6 *hidden*

    after Kai and koushirou taking a stance each, they looked at each other for a moment and moved at the same time. their wooden katana clashed with each other but there was no sound of solid object hitting another solid object can be heard.

    kai wooden katana touched koushirou wooden katana and when his wooden katana touched koushirou wooden katana his wooden katana passed through like piercing through a water.

    at the moment of impact between the two wooden katanas koushirou slightly tilted his wooden katana and caused kai wooden katana to slid off at the moment of impact and caused him to lose his balance for a moment, taking this chance koushirou moved his body to behind Kai and launched his attack to the back of Kai neck intending to make him pass out.

    feeling his wooden katana pierced through caused Kai to lose his balance and he feels that an attack toward him he unhurriedly moved one of his leg to gain balance and using on hand he thrust his wooden katana toward koushirou abdomen, the attack was unhurriedly but koushirou feels a sense of danger from the incoming attack.

    koushirou rotated his wrist making his wooden katana moved into a weird angle and somehow parried the incoming wooden katana from kai.

    kai feel his wooden katana was parried and turned his body in the opposite direction and using the force he makes a slashing motion toward koushirou.

    koushirou used his other hand, and in two handed grips he moved his wooden katana to block kai slash, but at the moment of impact he was shocked as he saw Kai wooden katana slid off his wooden katana just like what he first did to Kai on their first exchange, he thought 'this kid was a grandmaster and a monster, as he can use my technique only after two exchange'

    kai thought 'you are a great swordsman and l shall learn everything l can get from this spar', after his wooden katana passed koushirou block it moved upward toward koushirou face. koushirou jumped and take a distance.

    both of them looked at each other and smiled, even though koushirou always smiling but his smile was different from the usual it was a smile of excitement from meeting a strong opponent. they readied themselves again for another clash when suddenly a group of cloaked people come inside the dojo and interrupted their fight.

    kai looked toward the incoming group and feel upset and almost attacked the group but when he saw them he stopped his impulse and vanished again.

    when the group entered the dojo they saw koushirou and a familiar kid was readying themselves for a spar, but when looking at the amazed crowd and the smiling duo they know that a clash has already happened. ivankov saw the familiar kid that run away from him before and tried to talk when the kid vanished once again.

    looking at suddenly vanishing kai koushirou thought 'just with this move he can make the fight harder and l lose faster, but it seems he just wants to compare sword move' in his spar with kai koushirou already know that he was not Kai match even though the both of them was both a Grandmaster swordsman as Kai can improve at each exchange they did and he can even make his opponent technique as his own.

    the other looked at the vanishing kai and was shocked while the cloaked group looked toward ivankov and don't know what to think because it was the second time already and it happened because of the same person, but the situation was worse because kai vanished before ivankov can talk or even open his mouth.

    koushirou looked at them and nodded, he then went inside followed by the group. kuina and Zoro who watched the spar was shocked and their passion for sword blazed even more especially for kuina who suddenly run outside and started to search for kai.

    a few minutes of searching the village kuina found kai in some food stall eating, she approached him and timidly said "ah um ca can l ask you something?"

    kai noticed that someone approached him but feel no malice so he just continued his eating, but when he heard that someone asked him he turned and looked toward the owner of the voice "huh you are that dojo master daughter right?, you want to ask me something? ask away then l will answer if l can"

    hearing kai said the ok, kuina sked "can woman become a strong sword user?"

    hearing the question kai pondered for a moment as he answered "well its depend on the attitude of that woman, if she was so easily to give up then no, but if she was one who was willing to forsake her time, effort, and even herself to train she will become a splendid sword user. but to become the strongest was impossible as it needs experience and sometimes enlightenment to advance"

    hearing kai answer kuina feel hopeful, she bowed deeply to kai "thank you"

    "if you want to thank me, just call me when that group of people who came to your dojo left l want to spar with your father again" he said to kuina before ordering another plate of food.

    hearing kai word kuina nodded then she left. at that time fate stopped and broke before rearrange themselves into a new one and moved like before because kai word just changed kuina fate.

    *changing fate*
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