3 Alyssa

    02h30pm another one hour of course but by bad luck, we finish the week by Mr. Cagando our English teacher. All I hear during this course is a vague "blah blah, my course is very uninteresting but you have to follow him. Blablablablabla. I am a bad teacher but as I have the right to teach, I will rot your life until the high school." I do not listen, I do not write anything because anyway I do not understand anything.

    "Jules, Jules, Jules wake up."

    My classmate and incidentally one of the only girl who still speaks to me in this high school, the beautiful Alyssa seems to want to tell me something. "Alyssa, you could have waited for the end of the class as you always do to wake me up."

    Alyssa "Sorry, I'm sorry for interrupting your sleep Jules, but I wanted to ask you something."

    Jules "Well go now that my eyes are open, I will make an effort to listen to you although I have no desire to do."

    Alyssa "Ah, hum, yes I thank you for your kindness. I bought, no my mother gave me two cinema tickets that will be valid only tomorrow night and I wondered if you would agree to accompany me."

    Jules "Impossible, I accompany my friends in a cafe to meet girls from another high school tomorrow night."

    Alyssa "Could not you cancel to accompany me?"

    Jules "Impossible, a promise made to a friend is sacred and if we do not respect it, the traitor deserves to cut himself a ball."

    Alyssa "?????"

    Jules «You know, it's not that I'm in a hurry to meet these girls. But I have to go because Jeff wants to empty himself inside a girl for over a month now and finding a willing victim is a top priority for us. You have to understand that boys of our age masturbate at least three time a day, so of course, stuffing a chick is sometimes pleasant because wrist cramps are not uncommon because of the palpation of the little brother. Be careful, do not think that it is nice to constantly pull the on his cock. Imagine me, for example, I have the crotch that burns me terribly by masturbating. Worse caressing my machine is very expensive. When inadvertenly, you squirt on your laptop or ruins a math book. I do not know if you girls bury your finger in your grindstone as often as we do and if your throw is as powerful as ours but you have to understand the need of my friend Jeff. Say I would like to know. Do you often masturbate Alyssa? Outch, why did you slap me again?"

    Voiceover "Jules I do not know if your neighbor is masturbating often but what I know is that once again, you will send my sincere greetings to our dear headmaster."

    Again this old ** of Cagando. "I do not know because you interrupted our conversation. No need to escort me, I'll find the way."

    Why did Alyssa give me such a slap? Would I say something wrong? No, I do not think I was incorrect on the contrary, this conversation was particularly friendly. I know, yes, it can only be that. She crossed it. She entered the red zone. It must be her delicate period during which she crosses in spite of herself this infamous red zone. The women during this period are completely crazy. At home, by bad luck, the red zone strikes the two women at the same time for two days each month and the one who suffers since my father cleverly divorced is none other than me. In the legends, some men turn into werewolves or other creatures of the night during the full moon but it is nothing compared to the transformation that undergo two women that are already crazy under the influence of the red zone.

    03:30pm I leave headmaster's office who is a guy with whom I get along well. We are used to seeing each other and when I visit him, although he does not open the champagne yet, we discuss my family, my friends and myself. He likes to ask me a lot of questions and I answer him because I can insult my mother and my sister in front of this very understanding man. On the other hand, I do not like very much the fact that he films our discussions but as he says himself, he is no longer young and keeping track of his happy days is important to him. This man is worthy of receiving my admiration, because although he is an old bag, he does not hesitate to recognize it in front of me.
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