2 reincarnation

    south blue, baterilla.

    inside a house, a woman with a strawberry blonde hair was giving birth to a twin, one was crying loudly while the other just silently watched his mother, the woman looked at both baby and smiled warmly "if she was a girl then her name will be Anne, but if he was a boy then it will be ace"

    the woman said looking toward a man that standing still watching the woman holding her baby, the woman cradled both of his child and the kissed their forehead "we didn't expect to have a twin, ace will belong to the younger one, while the older one name will be kai. mommy love the both of you, Garp please help me raise the both of them in my stead"

    the woman kissed her child forehead one more time then give them to the man that she called Garp, before taking her last breath. garp watched the woman toke her last breath after giving her child to him and sighed. suddenly the baby that stayed silent until now cried loudly as if sensing the death of his mother.


    five years later.

    inside a forest, there was a boy around five years old with a hair that was a mixture of red and gold, a body that can be said fit for a fighter, and face that can be said good looking for one that his age. the boy holds a branch on his hands and swing it slowly and steadily.

    the boy did it again and again until another boy that has the same feature as him but with a black came and called him "kai-nii its time for lunch, dadan telling you to hurry it up with whatever you do"

    "Okay, I'll be done in a minute"

    "Okay, I will go first then"


    after having lunch, Kai returned to doing his training again and only until dinner ready did he went back, on his way back he meet ace. ace looked toward his big brother and asked kai "kai-nii don't you feel bored doing that swinging motion again and again, and you did it since we were three"

    hearing ace question kai pondered for a moment before he shakes his head "no, l don't feel it boring rather l enjoy it a lot, anyway how your day?"

    "Well, l meet a new friend today at the grey terminal"

    "that so, what his name then?"

    "Sabo, l meet him at the grey terminal"

    "grey terminal huh, you should bring him to stay with us rather than letting him stay at that kind of place"

    "huh?, really l can?"

    "well, you should ask dadan first thought"



    the next day ace brought with him a blonde haired kid around five, and since then sabo lived with them in dadan house, fortunately, dadan was fine with it as long as they brought food to the table.


    three years later, deep inside the forest, Kai was meditating, suddenly he opened his eyes and murmured "who would have thought that l reach my past life peak after a mere eight years and there was even a sign of a breakthrough"

    after murmuring to himself he stands up and suddenly the air around him set ablaze and created many fires the size of candles fire, the fires then combined into one and become a flaming katana, then it dispersed and become his flaming clone, it dispersed once again and become another form, it dispersed and condensed again and again until Kai was satisfied and only then did the fires dispersed and vanished.

    "in my past life my power can change a thousand time in a minute, and its size can reach until a hundred meter, and l can make it as hard as a diamond or even like water. it took tens of years to arrive at that point, but here l only need eight years and there was even a sign of a breakthrough, it was the same for my sword too"

    pondering on his fast growth he feels hope, after all in his past life he was stuck at this stage whether it was on his esper ability or sword way. his esper ability was called forge aura and it was an ability that allows him to forge his aura into a solid object.


    the time for lunch came, Kai went back to dadan house, arriving at the house he saw that ace, sabo, and another kid was tied upside down at the tree near dadan house and below the tree, he saw an old man that seems familiar to him. after searching his memories for a moment he remembered that the old man was Garp, the one his mother entrust them to and also the one who brought them to dadan.

    looking at Garp he nodded then when inside the house without minding the three kid that was tied upside down on the tree and Garp who was looking at him dumbfoundedly. looking at Kai who just went past him Garp tried to catch him while laughing "bwahahaha where do you think you are going you brat...."

    garp outstretched hand catch nothing as Kai was already gone and arrived inside the house, from inside the house kai voice drifted out "l don't have any time to play around old man, I'm hungry"

    a moment later kai come out again and looked toward Garp "hurry inside its lunchtime"

    saying so kai looked toward the tied up kids and waved his hand, and from his hand, a wind blade appeared and cut the rope that tied the kids.





    the three kids have fallen to the ground, seeing the kids fall kai went inside again. while this happens Garp only watched with opened jaw and dumbfounded look.

    "kai-nii can't you be a bit gentler"



    ace whined toward kai who already inside the house while sabo and Luffy echoed along with ace, the three of them then entered the house, while Garp was still dumbfounded and when he sees the three went inside he got out of his stupor and entered too.


    after lunch, Kai was caught by Garp "bwahaha brat do you want to spare with me?"

    "what's in it for me?" while he thought 'this is a good opportunity, but if he can give something then it will be killing to bird with one stone'

    "from what l see you trained to be a swordman, l will give you a sword how about it?" said Garp enticing kai. hearing Garp mentioned sword kai was tempted but he still plays hard to get "what kind of sword"

    "the best one" said garp readily. and without hesitation kai answered "okay"
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