7 Instructions

    I have a monstrous headache. Yesterday, we bought three bottles of whiskey at Sance Street and after having emptied them, we went to a small disco in the city center. Everything went fine until Vince was too drunk to understand what he was doing, got his monster out and started urinating right in the middle of the dance floor. As we were too drunk to get up alone, what was to happen happened. After checking our identities, the security officers of the discotheque called our parents who came to pick us up. I think I remember being screamed at  by the old woman in the car when I go back home, but my memories are too vague and imprecise for me to really know what really happened. Lying at four thirty in the morning and up at eight o'clock for the purpose of welcoming and a father-in-law and a half-sister whose identity I do not even know, needless to say, I have my head in the ass.On the positive side of the situation, a second man will come to live here, which means that my mother will share this morning his bad mood between him and me. Negative point, this stepfather is perhaps a silly and stern reactionary and my half-sister a basic ball-breaker. At present, Virginie and I are in the kitchen at attention while the old woman gives us his last recommendations.

    Old woman. "I will start with you, my daughter. Now a new man is moving in here. I do not want to see your underwear every day everywhere in the house. I also forbid you to stir your ass in front of my new husband to try to drive him in your bed. Now let's move on to the behavior that you will have to adopt now. I do not want you to moan, to scream on your brother, on the television or on your laptop constantly. I also ask you, to be polite, to say hello, not to make up your face like a whore. I think it should not be too difficult and will not ask you so much effort that. Now you have a little sister and I ask you to be nice to her. I'll have a lot more to add but your new family will arrive in a very short time."

    Jules "The old woman knows you so well. If she had not briefed you, tomorrow the father-in-law would have climbed on you like all school guys do. In high school, they call you the girl who does not suck only the caramels."

    Virginie "I'm going to butcher your dick little **. I hate you for too long. I swear on mom's head that one day, when you do not expect it, you will make a fatal fall."

    Old women "Virginie did not I forbid you to scream at your brother? Since when do you swear on my head, unworthy daughter's? When to you Jules, ahhhhhh Jules where to start. Forbidden to fiddle with your new sister."

    "Forbidden to steal the underwears of your new sister. Forbidden to enter in the bathroom saying that you did not do it on purpose when your new sister is showering. Needless to say, toilets are also forbidden when your new sister is inside. Forbidden to masturbate in front of your new sister. Your sister and I find you already despicable to fiddle with your bird all over the house, so imagine what a pure girl who has just arrived in this family would think, if she surprised you with your hand shaking your little brother. I continue. Forbidden to steal money, clothes or so-called, to borrow your father-in-law's car."

    Jules "It's..."

    Old women "It is also forbidden to take the identity papers of your father-in-law to make fakes that will be used to enter a nightclub like last night. I also order you to stop teasing your sister and try to be smart. I know that I ask you a lot and that thinking will be very difficult for you but make an effort. One more thing, here are two double-sided pages of instructions that you will have to obey, because you will forget everything I told you as soon as you leave this room. Now I'm also counting on you to stop calling me the old woman in front of your new family.»

    Virginie "You are so pitiful my poor brother."

    As soon as I said it, I'm running. "Hmmm? By the way, I stole you a bra and to give it to a buddy who fantasizes on your tits. It does not bother you?"

    Virginie "Come back here **er, that I break your little face."

    Old woman. "Did not I tell you to stop hollering like a cow?" You are not a cattle, so express yourself like everyone else."

    I go back to my room and call Jeff to pass the time. "Jeff it's Jules."

    Jeff "I know. You know what's good with smartphones, it's that the name of the person who calls you is written on the screen."

    Jules "That's it pay you my face. I just had a big blow of stress because a crazy idea passed me in the head. Imagine that my new father-in-law is a pain in the ass who wants to go out with me to make piles of stupidity like a father and a son, it would be hell."

    Jeff "I understand you. My father-in-law and I have a very harmonious relationship. He ignores me and I do the same. Thus, we do not do anything together and never quarrel. I wish you luck."

    Jules "I really envy your relationship."
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