12 Ill change your awful nature.

    Greg has never been a very lucky guy. I've known him since we were five, and bad luck follows him everywhere. If six beautiful bikes are lined up and his rotten bike is next, the only one that will be stolen will be his. This has already happened so this is not just one example among others. The first day we entered high school, he received a pigeon ** on his head. He still drags the nickname of (bird droppings) in this school today. His parents are completely stupid and turn a deaf ear when he tells them about his bad luck. Worse, they are constantly rejoicing in his misfortune by claiming that God has a great project for him and is looking at him especially, hence all the trials that stand in his way. Of course right now, I laugh at imagining what is written on the documents of the disabled recognition he received but we must admit that this guy is unique. He does not need to open his mouth for than others to burst out laughing. I forgot, I have to talk about my idea now that they are all present.

    Jules "Guys, would you like to piss off the teachers, the high school management and a bunch of parents while having fun and possibly earning money?"

    Jeff "Sold in advance. If I can make them ** then I agree without even hearing what you have to say."

    Vince "How much money do you think you can win with your Jules idea?"

    Jules "I do not know. Everything will depend on whether we have a means of locomotion at our disposal, the time we spend, our organization and our luck. "

    Greg "I'm also going to do anything you want. I need to exteriorize the anger that was dormant in me and that has just awakened with this handicap."

    Mason "I want you to explain to me your idea. Greg's parents forgive him everything. Your mother and Jeff's parents do not care if today you live or die, but mine are very tough so I need to know what I'm getting into before to join you."

    Jeff "Show us a little that you have balls for once Mason. Do not play the victims, you look like a little girl when you act like that."

    Mason "It was not yours that the military school was promised at the next arrest. At this moment, they are so angry after me since we broke down my mother's car that a simple state of intoxication could send me there."

    Jules "The purpose of this mission would be to enter the school at night and collect screws. To put it simply, we go through each class and unscrew all the chairs and desks, it's a little nonsense but it can give us a day without classes and especially make the administration of the school completely crazy. In addition Jeff if you can take the car of your father-in-law, we would load the DVD players, blue ray and the new laptop computers. But to open the doors quickly, we need Mason. We would call this operation 'The trophy of screw'. So, what do you think?"

    Jeff "Why not but I do not like the name of the operation and we will only empty the ground floor. In case the watchman caught us, we would have a chance to escape if we are on the ground floor, but if we are on the first or second floor everything is compromised and we risk getting caught."

    Mason "Ok, if I get enough money, I can buy my suck-balls with the massage option."

    Greg "Personally, I just want to prove to this world that does not care about me that a disabled of the cock  can do anything."

    Jules "Perfect then let's do it. Jeff, you'll call me tonight to find out if you can take your dad's car. As for the window through which we enter, I take care of it. Prepare all tonight your screwdrivers and we will make ** these bastards teachers."

    02:25 At this moment I breathe in my flute which emits suspicious sounds. Between a cry of chick and vaginal flatulence, I do not really identify this sound not harmonious. My nice neighbor who is a virtuoso of the recorder, does not hear that I try to communicate with her, so I have no choice but to put my finger on the hole through which the sounds of her flute come out . I hear a pfff and see a dribble trickle out of his mouth. She looks at me frowning and do not forget to wipe her chin smeared with drool then she sighs."

    Alyssa "Why did you do that Jules? I almost choked you know."

    Jules "I show him the top of his mouth with my finger. "You still have some here, you should wipe it because you seem very neglected like that."

    Alyssa "Idiot, the fault to whom if I drool everywhere? Why are you doing this? Answer, I want to know."

    Jules "The windows of the girls toilets on the ground floor still closes badly?"

    Alyssa "Yes, they put a kind of metal piece in the hole for it to close. Why are you asking me this question?"

    Jules "Can you remove that piece of metal when I ask you?"

    Alyssa "No, I do not want to be dragged into your stupidities."

    Jules "What a pity, I thought to make you a nice gift to thank you for doing me this service."

    Why does she smile like that? "I will do it, but on two conditions. For three month, you will take me home and Saturday you will spend the day with me. Of course I will choose what we will do during this day and I also accept your gift. Hum I forgot, if I ask you for example to help me for the lessons, you will say yes with a smile. So yes or no?"

    Plague, she takes me hostage. "Okay, but I did not think you would impose such chores on me."

    Alyssa "You really do not know how to be nice but it does not matter, I'll change your dreadful nature and I'll start tonight when you take me home."

    Jules "Play the flute, you'll telling nonsense if you keep talking."
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