3 dad vs son

    well i will not say how i convinced my parent ,but i did.

    land in korea ,i saw this biggest airport with so many beautiful girls.

    i want to be with all this girls but first i have to be famous.

    i just enter in the taxi and a beautiful woman enter in the same taxi and say the same destiny.

    hey ! im first,this beautiful and asian woman says.

    oh! you talk korean.surprise.i saw you asking for the tazi the same destiny and im late because of that i will go with you,with a strong eye that i cant reply.well be my guest!touching her arm and a little of the breast without she notice

    Enter the hotel ,i notice a crowd with handsome guys ,seeing that i ask for some stranger what is that and he aswer that is a contest for a kpop company,well the people can thinking why some guy like me so rich that can buy any kpop company  dont one.well i havent convince my parents like i say before ,i just get some millions from my account and run away.i think my father is looking for me!

    well i want to participate;well just get a password there and wait!

    after i get a paper with the number 132,i cry inside ,i have to wait 131 person.

    For be exact 150,there 20 guys that pay for be first!

    strange system that you pay for be first,i never see that in my older world

    132! after i enter in the room i see a table with 6 judges,one of the judges is the woman that i see before,she was without the jacket thayt she have before ,i was seen a big and white boobs, that all the guys want but with a a strong and angry face she say

    DO you see enough,i think.right!

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    NO i respond without  thinking

    ah! sorry! ;

    well what talents do you have ,a guy on the left ask to me

    ah,i will show to you my talents,but can you give me a microphone!
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