4 meeting the revolutionary

    a few weeks after Kai killed the pirate, he was once again stranded on the sea when he saw a ship in the distance, thinking that by following the ship he can arrive at some island he followed the ship.

    three hours later by following the ship, he saw an island he hurriedly docked his ship at the island near the ship he was following. coming down from the ship he saw a group of strange people waiting for him, the group wear a cloak to hide their feature, but some of the strangest people in the group, a six meter tall man with a bear hat and holding a book and the other was a man with a big face.

    one of the cloaked people come to him and asked threateningly "why are you following us"

    hearing the cloaked people voice kai know that it belonged to a woman and hearing her question kau let out a little laugh "pfft, sorry l was stranded in the for a few weeks and my supply was running out then l saw your ship thinking it can brought to an island so l kinda followed"

    "you are fortunate that iva-san saw that you are only one kid so we didn't even bother to make a detours" said the women in a normal tone.

    "well hearing you then l should give my thank to this iva-san that you men-" before kai can finish what he said, his word was cut by a laugh from the big faced man, and hearing the big faced man laugh kai have a bad feeling.

    "Mmmmfufufu if you want to tha-" before the big faced man can finish hiw word kai already vanished from his spot. in the distance kai was still running with everything he got "who would have thought this world would have that kind of people too"

    behind him the cloaked group was dumbfounded as the kid in front of them suddenly vanished without them noticing, the six meter tall man with a book on his hand and wearing a bear hat looked at the big faced man "iva you scared him so much that he suddenly vanish"

    "what the heck are you talking Kuma" the big faced man said.


    kai was still running and only stopped after he saw a bunch of kid holding a wooden katana, seeing a bunch of kid carrying a wooden katana he thought 'there must a dojo in this village and if my luck is good l can meet some master' with these thought in his mind he followed the kids and arrived at dojo named Isshin.

    inside the dojo there was a spar going on between two kid, one was a girl with black hair and the other was a green haired boy, he entered the dojo and watched as the spar going on while watching the spar he evaluated their technique 'the girl are better than the boy and their technique even though was all basic they can make use of it to beat those who have more advanced technique, their teacher must be good for teaching them'

    the spar ended as the girl won over the boy and Kai moved toward the arena "my name is portgas D kai, l challenge the owner of this dojo"

    hearing kai word the girl and the boy that just sparred simultaneously answered him "" if you want to challenge father (master) you have to go through me first"

    looking at the both of them he nodded "okay both of you come to me at the same time"

    the both of them then attacked Kai at the same time but was thrown without how kai do it. kai looked toward his two attackers attacked him using their wooden katana and moved lightly to the middle of them and putting his palm on each of their sides and using his legs as the center he sent the force he gained from his feet and waist toward his palm and send the both of them flying, this technique was a common technique of using his body force and transfer it to another part of his body.

    when the two kids were thrown by him, they were caught by a bespectacled man one on each of his arm. after catching the two kids the man looked toward Kai with a gentle smile on his face but kai knows that this bespectacled man was a master of sword just like he want "so you want to challenge me?"

    "yes, l want to challenge into a duel" kai nodded toward the bespectacled man word. hearing kai clear answer the bespectacled man nodded "very well"

    the both of them then taking a distance from each. kai saw that the bespectacled man was holding a wooden katana then he also borrowed a wooden katana from the other kid outside the arena.

    the bespectacled man saw that Kai hold a weapon now then he bowed as he introduced himself toward his opponent"my name is koushirou and the dojo of master of this Isshin dojo"

    seeing that the bespectacled man bowed and introduced himself he did the same "my name is portgas D kai a wandering swordsman that seeks challenge and enlightenment"

    hearing kai introduced himself kai thought 'this kid is probably already a master or even a grandmaster seeing as he didn't bring a sword with him but his move was like that of someone proficience in using sword when he attacked kuina and Zoro'

    kai and koushirou each take their stand and readied themselves for their impending battle.
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