10 Do you do it on purpose or are you really stupid?

    Arriving at school, after parking the motorbike, B cup wanted  that I at make her visit the premises but luckily, Mason and Jeff arrived and scared her. The corvees as the visit the places to the new ones  are particularly boring and I already have to drive B cup here, so to guide her in the high school would be a little exaggerated.

    Jeff "It was the girl on Saturday who wanted you to take her in the toilet? What is she doing in our high school, hers is on the other side of town?"

    Jules "She's changed high school so it's her first day here."

    Mason "But that does not explain the fact that you drive her here. Since when do you have a 50cc for that matter?"

    Jules "It's been a year and a half since my father gave me this motorbike, but the old woman refused to let me touch it until yesterday. We managed to find common ground and now I will come with every morning."

    Mason "And the beautiful ass that accompanied you, what was he doing with you? Answer, do not make us wait."

    Jules "I told you that my mother had remarried and now, B cup is my half-sister."

    Jeff: "If only you had concluded in the toilet with her, what a beautiful story it would have been to tell your children."

    Mason "Jeff, sometimes I wonder if you have limits. You are so perverted that you scare me."

    Jeff "We have to try everything, otherwise we are sure to die like idiots and we regret the prey we have not hunted and all that we have not tried in general. Speaking of trying everything guys, look what I have in my bag."

    Jules "My god, did you finally buy it? This is the model sucks-balls that pops in the pop ups on all porn sites."

    Mason "This object must make you taste in paradise but at 600 €, paradise costs the skin of the ass."

    Jules "Jeff you tried it? Does the cock really feel like it's being sucked by an expert mouth?"

    Jeff "Guys, it's better than that. A woman do not satisfy you as much that this incredible sucks-balls. This sucks sex as if a small vacuum cleaner equipped with a wet sucker was inside. Better than a woman, I assure you. But unlike this sucks-balls, a woman is washing alone. Washing this object is disgusting anyway."

    Mason "Can we try it at lunch time?"

    Jeff "I hesitate, it's a very personal object in which I poured my own seeds. If yours seeds entered, it would not be quite so attractive to me. Understand me guys, here's a little example. Would you wear one of your friend's underwear at the end of the day knowing that this friend has eaten 500 grams of beans?"

    Jules "Honestly no, each his ** and that's how it's been since the dawn of time."

    Mason "Jeff, I'll wear your underpants if you let me test your suck-balls."

    Jeff "Mason, you did not understand the deep meaning of this example. I admit that it was not easy to grasp the subtlety hidden in it, but make an effort. I'm sorry Mason but this suck-balls is personal and lending him would be like exchanging his partner with another man."

    Jules "Jeff finds something else because partner-swapping is one of Mason's great fantasies."

    Mason "Forget it. I will save money and I will have my own suck-balls. Jeff, you will drool when you realize that the model I own is more complete than yours, but I will not lend it to you."

    The discussion continued until the second ring reminded us that we should already be in class. The progress of technology is great and I wonder how my father and other old people could live in the past. But Jeff's suck-balls is not enough for me. I aim higher, bigger and more beautiful. Last year every day, I sent many emails to Matel's sales department, advising them to start making a life-size sex doll Barby with welcoming holes to win a male clientele in need of love. Two months later, a letter from the Legal Department of the same Matel group to whom I gave this valuable advice, asked me expressly to stop my harassment under pain of prosecution. It was on this day that I realized that this huge multinational was only interested in female customers, abandoning us completely and ignoring our opinions and needs in toys.

    Alyssa "Jules who is this girl that you accompanied this morning in high school and who came to eat with you this noon?"

    Jules "B cup? Nobody in particular."

    Alyssa "You can tell me the truth, even though I must be sad, I need to know what to expect."

    Jules "Since you want so much to know, it is my half-sister, she is new here and has no friends so I pity her."

    Alyssa "Perfect. I meant that getting along well with your family is important. You know lately my neighborhood is not very safe. Two girls our age were assaulted and I thought maybe if I did not come home alone, I would be safer."

    Jules "Hmmmm, yes surely but I advise you especially not to hang out after classes and go home directly because night falls quickly in this season."

    Alyssa "Say, do you do it on purpose or are you really stupid?"

    Jules "I thought that my advice was valid. Am I mistaken?"

    Alyssa "No, I have the answer to my question and I will try another approach."
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