now."

    I shook my head again. "I show you after you show me." I answer.

    He sighed.

    "You really are stubborn aren't you?" he huffed playfully.

    "Fine. Tomorrow, white stripe day?"

    I nod. I won't actually show him my ugly streak of white. He's probably lying too. I bet he's gonna just dye a piece of his hair white. Either ways, I'm not showing it to him.

    We sat in silence for a while.

    "Dad?" he asked.

    "Dead." Somehow, I knew exactly what he wanted to ask.

    "Same. Mom?"


    "Same. Siblings?" Hmm. Maybe we had a lot more in common than I thought.

    "Older brother." I replied simply.


    Another moment of silence.

    "Can I kiss you?" he asked suddenly, not looking at my face.

    "Fuck no!" I shout into my mask, eyes wide behind an eyepatch.


    "I'm looking for my mate," he replied, still not looking at my eyes.

    Oh. Each time a werewolf kisses a human or another werewolf, identical marks will appear on their cheeks if they happen to be mates.

    No. Devin won't allow me to have a mate. He carved out the mark with a knife, if that's what it takes.

    "Okay." Hunter suddenly moves and reaches into his pockets.

    He takes out a bottle and before I have time to react, he sprays me with its contents.
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