3 fighting garp.

    in of dadan house, Kai and Garp faced each other, kai holding a branch in his usual two handed grip, while Garp was not even bothered to take any stance.

    "come brat l will let you make the first move bwahahaha" said Garp smugly toward Kai. seeing Garp smug face kai only smiled.


    kai body suddenly vanished from his place, seeing the suddenly vanishing kai, Garp was a little bit shocked, he thought 'who would have thought that this brat can force me to use Haki already' as he can't even sense where kai went. garp activated his kenbunshoku haki and finally 'saw' kai, who was actually already arrived at his left side and prepared to attack him.

    kai used his fastest move and he looked like someone who suddenly vanished into thin air, he did that because he wants to end the fight quickly so he used all that his body can bear to move the fastest way he can while at the same time cloaked his presence and finally achieving this so called vanishing move.

    in a fraction of second Kai arrived at Garp left side because most people are right handed and they tend to guard their right side more than their left side, kai slashed his branch toward Garp who suddenly turns his face toward and smiled smugly toward him. seeing the smiling Garp kai was shocked because a fraction second ago he was sure that garp can't even catch where he has gone and now he suddenly looked at him as if expecting him.

    unconsciously kai become serious and he used his aura to strengthen the branch on his hand as he attacked garp. garp seeing the branch moved toward him feel danger and unconsciously activated his busoshoku Haki to coath his body, and he used both of his hand to protect himself from the branch.


    when the branch and the hands touched each other and explosion ensued and Kai was thrown back a few meters, while still in mid air he somersaulted and landed on the ground lightly. kai looked toward Garp and saw that he now became a black metallic man and was shocked, then he heard Garp laughing "bwahahahaha it was a good fight for a brat" while in truth he was so shocked by kai attack 'what kind of monster is this brat, l used twenty percent of my haki just to protect myself from that attack'

    "what that on your body old man" kai said while pondering the change that happened on garp body. garp looked toward kai who closely observed himself "this is haki"

    "can you teach me?"

    "bwahahaha sure"

    "me me me too, l want to learn too"

    "me too"

    "grandpa l want to learn too"

    and thus the three children learned haki, but garp only teach them the basic before leaving.

    a few days after garp left kai made a breakthrough in his esper ability and sword way. when he turned ten years old kai sailed the sea in search of a challenge, leaving ace, sabo, and Luffy behind to train their haki.


    in the meanwhile, while Luffy was in foosha village he met meet shank group of pirates and the story went like usual, except because Luffy knows haki he was not helpless again the mountain bandit and was not thrown into the sea where there the accident shank saved him and lost his arm.


    kai was drifting in the sea for almost five days now and he finally see an island, docking his little and tattered ship in the island shore he said "l should change my ship, into a sturdier and maybe a bigger one, even though l can use my forge aura but where the excitement in that.

    before anything l need money to get ship and supplies"

    kai entered the island, and he was meet with the destruction of the city, with nobody alive and the structure was burned to the ground. seeing such destruction kai only sighed "hais, l hope there was still supplies that l can get from this place"

    after searching until the night he didn't find anything noteworthy or worth any money. "**, whoever did this thing and waste my **ing time l will kill them"

    kai then left using his tattered little ship, but before long it finally broke and he used his forge aura to create a ship "** who would have thought that l would used my power like this, it was all because of those people who **ing destroyed the city that it becomes like this"

    in his past life kai was a serious person before he turned into one who acts based on his feeling because he was hopeless that he can't make any breakthrough, but maybe because he lived too long like that he sometimes becomes unreasonable.

    a moment later he arrived at a new island and he can see a pirates ship along with billowing smoke in the distance, looking at the pirate ship and smoke in the distance he smiled sinisterly "maybe this pirate was the one who raided the previous island hehehe"

    he dispersed his ship made of forge aura then vanished from his spot, he then appeared inside the city in the island and sure the pirate was raiding the city. looking at the pirate that raiding the city he killed those that he saw as he moved deeper into the city.

    slash slash slash, he slashed and slashed, and each slash killed countless pirate. finally he arrived at the city center and there he meets the pirate captain and his goons, he then heard the one he thinks to be the pirate captain trash talking so he made a slash motion and killed the captain and his other goon leaving only one for him to interrogate.

    the pirate captain looked toward a kid who suddenly arrived and he barked "who are you bra-" before the captain can finish what he said his head went flying to the air while his other goons also died leaving one pirate that was trembling in fear.

    the pirate saw a kid suddenly went to them but unlike the other inhabitant of this city that they raided the child cloth and face was clean and there was no indication that the kid was wounded in the slightest, he watched as the kid walked slowly and finally his captain noticed the kid and just like usual his captain shouted toward the kid, but next he saw something he will never forget. he saw his captain head flew before his captain done talking, at the same time he saw his crewmate also fallen one by one from his one slash motion, leaving only him. he then saw the kid moved toward his direction and stopped right in front of him, the kid then opened his mouth.

    kai moved toward the trembling pirate and asked "are you guys the one who raided the previous island?, don't lie or..."

    hearing kai the pirate tremble even more to the point he started to peed his pant and in a trembling voice the pirate answered "ye ye yes yes yes we we we di di di did i-", his head flew and his body was dismembered.

    kai looked toward the mutilated body and spat "wasting my time, when you can just a simple yes"

    after killing the trembling pirate he searched for some supplies around before he remembered that pirate have a bounty and his money problem can be resolved now.

    after taking the pirates head, he headed to the nearest marine headquarters using the pirates ship, and of course he takes down the pirates symbol and burned in order to not be attacked by marine. after taking his bounty he journeyed again.
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