1 translate this page,my last warning

    I was thinking why the people in this world is so brutal with each other

    i can recorder my first time seeing that,a man in his 30 start to give a heartbreak to my mom.

    the man in question is the director of the hospital,my poor mom just was working and the bastard start to be mean ,want my mom to work more without extra payment.you are thing such talk well you will know with you listen well!

    For the first time i beat the **ty of my mommy boss,i was 15 in this time and as sentence for 3 years in a educational correction,for this day.i enter in this prison.when i have enter in this **

    the gang leader want to recruit me,but i ignore ,result is a boy fight with ten,20 and 30 people for the 3 years until a leave the prison.

    isnt over when i leave no one want  a **ty man like me.result enter in a gang and start to robbery.robbery isnt enough i start to learn engineering for my robbery turn into a master in this area with 30 i have so much money but i havent any way to use.start to learn economy and  start to laundering money.with that i have invest all my money and won 1 billion dollar along the years.

    with this much money my ex gang friend start to planning in me i thought what this little gang can do.big mistake.i was going to my company party and this  car crash in mine and a bus  beat in the front to smah my car but i survive when i belive that i was save 40 guy with guns start to shot.the people thing that a robbery just have to rob but is a wrong thought,she need to scape first and for this i learn with a guy from the seals , in the final i kill all of them but die in the end.

    this is my story GOD ,why you want to give me a system!

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    i learn all the think that you can thinking and more,i have sex with so much girl that so much husband want my skin  and the dream that i was before all that isnt concretize,for be a musician ,i learn piano,guitar dozen of instrument but never perform for anyone.i live a useless life! GOD save me!

    after that a white and comfortably light get in me,i was some days there,i think,and baam!
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