13 Who are you shrew?

    I still can not believe that I got taken hostage by a girl. What humiliation it would be in my private diary if I had one. Fortunately this girl is Alyssa. We get on well and there are girls more annoying than she is, but I would never have expected her to make this bad plan. Three months of life will go up in smoke and it starts right now as she climbs on my 50cc. Oh that nice feeling in my back. It is true that her breasts are rather big. Why did I think that these three months were wasted when I have the right to these two big shells. I act as I do not feel anything and get ready to start.

    "Jules wait. Wait, why are you bringing this girl back?"

    Shit, trouble is coming. "A hostage-taking, nothing more."

    Clara "Who are you shrew? And who allowed you to take a place that's is to me?"

    Alyssa "This is your little sister Jules? It is true that she is very small. How much do you little girl? 4 feet or a little less maybe."

    Clara "I'm 1'84 feet tall. No, 4'81 feet, if you're interested in knowing that kind details, stupid big cow. Who are you firstly?"

    Alyssa "Your little sister is very temperamental Jules. It's normal, at twelve, all children are like that."

    Clara "Stop big bitch or I slap you."

    Alyssa "I wonder what teachers would say if they knew that a child with a bad temper was playing in the high school playground and provoking students?"

    Clara "Jules, who is this tuna?"

    That they are painful "I present to you ..."

    Alyssa "I'll introduce myself Jules, you do not have to bother to take care of it. Little girl, I am Alyssa. Jules will now take me home every night. He will also help me with my duties and I forgot, we are going to have a date this Saturday."

    Clara "Little bitch, I'm going to hit you."

    Alyssa "Let's go Jules. Goodbye, little sister of Jules, happy to have met you."

    Clara "Jules, knock down this bitch of motorbike when you're at full speed."

    I wonder why girls can never get along with each other and always make stories for little things without importance. Since this morning, I have the strange feeling of having become a driver for women. But if this motorbike is the reason for this foolish quarrel, it may last three months and it is my ears that will suffer. For the moment, let's continue to ride enjoying the sensation of these two mounds crashing in my back. I wonder if the profession of motorbike driver exists. Forget it, it's not every day that beautiful women would go up, unlike old women who would go shopping. They will enjoy my youth by playing about with my ass. The old forty years old have fire between the thighs and this kind of craft would be like a call for those antiques looking for a second youth and fresh flesh. As I meditate on my future professional career, Alyssa shouts that we are in front of her house. I park in front of a beautiful house with a floor whose taste of the owners who painted the purple shutter leaves in my opinion to be desired. A huge dog bigger than a calf plays in the garden with a truck tire. He takes it in his mouth, shakes it and throws it in the air more than five meters above the ground. Can we still call this domestic cattle a dog? Wanting to compare between him and me, I observe his member and finds that compared to his size, his fifth leg is ridiculously small. I'm amazed to find myself in this moment in front of a kind of Greg version canine. While I continue to smile watching the little sex of this dog, someone pinches my cheek.

    Alyssa "Jules, when you have finished making fun of my dog ​​come with me. Be careful when you enter the garden because I want to point out to you that Napoleon is easily vexed and complex very quickly when we make fun of him."

    Jules "Why should I go down? My part of the contract is over for today so I'm going back to watch at home a video."

    Alyssa "No, you have to help me in Mathematics and my mother wants to know you."

    What is this foolish plan? Why would his mother want to know me? "All right, I do not really understand why your mother wants to meet me but I'm going down."

    When I enter Alyssa's house, I know immediately than zero man lives here. This smell of female pronounced proves it, no male has set foot in this house for a long time. The decor is also very feminine and if a man lived here, before meeting him, I would put my hands on my ass, just to avoid losing my anal virginity. [Let's still take precautions. I have to make sure that I do not run any danger.] I cover my anus with my right hand and I check every picture very carefully. On each of them, only Alyssa, a beautiful woman who must be his mother and certainly the one who must be his elder sister, are present on it. Relieved, I relax my vigilance but not for long because the ordeal of the mother who wants to meet me for an unknown reason begins.
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