6 Sance Stree

    After the somewhat surprising departure of the girl pack I feel four pairs of eyes them on me but I have my conscience for me. This time, the only mistake I made was to have dragged too much and this girl with itchy ass got upset. Usually, I struggle for several days, to see weeks to see a piece of boob, so how could I guess that she was so hot? I must now face my friends who have a false impression of the situation and certainly curse me for having made flee all these beautiful little asses. I understand that they are looking for a scapegoat but this time it will not be me.

    Jules "Why are you all looking at me with that expression full of hatred?"

    Jeff "Jules, you just have made flee off several holes and you dare to ask us why do we look at you like that?"

    Mason "Jules, the last time, from the outset you stick a hand to the ass to a girl and now you start again. I do not know if it's a hand to the ass but it is certain that you have screwed up this date."

    Jules "This is where you are wrong. Do you know why they fled? Whether it was my B cup or the girls around you, all had the same expectations, but we did not understand them. That's why they left so fast."

    Vince "Explain us because we are lost here."

    Jules "I suggested that we go to the hotel to shoot a shot, but according to her, you and I were too long to propose it and as her friends were bored, my B cup judged that to stay with soft glans as we, was completely useless."

    Greg "Shit, does that mean that this afternoon, if I had been able to react correctly and quickly, I would have lost my virginity?"

    Jeff "I was thinking that they seemed to be expecting something special but from there to want to be filled holes so quickly ... Respect for the hot girls. I think my wrist will serve me a little longer."

    Greg "My virginity it was a great oportunity."

    Vince "Sorry guy for falsely suspecting you. You are the only one to have understood their desire and even if it was too late, you tried your luck. Know that I admire you."

    Greg "My virginity, I'm not ready to lose it."

    Jules "Not so on Greg, guys how much money do you have?"

    Vince "Forty euros but I have to keep ten for tomorrow."

    Jeff "Two hundred."

    Greg "Ten euros, being poor also saves money, you know."

    Jules. "I propose that we go to Sance Street to pay a prostitute to our friend Greg. Her small dick also needs to taste the inner charms of a woman and a whore will welcome her little penis without making fun as long as she gets her money."

    Greg "Would you do that for me? If one day I can help you, I will do it without asking anything in return."

    Jeff "As long as I go down that street, I will not waste my time waiting for Greg and I will find a whore too."

    Vince "So let's go, anyway we do not have anything to do in this cafe now that the holes are gone."

    Sance Street is a magical street. You will find everything you need even when you are a minor. Need cigars or alcohol, direction the street of Sance. Need cannabis or for hard drug addicts, you can find some here too. Looking for a laptop, a smartphone or something else, you will always find nice dealer who will offer the equipment to one third of the price sold in stores. It is also in this street that I bought the last Iphone two weeks ago. And finally, from 06:00 pm beautiful women offer you against some bank notes to spend a few minutes very pleasant. Tonight, our friend Greg, will become a man, finally if his micro-penis is enough to overtake the entry of the little cat of the prostitute with which he has just entered a shabby hotel. You must not be too demanding when it comes to hygiene. But it is very difficult to overcome the stench in the rooms and the tasks on the sheets that are witnesses to the hard work of these brave women who are dedicated to please  to young boys virgins and other men in love.

    Mason, Vince and I are very surprised when we see Greg coming out of the hotel two or three minutes after he enters. Would this woman have made fun of his little penis and Greg would have taken it wrong? When he gets closer to us, his eyes expresses unprecedented distress and we understand then that this moron failed to lose his virginity.

    Mason "Greg, do not tell me our money was useless."

    Greg "An incident occurred."

    Vince "Explain, what happened to you to get out of the hotel so quickly?"

    Greg "Everything was going very well between us until she took off my pants. I would even say that she and I had a good feeling but when she took off my pants and took my little brother between two fingers, I ejected the mashed directly on her face."

    I burst out laughing "Small dick and premature ejaculator, my friend you cumulate the handicaps."

    Greg "But everything is not so bad. For the first time in my life, a milf touched me sex."

    Vince "It's her job and she's not a milf but a whore. Poor guy, you make me a little pity."

    Mason "We're expecting Jeff and going to the dancefloor. Greg must let off steam after all his disappointments."
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