2 system kpop

    why i will give you this system,hmm....

    because i want ,im boring,and im not shaken for you sad history.

    Im GOD for the god sake,haha( for the god sake !.)

    well  i will give  this system and you choose what you will use this system for.

    have fun!

    wake up,wake up!

    touching  a small breast boing ! boing!.iahhh what are you doing idiot brother!

    what  ,where im in.ahhh,i receive just a pain like a guy stiching in my private parts.

    oh, i gain some memory!.this guy is just a loser because he fail in turn a singer he die from crying..

    by the way im a brazilian like in the past.

    Ding ,...system completed!

    artist System completed! host give a name for the system

    ah! your will be jenny and call me master and what is my status .

    host thend  system doesnt work this way.oh,what the system do

    MASTER ,the system just give skiller point,you can gain with training and with your popularity rank.

    woah! and what is my rank jenny,ding! your rank is

    name : julio h santos


    1- instrument =7;with the original host=13

    2-look =17 very handsome host

    3-martial art=14.i really expert

    4 -acting=3.you are so bad that a baby crying for a toy have more skills

    Media of a adult is 8 points,10 is master and more than that you can be the best in your skill.work hard master!

    woah! im very proud of my look but this body is so much better than my old one.

    walking in the street of Rio with my guitar ,i stop in a crowd place and sit with my guitar and a microphone and start playing with my guitar,because this world is so similar to mine i was thing until that moment that is the same ,i was sing sweet child of mine with my best voice ,when i notice ,the crowd stop and start to listening the song.when i finish all the people is clap with some people crying.

    running to Cafe ,i google it some music and discover that the rock isnt famous in this time,well almost doesnt exist because of that the pop is the principal genre and the kpop is the principal genre.when i saw that the top 10 kpop company is gain billions of dollar.ah!

    in the past i was in love with kpop world.red velvet  and Itzy all girl that i want to be with.looking in my watch .i saw that i was late for the university! i didnt tell for my friends in the college but my father is great farmer in brazil and my mom  is a daughter from a chaebol.

    she have me and my sister making me a son of one the rich man alive and grandson with a chaebol too.my mom is director from all the latin sector of eletronics.and my dad was billions of dollar.

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    well i will not going to university anymore, i will Kpop rock Idol with girls from all over the world to be mine.dad! i was think that i want to go to korea.

    no,you havent in Brazil,how you will passed in korea!you dont speak korean!you sing like a normal people,you havent any talent.
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