3 Indominus Rex

    When Marv opened his eyes, the first he saw is old walls around him.

    "Where am I?"

    "What is this Place?"

    "Why am I here?"

    Questions started to pop out from his mind as he asked himself, as his mind slowly calmed down and felt something was wrong.

    ( Authors Note : Marv will be the only understanding what he is saying, if he chat with another being, terrifying sounds will only came out from his mouth. )

    "Why do I feel strangeness on my body?" Marv felt his body was a little bit strange since he felt that there is extra limb from his body, he turned his head and saw a tail that is connected behind him.

    "This?!" Marv was shocked when there is a tail on him, he once again tried to move other parts of his body and notice that they are no longer resemble of a human, and instead of a albino colored beast.

    Even his vision and sense was strangely extremely good.

    He was once again confused for a few minutes and slowly relaxed. Remembering that he had died once and unexpected given a chance to live another life as a beast.

    "I should know where the hell is this place first." Marv had started to check the place around him for a couple of minutes and realizing that he was in a cave. He also found out the exit and entrance of the cave.

    He was amazed by the sight on front of him, the trees that were different, tall mountains on his sights and the moon that was on the sky was red, making it majestic as the stars shone on the night.

    "I guess I'm on a unknown forest..." Marv said as he heard loud and different roars echoing through the forest, his instincts told him that he should hide, so he quickly gone back to the cave where he first arrived on this place.

    ( Author's Note : All the abilities of Indominus Rex is on him, like Camouflage, Extreme Vision and Sense, Hiding its temperature, also can live underwater as he wants... )

    Even though he was inside a cave, the sounds from many beast keep coming out from the forest and traveling through the tunnel of the cave.

    "Why are these beast so goddamn loud!" Marv yelled as he stomped the ground below him.


    When he stomped the ground, a screen appeared and making a rung that sounds like from a bell on front of him and scaringthe hell out of him.

    "Holy hell! I though I was gonna die quickly on this life!" Marv heartbeat slowly turned normal and took a look on the screen on front of him.


    [ Marv ]

    Titles : Otherworldly Being

    Race : Hybrid Dinosaur ( Indominus Rex )

    State : Juvenile Indominus Rex

    Next Evolution : Sub Adult Indominus Rex

    Blessings : N/A

    [ Status ]

    Brute Strenght : Elite Soldier

    Body Power : Soldier+

    Speed : Soldier+                | Max Speed : 12km/per hour

    Magic Force : Soldier        | Mana : 300

    Vitality : Elite Soldier         | Stamina : 700

    [ Personal Skills ]

    - Fury Swipes ( Drains 50 Mana and 30 Stamina )

    - Devastating Charge ( Drains 200 Mana and 150 Stamina )

    - Berserk Mode ( Drains 500 Mana and 1000 Stamina )

    - Gentle Steps ( Drains 200 Stamina )

    [ Unique Skill ]

    - Appraisal ( Free to be used )

    [ Magic Skills ]

    - Empty


    Observing the screen seriously for five minutes, he was surprised and shocked at the same time.

    "I'm a Dinosaur?!" Marv said to himself.

    "What are this skills and magic thingy?!" Marv questioned.

    "Am I transported on another world? That's why I have a tittle (Otherworldly Being)?!" Marv continued. And also realized on what kind of abilities that Indominus Rex have.

    But, his mind can't process all of what's happening right now, he was send to another world as a Dinosaur, and was feeling worried that he had already lose his humanity after being sended onto this world.

    If he encounter other humans on this world, would they be approaching him? They would probably attack him and treat him as a beast lizard like the other beasts.

    He might even have to kill the humans for attacking him, or might eat them as well, since he was a Carnivorous Dinosaur that feed on any kind of meat except for poisonous body ofcourse.

    "If it come to that, I guess I'll have to do it."

    "I should check every animals living near on this area, and I should know what beast that are should be avoided and what I should kill atleast." Marv said as the screen slowly disappear in thin air.

    Secretly looking around, with his body camouflage on the stones and bushes besides him, he was able to see many creatures and insects on the area.

    There was even a pack of a grey wolves feeding on a corpse of a red deer.

    When Marv saw this scene, he was feeling hungry as he saw the wolves munched on the corpse of the deer, but his instincts told him not to be careless and don't be an idiot that would straightly jumped on to the pack of wolves.

    Remembering that he had a unique ability called (Appraisal), he excitedly used it onto this wolf pack that consists of five wolves.

    [ Wild Grey Wolf : Soldier Level | Beastcore : Not Formed ]

    [ Wild Dark Wolf : Soldier Level+ | Beastcore : Not Formed ]

    [ Wild Grey Wolf : Soldier Level | Beastcore : Not Formed ]

    [ Wild Dark Wolf : Soldier Level+ | Beastcore : In Process ]

    [ Wild Grey Wolf : Soldier Level | Beastcore : Not Formed ]

    "I should avoid them." Marv thought.

    His ability to camouflage himself on his surroundings is extremely good, he was able to pass the pack of wolves while he was slowly moving besides the stones, and bushes.

    He saw a variety of small beast such as Red Rabbit, Horned Fox, Two Tailed Rat and many more. Most of the Small Beast is only a level of a Soldier and Lesser.

    Marv continued to ventured for an hour and now was atleast 500 meters away from pack of wolves, he also observed every surrounding to avoid meeting deadly beast.

    His desires to eat meat was growing and growing as he get hungrier every moment it growled.

    Soon, he saw a lone grey wolf ahead of him while he was camouflaged. He used (Appraisal) to check its power.

    [ Wild Grey Wolf : Soldier Level | Beastcore : Not Formed ]

    "My first hunt on this world... Will be you!"
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