5 Chapter Four

    I blinked rabidly, trying to get the stinging liquid out of my eyes. I scrambled away from Hunter, trying to get as far away from him as possible. I felt my foundation coming off. Layer after layer of protection, of secrets. My cover, the scars, the marks. They come peeling right off.

    I covered the part of my face without masks. Barely aware of what was happening, I kicked out, and made contact. I heard Hunter grunt as he hit the floor. Good. Let him be in pain. I threw open the door and rushed down the stairs. At the base of the stairs, Milo waited.

    "Shit!!!" I screamed in my head. Yet, he wasn't looking this way. Maybe I had a chance. I barreled past him, hearing him shout. Milo grabbed, and latched onto my hoodie. I turned, one hand still covering any visible skin. The foundation had melted off, turning sticky. Damn it. Hunter used instant makeup remover.

    Using my free hand, I lashed out and clawed Milo across the face. He staggered, grip loosening. I bolted once again.

    I made it to the front door. I burst out, then ran with all my strength to the forest I found yesterday.

    Once there, I used a puddle of completely wipe of my foundation. I stared into my reflection. Something clicked in my mind. I hardened. I was tired of being the laughing stock. I was tired of meaning tricked. I am SO done with all this crap.

    I turned in my werewolf state. Jogging around the forest, I came up with a plan.

    When I got home, it was right after lunch time. Devin was passed out from drinking, just as I predicted.

    I looked through the cabinets, finding what I was looking for. I covered the tape with lead, then pressed it against Devin pointer finger. Devin's eyes fluttered. I froze.

    'DAMN.' I thought. I forgot Devin was a light sleeper.

    I quickly peeled off the tape and ran as Devin opened his eyes. When he saw me putting on my shoes and turning the door knob, he flew into a rage.

    "Get back here, you bitch!" he yelled, throwing a beer bottle at my head. I ducked, and slammed the door as I saw Devin looking for the remote. I jogged and fumbled with the tape, trying to get it in my collar.

    "Fingerprint access required," a souless voice beeped. I cursed, pressing the tape to the metal collar as I felt it warm up.

    "Analysing fingerprint. Please wait." I ducked behind a bush and groaned, feeling the shock reaching my bones.

    "Analysis complete. Collar unlocked."

    Gasping, I ripped the collar of my neck and threw it on the cement. Stomping it to pieces, I then faced reality. I was free. After all these years of waiting, of longing. I finally had the courage. As my reward, I could be whatever I want.

    I was FREE.

    Sup. It's me, da author. I'm in grade 6. I have afterschool classes everyday. Homework=no time=no frequent updates. So I have come up with a solution. I'll update more, just with shorter chapters. Yes or no? And yes I know, this chapter was really fast moving and changed a lot of things but...I'm just not to sure if I should continue. Maybe I'll just quickly scribble a few sentences and call it a end. Yay or nay?
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