2 Unknown Phenomenon

    Forest of Tria

    This Forest was estimated to have the size of a Huge Forest with an area of a total of 500 Kilometers that covered the area. Giant trees that are beautiful and deadly also resides on some part of the Forest.

    It also has the most beast population on any kind of forest, there's even sacred ruins that have been buried under the forest, but this ruin had a barrier that would prevemt any outsider from coming in.

    Even the smallest insects and powerful beast on the area can't get in, even they tried a thousands time, it would still be pointless since the barrier didn't weakened for the past years that the beast tried to enter it.

    The King of the Mertt Kingdom tried to send many expedition army to the forest, but all of them died unknowingly on that forest, the King said that the forest holds a deep secret that any person would imagine.

    The deeper you ventured, the more chances you'll die on the hands of the beast.

    So, ordinary people can only utmost reach 10 Kilometers Deep onto the Forest, Adventurers can freely adventure the Forest, with also more high chance of dying.

    But the whole forest is filled with Gold! Every beast lives on this forest is worth many Gold, even the Flame Tiger is here that is worth of 500 Gold Coins, also the other beast and plants can be worth than a Flame Tiger.

    The Beast also have a chance to form a Beast Core that will make them terrifying since they can finally use magic on the element they suited on, since the Humans wanna get stronger, they decided to hunt Beast and sell their materials for money, and auctioning Beast Core on a ridiculously price.

    The Humans also build Cities that is near to the Forest of Tria, making the cities filled with adventurers and had a ton of visits from the royal family of the Kingdoms and Empires.

    All of the city that was build was protected by huge walls and strong adventurers for the Beast and other threats.

    The cities were also brimming with full of beast materials, high irons, treasures, and weapons for all the people who wanna become a person that will be respected.

    If you have Strenght and Money, you'll be respected, if you don't have Strenght and Money you'll be treated as an ordinary man.


    On a place between heaven and earth

    There was a floating soul of Marv, it's been many years that he had died and had been here for some time now.

    Even his memory of all people he had met is started to fade away except for his knowledge.

    Floating here for the past years, Marv felt something weird is happening.

    A vortex opened up behind him, as he quickly tried to use all of his Strenght to get away from the vortex.


    The Vortex got stronger and stronger every seconds have passed, it seems like it was here for the purpose of devouring Marv!

    Even though he used all of his Strenght he was helpless against this vortex, soon his body was quickly pulled onto the vortex making him dizzy and soon fainted.


    It was already night on the continent where Forest Of Tria belongs to.

    But it was no ordinary night, since the Moon was slowly turning bloody red making beast filled with killing intent and excitement for blood.

    Even the Elves, Humans, Dragon were feeling worried for this unknown phenomenon.

    While the Beastkin which had a body of a human but have a features of different beast, they're all called Demi humans, they were also filled excitement and joy as they saw the moon turning red, even though they don't know why, but it have made them feel a little bit stronger.

    But, unknown to them, a figure of an unknown beast from this world was slowly started to materialize on a hidden cave. Soon, the beast have completely materialize that was 120 Centimeters tall and 170 centimeters long.

    The Beast features was exactly the same as the Indominus Rex from the movie Called Jurassic World, but this Indominus Rex was smaller and looks like a juvenile version of a Indominus Rex.


    The beasts heart soon come beating and breathing... As it opened its bloody red eyes that shines in the dark.
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