8 Stepfather and Half-Sister

    The invaders had to arrive at 10h30am, but now it's already 11h00am and not a trace of the new father-in-law. I understand this man who must have realized the stupidity he had made by marrying my mother and perhaps at he is this very moment in full meeting with his lawyer to cancel this marriage that will ruin his life. Poor man, the alccol is most certainly responsible for the situation in which he finds himself and I sympathize for him without even knowing him. There must be solidarity between men, especially when it comes to the old woman. A sensation crosses my lower abdomen, I turn on my laptop and open the video file. I kneel, pass my hand under my bed, take out a roll of paper towel. When I open my fly with a smile, the doorbell rings. Who is the dog's son who has disturbed my midday handjob? I close my fly, put the paper towel under my bed, but I still watch this educational video that should be on the program of any good high school self-respecting. [I really want to know the name of this actress at so nice ass to find other videos of her.] While I'm doing my personals homework the scream of the old woman who is issued from the ground floor, breaks nevertheless my eardrums.

    Old woman "Jules your father-in-law and your new sister have arrived, come and greet them."

    It is at this moment that I understand that my life will never be the same again. I check the buttons on my fly and see that I have closed them properly. I get out of my room, I go down the stairs but when I enter the dining room in which four people sit, I now understand better the expression (the world is small.)

    Step-father "Sylvia, what a beautiful boy you have. He is very tall for his age. Hello Jules, you must have been surprised when you learned of your mother's second wedding on Friday night, but we wanted to surprise you."

    Virginie "He's not smart enough to be surprised."

    Old woman "Virginie does not start to be rude."

    Jules "Do not worry old woman what this hot ass says does not bother me. Hello sir, to tell you the truth, I thought that my mother had drunk when she told us that she had remarried, but today I see that she was sober. I already know your daughter, so it's useless to make the presentations."

    Stepfather "It seems to me that you are the same age now that I think about it. My daughter, do you know Jules?"

    Half-sister "Ah, um, yes, we met by accident."

    Father-in-law "By accident?"

    Half sister. "Yes, the fruit of chance somehow."

    Old woman "Tell me more I'm interested."

    Jules "Since you are so curious you do not need to hush up what is not a secret. Yesterday my friends and I met girls in a cafe and Clara was in this girl group. We both had a misunderstanding. Still sorry not to have followed you when you wanted me to stuff your ass in the toilet Clara, but you were too fast for me."

    Stepfather "What? My daughter, when you go out, it's to make you stuff your ass like your mother slut? Why do you think I asked for a divorce? I was so cuckold that the neighbors were laughing when they saw me. At first I laugh with them because I thought they appreciated my Belgian jokes but when I knew the truth, I had the impression to be the last of the morons. You are so disappointing, I never thought you would follow such a path. I thank you Jules for not taking advantage of the situation, otherwise you would have had a relationship with your new sister and it would have been quite embarrassing for our future family relationship."

    Jules "Not what, my gentlemen side sometimes causes me problems with girls, because of our days the girls are very liberated, but I completely assume the fact of being a good person. In addition I thought she must have problems. I know these people trying to forget their problems by doing stupid things. My mother, for example, was a drunkard because of her troubles and my sister is the biggest nymphomaniac in this city because she feels bad about herself. I will never abuse a young lady who is not herself or uses sex as an outlet. You have to have principles and stick to them. That's what a man is."

    Virginie "I'm going to kill you, you hear me. I will kill you."

    Clara "Dad wait for this ..."

    Beautiful father "shut up. From now on, you will take example of your new brother who is polite, loves his family and is trustworthy."

    Old woman "Jules, you will come to chat with me later. We have two or three things to develop. Well, I think Clara understood the lesson and will not try to be caught in the toilet. Now, if we go get the boxes?"
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