1 Marv

    On a magnificent city of Tokyo.

    It was a beautiful day for all people who lived in Tokyo and also other Cities that are close to, even though it was a beautiful day, it was still a very busy day for all people who worked day till night.

    Tons of people crossing the roads, Lots of Cars are trapped on the traffic, and many Buildings were being build that was close to each other.

    It was really loud and noisy on some part of tokyo...

    On a Big House that can be called Unique House due to the Special Designs on some part of the House. There was also a Garden that is full of life and colors.

    And there was a Man wearing ordinary clothes watering the Garden with a Hose sprinkling every water on every plants and flowers.

    "I should go to the Store to restocked my Fridge, it'll be empty if I don't put stuffs for the next 3 days..." The Man said as he gently move the hose to water every corner even the ground as well.

    This man is Marv, he is 29 Years Old and has a successful life, but it wasn't really successful since he haven't have a Girlfriend for the past many years.

    Finding a good girl is no easy task for him, since the world is run by money today, also technology that made life easier for people.

    10 Minutes Later...

    Marv, was now finally finished watering his Garden and went back inside to his house to take a bath. There was a duck toy on the bottom of the bath tub.

    Taking off his clothes after reaching the Bathroom, it showed his decent build body with a slight of fat showing.

    Slowly walking towards the bath tub and turning the switch for the tub to be on, making water pouring quickly and filled it with just a minute.

    Entering bathtub and started to wash himself with soap... And also playing with the duck toy floating on front of him.

    "When will I ever find a good girl to make my life perfect?" Marv asked himself as he squished the duck toy making it quack loudly.

    30 Minutes Later...

    Marv was finally done from taking a bath, and was now wearing clothes that is for going for occasions or shopping.

    Picking up his car key from the table, he soon exit the house and locked it.

    Walking towards his Car that is 10,000 Dollars or Less, placing his car key towards the key hole of the car and opening the door, before finally turning the car on.

    Checking the Road behind him, he slowly left his place and was heading towards the Store were he was often buy most of stocks of foods, snacks and drinks.

    While driving, he can see many people walking through the streets, with most of them are students that are going to school.

    He greeted them with a big smile on his face as they quickly reply to him, feeling happy inside, soon he reached the store he often visit.

    Getting off from his Car, he saw a man running toward him at great speed, but before he can move, the man who was running unexpected picked up his gun from waist and quickly pointed at him.

    He also caught a glimpse of police lights far behind the man.

    "A Crimi-" Before he can finish his sentence, the Man quickly shot him on the head and picked up his, then jumping to his car and driving away from the cops.

    The Police who were chasing the Man who saw the whole thing were angered, a man that was told to be successful had been shot today, Marv who had helped many people for the past years was dead!

    Those other people who were on the sides were frightened as they cant believe what just happened, on Marv's head, there a bloody hole and his face was slowly being covered by his own blood also dripping onto the ground.

    And also for the people who had been helped by Marv was also man, as they quickly get onto their cars and started chasing the man who murdered their benefactor, the police tried to stop them, but it was no use.

    Since these people were filled justice for Marv!

    A few hours later...

    Three People have died on the hands of the man who murdered Marv, but the Man was also been caught as he was now being punched on every part of his body, there are now lots of bruises and even violet ones on his beaten face.

    "We'll **ing beat you to death! We'll avenge the people you killed, especially our benefactor!" The Group of people shouted as they raised their fist and leg as they continue to beat him up.

    The police were stupefied by this scene and no longer stopped them.
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