2 The developer

    The good thing about Friday is that then next comes Saturday and therefore the weekend. But for the moment we are still in high school on a table in the cafeteria. We discuss things and others when my friend Jeff pulls out a big notebook smiling. When he opens it, all the beauty of the world is revealed to us.

    Jeff "Guys here is the last hentai doujinshi I downloaded last night. It's a special collector milf, 480 pages of big boobs and women at home more hot the ones that the others. Look at this one, I find it particularly interesting and very realistic."

    Mason "Realistic my ass, try to stick a hand in the ass to the mother of one of your friends and you will tell me if she gets on her knees to suck your treat."

    Jeff "You're too pessimistic. I will try with your mother and you will see how much a housewife who has spent forty years is hungry for fresh meat."

    Mason "Ok but my mother is a frigid. All you will win is an erection plus a slap."

    Jules "Guys, you have seen the size of the boobs of this housewife. If I had a chick like that, I'll spend my time massaging her."

    Vince "You surprise me, if you put your head between her tits you end up suffocated. What a beautiful death."

    Greg "All these doujinshi are stupid. Look at the size of this guy's dick. There are no such monsters."

    Jules "Greg everyone knows you have a small dick but that's no reason to break our enthusiasm. If you start to complex by looking at a drawing, I believe that a team sport will never suit you."

    Jeff "It's true that with your micro-penis even if with your dirty face you manage to get a girl, she'll laugh when she will sees what you have between your legs."

    Mason "My father had the same problem. Finally not at the point of Greg because it's unheard of but he also had a small dick. He found the solution by going to a sex shop, he bought what is called a developer."

    Greg "Go on, explain it. Even washing it is difficult because I can not hold it, the surface is so small."

    Mason "You see, it's a kind of tube that you put on your third leg. The tube is equipped with a pump and when you press the pump several times every day, it stimulates your sleeve which ends up growing in the tube. My father has already taken more than three centimeters of cock to what he says. You imagine a kind of aspiration is done on your sleeve and he stretches little by little while doing good. Ok forget the instructions, but for you, Greg, in order to reach a medium size, you will need to gain between eight and ten centimeters, so it will take a little effort but you will get there."

    Greg "cocksucker, she is not so tiny at this point. Forget it. How much does a developer cost?"

    Mason "I'll ask my father, but if it's too expensive, maybe he can lend you his."

    Jeff "You do not have to buy a big tube at the beginning because otherwise Greg's dick will be lost in it and she will not even feel the suction, so forget about your father's."

    Jules "We stop talking about Greg's little dick for a minute. Jeff, did you manage to bring me one of your mother's bra?"

    Mason "It's true your mom has a nice ass, Jeff."

    Jeff "Shut up Mason, I already told you to stop talking about my mother's ass when we're at the table, it makes me feel bad."

    Jules "And for her bra you have it?"

    Jeff "Have you managed to steal one of your sister's bra?"

    Mason "Your sister will really deserve me to look at her case more carefully."

    Jules "Maybe after that she will forget that I exist. Yes I risked my life to get one."

    Vince "Oh damn guys, would you be doing an equivalent exchange like in Fullmetal alchemist?"

    Jeff "I count to three, then we take out the material and we proceed to the exchange. 1, 2, 3, catches. Snif, what a sweet smell, it smells like milk."

    Jules "Compared to the perfume of a mature woman you're losing old man."

    Mason "Does that mean you've already felt the underwear of your sister Jules? As I understand you, all the panties of my mother have already passed in front of my nostrils."

    Girl x "Look at these pigs they read porn comics and sniffing bras right in the middle of the cafeteria."

    Jeff "You do not know what you're talking about so shut up, ugly girl. This is the bra of my mother, no of my sister, I mean his sister."

    Girl x "Do what you want. Even if you want to feel your father's briefs, enjoy yourself."

    Girl y "I have already heard of them. These five guys are very famous here. They really have a very beautiful face, are very tall but they are complete obsessed so everyone is running away from them.Let's go before he steals our panties."

    Jeff "Slut, I'm sure you do not even wear one."

    Mason "This little incident will not detract from our reputation which is already completely ruined, so let's resume reading this doujinshi. Greg remove your hands under the table. You're really a pig to fiddle with you while we eat."

    Greg "I was scratching my thigh. Do not make me look like a pervert who feels his balls while the others are having lunch."

    Mason "It's not because no one can see what's hang between your legs that you're teasing the incognito noodle while your friends are having lunch properly is reasonable." Besides that, you looked at Jeff when you touched your little worm. Now it's confirmed, Greg is a little bit gay and he fantasize by shaking his leek when he thinks of his friends."

    Jeff "It does not bother me that he caresses his member looking at me, it proves that my charm reaches even men."
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