5 song,song , sing!

    i was sing sweet child of mine.

    wit my guitar i start to doa great solo.the judges look to me like the mozart as playing his classics the more they enjoyed  the music, them more excited i was .

    jump from one side of the room to the other side and dance with the rhythm .other contestant was shock and with that i knew that i pass.

    with shock in the face the beautiful woman asked me . I saw that you can dance play guitar and sing do you have others talents.with a calm face i say.i play 15 others instruments and talk 15 languages .

    oh! if you have all this why this company and not a big one.

    well i just this announce and here i am and you what is your name ?

    Lee mi-on,call me lee mi -on,without short my name!

    well now i know your ability go to the room next door.

    when i was going to the room i was think how can i ** this woman .

    Ding,you need just to buy this drug that make all the woman love you .

    nah! i like her perssonality,i dont want to be just a loser to use such method.

    now ,everyone that as in this room pass the preliminars,after that you have to show your personality write in this paper why you to be a idol!

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    well the second part is over and i will tell who pass and who will leave.

    lee jun ,nam joo-hyuk , Son Nae-SONG,Kim hee and julio!all pass the others can leave now.

    with that i was send to a studio where i read a contract in this world the contract is so good

    i think that is because of a group of famous artist of all the worl create a big  syndicate and the korean part did a good job and make all the contract go 60% for the artist and  40% for the company and make pressure and make the tax very low just 15% ,i think that is because of that exist so may kpop company.but with that the idols  work turn in **ty with the company subordinate to the idols the idols start to be lazy turn the industry is slow and terrible sitty,with **ty music!

    hello my name is Lee mi-on the people know with the name queen of pop with my dance and music.... ...

    i was surprise i searcher for lee mi-on and discover that she sells almost 50 millions of album.in this world the albums have a price in turn og 100 for 200 dollars,i say before but i will say again. exist a international syndicate  and this syndicate do a lot for the artist include eliminate the piracy.

    she was sell this 500 millions of albums for 100 dollar   gain with that 50 billions with 20% for the company she gain 40 billions .

    the people think is impossible but is easy for her.i knew later she take my cab because she want to know how is a normal life,how immature she really is.i didnt know in that time,i was immature too.with that my life start to be the way i was planning in my past life.
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