7 Chapter Six

    I nervously stepped through the door. I covered a gasp. The inside was magnificent. The windows let oceans of light crash in. The curtains were long strips of vines. Once you enter the front door, a wall 3 feet away, slightly to the side, spilts the room in two. I think this was the living room. In the bigger half of the room, there was a couch that was shaped in a circle. How people got inside, I don't know. In the centre, was a table carved from tree bark. Further down the hall, was a full movie theater complete with a popcorn machine, reclining seats with massaging features and a giant screen. And this was just the first floor. On the other side of the wall, was a flight of stairs going up and an another flight going down.

    I turned to Daniel. He grinned sheepishly.

    "Yeah...we have a few special features."

    "A few?!?" I threw my hands over my head.

    "I bet the forest has just 'a few' leaves too!" I teased.

    Daniel laughed loudly.


    The speaker came down the stairs. I whimpered. Daniel gave me an reassuring smile. The girl saw me. She squealed.

    "A new recruit!" she squeezed me into a hug. I froze. Shaking, I stared at Daniel.

    "Oh!" she said, releasing me. "I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?"

    I shook my head. I examined her. She had wavy red hair like fire. Her eyes glowed golden. She had a single cross earring hanging off her left ear.

    "Oh, by the way, my name is Huntress."

    I nodded. She was wearing a gray sport bra, a black hoodie tied around her waist, with a pair of a high-waisted leggings, and a flexible white pair of shoes. Her hands were wrapped with white bandages, leaving out her fingers.

    "Her name is Thana. And no, she is not a new recruit. She goes to our school. I'm not to sure about what to do with her. I found her near out house, and thought Hunter might want to meet her."

    I choked. HUNTER WAS HERE?!? I stared frantically at Daniel.

    "You never told me he was here!" I whispered. He looked nervous.

    "Sorry. Oh, and Milo's here too."

    I screamed in my head. On instinct, my eyes scanned the room. "Hmm," I thought, "I could shift and jump out the window. But I'll break the glass and they'll probably hate me for it. Front door, too far. Ugh. Guess I'm stuck here."

    A pair of footsteps echoed down the stairs.

    I shrank into a corner. I watched as a pair of legs appeared. It belonged to a woman in her late 80's. She had short, wavy white hair, with kind brown eyes and a sweet smile. She was wearing a gray fuzzy sweater and black jeans, with a pair of tennis shoes.

    "Daniel!" she greeted him with a hug.

    "How are you doing?" she asked with a smile.

    "Good, thank you, Mrs. Fall. How about you?" Daniel grinned.

    "Yeah, sure, just pretend I'm not here." Huntress muttered.

    Mrs. Fall and Daniel laughed.

    "Sorry about her, she didn't have her afternoon nap yet and she's as grumpy as heck right now." Daniel explained with a chuckle.

    Mrs. Fall opened her mouth to say something, then her eyes strayed to me.

    She gasped, clutching her heart.


    Sup. Yes, I'm adding more characters. So far, my favourites Huntress, cause she's literally the definition of me. Sorry for all very long wait and the short chapter. I was planning on writing more but I didn't post for a long time. Fun fact: I'm in China for winter break! Yay! Except shorter chapters but I'll keep you updated on if Thana is Mrs. Fall's- oops, almost did a spoiler. Anyways, sorry.
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