9 Negotiation

    We spent the day getting out of the boxes of a truck, then opening them and finally rearranging the dining room, Clara's room and the office which until then had been empty. I only have two days of rest a week and I had to spoil one to do that kind of thing. Tonight it was very strange to have two more people at the table. Clara, in particular, looks at me in an icy way. I know I have a little exaggerated but it was a refund for his slap. Now that I finally have time, let's resume this video that I still have not finished.

    Old woman "Jules, I'm going enter in your bedroom with Clara. If you have your hands busy, I beg you to quickly release what you hold in your hands them before that we enter. You have five seconds to be presentable. 5,4,3,2,1,0 We enter."

    Jules "You could ask permission instead of imposing you, old woman."

    The old cow, she does not mind at all now that she has a man. "Jules, I have something to ask you."

    Jules "What? Now that you're here, talk."

    Old woman "The 50cc motorbike that your father gave you for your fourteen years you did not sell it I hope?"

    Jules "No, she's still in the garage."

    Old woman "Perfect, so now you'll have the right to drive her to go  to school."

    Jules "Where is the trap? You forbid me to climb on it because it was the father who offered it to me and now you suddenly change your mind? It smells bad. What do you want from me old woman."

    Old woman "Nothing special, but tomorrow Clara will go to the same high school as Virginie and you. This high school is very poorly served by public transport so you will bring Clara to school and bring her home every day. This motorbike will finally be useful and you will can use it."

    Jules "I never had the right to drive her, you refuse to subscribe me to public transport, you also gave my bike to the children of the neighbors because it was also the father who had offered it to me and I should make you happy? I have to manage as best I can to find money by myself to buy a laptop, a smartphone and clothes but you dare to ask me for a service? I prefer not to touch this motorbike than to see you satisfied so the answer is no. In addition, the motorbike is not insured and to insure it, you will certainly ask to pay myself so it's negative. If Clara wants me to accompany her in the morning, when she asks me, but I have three conditions. First old woman, you pay for insurance and gasoline. Secondly, I will bring Clara every morning but when I have things planned after school, she will have to go home alone and finally, I can take this motorbike when I want and you will not say anything."

    Clara "Jules, I know that our meeting did not go very well, but forget that. Could you  to accompany me in the morning in motorbike in high school please."

    Jules "It's up to the old woman to decide whether she accept my terms or not."

    Old woman "Heard, I accept the three conditions but even if she is not insured, you will accompany Clara in high school tomorrow morning. If you get caught by the police, I'll pretend I did not know and I will say you had to steal this motorbike. You are already well known to the police so we both know who they will believe. If you'll excuse me, I have something else to do now."

    That night I talked a lot with B cup as I call him privately. She does not really like this nickname, but she seems get used to it because after 10:00 pm, she said nothing when I called her that way. She is a nice girl, but I hope she will not squat my room every night like that because it keeps me from living my life as a single person. The old woman when she came back after our conversation and threw me a bundle of bank notes saying to use it to put gas in the bike. I'm starting to think that this half-sister could be very handy for getting what I want if I do things right.

    It's Monday morning, it's 6:00 am and I'm filling a can at the gas pump. This night, at 1:30 am after B cup finally came out of my room, I had a blast in my brain. A question ran through my head at the speed of light. Do I have gasoline? I ran to the garage, looked for the precious liquid, checked the tank of the bike and was forced to accept the fact that this morning I will have to get up early. So that's why I'm here to freeze my balls three kilometers from home, all that to fill this canister of **. Once filled, I understand that the return will not be as simple as the go and that maybe take a three-liter can and go back to the pump to refuel before going to high school, instead of taking a twenty-four liter tin could have been smarter.
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