5 B cup angry

    As expected, calling my dad proved utterly useless. Worse than useless, I learned some things that I would have liked never to know. Like the mysteries concerning my birth for example. It seems that one night both of them were so drunk that they thought they were sleeping with their lovers. I was the fruit of this tragic mistake, as my father told me crying. When I was born, according to my father, I was so ugly that my mother ran an ad on amazon to sell me. The announcement was withdrawn and my parents had to take me home and take care of me. None of them are very willing to take on the chore of raising an ugly son, so they confided me to my grandmother, with whom I stayed for five years until they estimate my face was less ugly than before. Another revelation was difficult to hear. Two years ago, when they divorced, the question of the distribution of children arose. My mother wanted to keep her daughter at all costs but none of them wanted me at home. In front of this unusual case, the judge uncomfortable decided that the child, me in this case, would be better with his mother. In an hour of conversation, my self-esteem dropped dramatically and when I hung up, the idea of ​​hang me crossed my mind for a moment. I have been aware for a long time that my parents are a bit special. My mother is a maniacal of authority and my dad is totally immature, but to try to sell them online son moreover, on a site specializing in the sale of books, it's a little hard to swallow after the sudden announcement of a remarriage. I need a upper. I open my school bag, remove my trophy and take a good breath of the bra of Jeff's mother. The aroma diffused by this freshly worn C cup helps me to come back to life and I lock my door.

    Saturday 06h00pm.

    Sitting around a table in a cafe, we see the group of girls that Jeff calls the consenting victims of the evening. Seven girls between fourteen and sixteen who I admit are pretty enough.  The annoying but obligatory kisses for the greeting begins when I feel on one of the girls a fragrance that is not unfamiliar to me. She wears the C cup perfume that I love so much. I look down and realize that unfortunately, it is only a small B cup but this scent makes me smile at her and as if heaven had pity, she sits near me. Small size, small breasts but pretty and she has very beautiful blue eyes. A prey that deserves to be consumed on the spot.

    B cup "Hi, I love your smile. I am Clara, delighted."

    It's the beginning of a night of madness. I do not know how to flirt but as long as I avoid vexing her, it should pass. "Hi, it's Jules and your eyes have captivated me."

    Clara "It's nice to tell me that. Are you sincere or is it an approach technique that you always use?"

    Shit, she's going to be annoyingly that one. "I can not be more sincere. You know, if I used to use this kind of methods, I probably will not be here tonight."

    Clara "Yes, that's right. This are my eyes that attracted you when I approached you?"

    Jules "Not immediately, it's your smell."

    Clara "You mean you like my perfume?"

    Jules "Not really, your perfume mixed with your smell of sweat make you smell like the breasts of my friend Jeff's mom and it stimulated my crotch and my brain. I thought maybe you and I could go away for a moment. I have sixty euros and some condoms. If you want, we are heading to a hotel now, no need to talk too much because I want to sniff you more closely."

    Clara "Wait a second. Are you serious or is it a joke of bad taste?"

    Jules "Very serious, it's been more than two months since I did not dip my biscuit and I felt that you were the ideal candidate to break with my wrist. Be happy to have been chosen Clara."

    Clara "But you're really **. To say that kind of thing when we just met. You're the worst bastard I've met until today."

    Jules "Why are you angry like that? I just answered your question, that's all."

    Clara "Thank you for comparing me with the breasts of your friend's mother."

    Jules "Do not misunderstand you. I do not compare at all because yours B cup are too small to support the comparison. Outch, why are you slapping me now? You are a hysterical girl."

    Clara "I see that my friends are not very satisfy, either so we're leaving."

    Jules "But I'm only asking for that. If you want, I can satisfy you in the toilet right now. I see you're a very hurry girl. I'm sorry for having made you wait and talking about the hotel, sometimes I do not think much. Do you prefer the loo?"
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