11 Recognized handicapped of the dick

    Monday 06:00 pm Coburn House

    Greg's mother "Greg, come down please, your father and I have great news for you."

    Greg "I'm already here mom."

    Greg's mother "Excuse me my chick but you have such an insignificant presence that you go unnoticed."

    Greg "I know mom, everything is small on me, even my presence is undetectable."

    Father of Greg "Exactly my son, that's why we wanted to talk to you."

    Greg's mother "Yes, a miracle happened. Do you remember the kind doctor you met at the hospital two months ago?"

    Greg "How to forget this humiliating episode. This doctor called his medical students to show them my sex and said it was an aberration of nature."

    Greg's father "Yes, my son, but the students also need special cases to perfect their knowledge in order to become future good doctors and you should consider yourself happy to have helped them."

    Greg's mother "Let's not talk about that anymore. Greg this doctor took your case that he considers very serious in consideration and following your appointment, he asked us to come see him."

    Father of Greg "My son, from this day on, you will be different from your friends. You'll have something more than they'll ever have."

    Greg's mother "Congratulations my chick, you have been recognized as handicapped of the dick."

    Greg's father "Is not this good news my son? My darling, look like our big son is happy. He can not even close his mouth anymore."

    Greg "If I understand well, besides having a small dick, I am now recognized handicapped of the dick, is that it?"

    Greg's mother "You understand everything. I see you're too emotional and do not know what to say."

    Greg's father "I'm so proud of you my son. You always manage to surprise us. Already when you were born, whether it was doctors, nurses or visitors, everyone leaned over your cradle and burst out laughing. My son, you naturally bring joy around you."

    Greg "Before I hang myself, can I go out can I go out to aerate my brain and celebrate this fabulous news?"

    Greg's father "Go ahead, my son. Here is 1 € to please you and celebrate your new handicap. Do not hurry to get home. I know you're in a hurry to call your friends to make them jealous and you know, I understand you."

    Greg "Thanks daddy with that I think organize a big party. I'm going out because my joy is going to overflow."

    Greg's mother "My love, I knew our son would be happy. Did you see his expression of surprise? He who so complexed, now he will have something more than his friends to stand out."

    Greg's father "His little sex is maybe a gift from god, who knows. Let's go to church on Sunday and let's talk about this miracle to all our friends."


    Last night, while I was repairing my bedroom my desk again, a brilliant idea came to me. It requires little logistics and the necessary equipment is also derisory. If I tell my friends and we do things properly, we will not only have fun but we will also earn money through this operation. It is even possible that this operation causes the closure of our high school for a period of a day or two. We must act quickly but well. This afternoon, I head for the table on which my friends, like the jackals they are, have not waited for me and have already begun to eat. I sit down and when I see a Greg still face even more pathetic than usual, I understand that male solidarity must come into play quickly. Man is an animal that lives in and for his pack. As a male belonging to a pack, I can not ignore the weakest male and inquire me about his situation.

    Jules "Greg, what's that ugly head? Could it be that by accident you still ** in your underpants in the middle of a lesson?"

    Mason "I think you're mistaking Jules. Since that tragic incident, Greg eat plaster without stopping to obstruct his ass. It is therefore theoretically impossible for this type of incident to happen again."

    Vince "Not sure, you all know Greg's supersonic transit. This accident may not be an isolated case and can be repeated anytime."

    Jeff "No, that's not it. He does not smell and I know him."

    Greg "Go to let go of my ass two minutes. For you to know, I do not ** on myself today."

    Vince "Understood my friend. But do not scream like that. Everyone is watching us now."

    Jules "It's not like it was the first time we had the attention of others so forget that Vince."

    Jeff "Right, Greg speak. If we can help you, we will do it with pleasure. Think of the whores we pay you and you will understand how much you count for us buddy."

    Greg "Thank you guys because my heart is heavy and you talk about it will free me. That's it, That's it, I was legally recognized handicapped from the cock."

    Jules "Oh **, excuse me if I laugh but you abuse."

    Jeff "This guy is a star."

    Vince "Handicapped of the cock, I call live the Guiness World Records."


    Jules "Less strong Greg, all laughs in the cafeteria."
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