6 beautiful girl

    know that all of you pass the test you have to signed a trainer contract.we have three types of contracts ,the first one is for 2 years,the second one 5 years and the third 7 years,when you choose your contract you have no way to change ,choose careful!

    I will choose 5 years ,i think that 90% of the trainer will choose that,if we choose just 2 years ,the company will do nothing to help but if is 7 years ,we will have big help but with more restriction,the 5 years the company invest and you have less restriction.liberty!

    well ,signed here!.clap!clap! now this is your dormitory and this is your scheduled.make sure that you follow this or you will be cut down!

    hey!what your name men.

    my name is julio!.well julio follow me,for the 2 floor!

    our boss have said that you have talent in write songs. because of that we think that you can debut yearly,just show your songs and you be fine!

    ah thanks!.

    playing a rock song so common in my world for my boss,he as so excited.just prove that a this world have so mush potential.

    Ding! (your boss like your song.you have gain 100 points)

    woah ,so easy gain points,hu!

    well ,with 100 points i can have lotte,right! Ding!

    hello,my name is Eric and im your manager know!

    woah!i can gain manage in the begginer.NO! just you!

    you have this week tests for know your talents.all your trainer carrer is up to your note in this test.

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    our company have a different system.a stranger sytem ,we can say this way.

    1 point means that you are good this day in this category.like dance ,acting,sing,been similaar to a idol,our be just charmed can give you 1 point but if you are bad in something you lose 1 ,2,,3 or more points.1 point means 100 dollars that the company spend with you now or later.for your debut you need 5 hundred thousand meaning 500.000 dollars

    DO you understand ,right!

    yeah! i have to gain 500.000 dollars in point to debut.

    yes,we will spend money with you,if you dont have money to give ,we will just take points of you and for you debut this year you have to gain 1500 points for day.you can see in this app that we will give later to you.

    Can i know how much i have?

    yes ,you have 1000 points for sing ,1000 pints for dance,1000 point for playing guitar,10.000 points for original song and other 10.000 points from others things

    total=23.000 points

    its 100 points for extra stuffs,like class,food and other things,we will just give the base to you.

    I didnt saw anyone gain 1000 for sing!

    do you know Eugene!

    of course i know , she is the queen of pop with 10 millions of album sells.

    she is in your company ! do you know that ?


    well she gain just 500 in sing ,and she start to learn sing with vocals coach with 3 years old and she is the only singer to hit this musical note.

    the opera she plays before as seen from singer around the world and all saying that is the best performance in history and you gain the double of points.i saw that you a divine voice because of that we will do anything for your debut,i know that you dont need any vocal class or dance class but you need a Idol class!
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