4 The old woman

    The galley, if I do not hurry to go home, the old woman will still find a way to deprive me of television or something else that will be just as sadistic. I do not know what she wants but she go so far as she to call me and ask me to return immediately while she usually insists that I do not hurry to go home. It means that we have a big problem. If only I had not listened to Alyssa apologize for this insignificant slap. Go to crying for that, this girl is really too sensitive or she has no friends. Anyway, trying to console her has made things worse.

    4:12 pm I open the front door of the house and get ready to hear the screams of the monster but nothing. My sister Virginie is on the stairs and seems disappointed that I do not get burned by the dragon. After watching me maliciously, she is about to go up the steps but a voice that makes me tremble calls us and asks us to come immediately and without hanging out in the kitchen. Destiny is now sealed and I advance to the kitchen in which the old woman is waiting for us. It is certain, she will still blame us insignificant things. I go in, the old woman is seated and turns her back on me. If I were cruel and had the courage, it would be the perfect opportunity to get rid of the monster but it's not my nature, so I sit down and wait for my sister so that the trial can begin. Once my sister sits, the old woman stands up, stares at us as if she were wondering by which of us two she will start her meal and she sighs.

    Old woman "you are such a disappointment to me. Two trash that I drag for too long. I'll come back to why I asked you to come here, Sunday you stay here."

    Virginie "No, I had planned an outing with friends and you take this arbitrary decision without even consulting us? I refuse."

    Jules "Friends? Liar, the whole school is aware that you spend your weekend with your legs spread in the park with your John. You are nicknamed the vertical starfish because it seems that you do not even move when your man you stuffs your ass."

    Virginie "Liar, you'll regret what you just said little bastard."

    Jules "I'm not lying. You're so hot that your acrylic panties are melting on your ass."

    Old woman "Jules deprived of console and you my daughter, more outings for a month. I do not want little children at my age. Sunday I need you for the move so you'll be there, that's all."

    Jules "What? I do not want to move and leave my friends. Since when did you put the house up for sale?"

    Old woman "We're staying, but my new husband and daughter are moving in on Sunday and you'll be chore of boxes."

    Virginie "New husband, what are you talking about? Did you go back to drinking?"

    Jules "It's inevitably that. What a sane man could accept to marry this ugly, mean old woman unless he is tortured."

    Old woman "I have not been drinking for two years and I have never tortured anyone. The discussion is over. You can go do your homework. Now clear. Wait for Jules. Tonight we will discuss the questions you ask girls in class while you should listen to your teacher's lessons. It's not like I still have any hope for you because you're a constant disappointment for me but it's my job. I brought you out so I have to do a minimum for you . You can leave now, seeing you makes me tired."

    If she really had not drunk, which I strongly doubt, it would be a tragedy because there would be three women under this roof and with two, I already live a hell. What solution can I find to repel these hypothetical invaders? I have no choice, I have to resort to that. Something needs to be done, and the only one that can help us right now is the most unreliable man in this world, my father. What nickname did I give my dad already in my contacts on my smartphone.

    Father "Yes Jules it's rare that you call me, you decided and agree to go hunting with me?"

    Jules "No we have a problem at home. The old woman claims to have remarried. Virginie and me we thought she was drunk but I'm not sure, do you have a solution?"

    Father "I doubt that a sane man agrees to marry your mother. The only wretch who was obliged to marry her is your poor father, and be certain that this whole affair is the result of an accident. But it is possible that like me, this man made a bet with a friend, took him to a hotel and later your mother became pregnant, in which case he would be stuck. I was always convinced that after I left this hotel room, your mother spent hours her legs in the air on purpose to have your sister and so catch a victim and take him for husband. Yes, she has taken me hostage Jules and I am certain that this man is also not consenting. If only I had not smoked so much cannabis that night, I would have put on a condom, so your mother would never have had your sister and I would never have been forced to marry  this shrew. But that she drank remains plausible. Go see her and ask him to count down the numbers from one hundred."
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