14 Lack of common sense

    Seeing her mother, I now understand from whom Alyssa inherited her beautiful face and beautiful shapes. Although mature women are not what I prefer, I must admit that I am ready to make an exception for her mother and offer her affection during an evening. I am very uncomfortable with this situation and I scratch my nose to do something with my hand. Alyssa's mother who is less than two meters from me while facing me, inspects me very carefully and very long without uttering a word. If I fart a shot now and break this confidential atmosphere, this woman will blame me to death. While I concentrate so that my sphincter does not relax in spite of me. The beautiful woman finally opens her mouth, releasing me from my stress and also relieving my sphincter that I squeezed with all my might.

    Beautiful woman "So how is it you Jules, I've heard so much about you that I feel like I know you well. My daughter has great taste, you are very beautiful."

    Does she offer me a free night? For the moment, let's not rush and let's avoid to do idiot. "Hello madam, it's a pleasure to meet you, you are also very beautiful and now I know who Alyssa got her beautiful face."

    Beautiful woman "My daughter is very embarrassed but I love to receive compliments, so I accept them with pleasure. By the way, do not call me ma'am but mother-in-law will be more practical and less formal."

    What? She said beautiful mom? Is she delayed or is it something else? "Mom, I think you must have some important things to do and for my part, Jules has to help me with my homework so we get into my room."

    Beautiful woman "Jules be careful, you are still very young. Think of condoms if you feel like it."

    I fell where me? "Um, of course mother-in-law, I will protect myself because it would be embarrassing that I put cream everywhere."

    Alyssa "Shut up idiot and follow me. Really, I'm ashamed of you two."

    Beautiful mom "Why? He is your boyfriend and it is normal that you try some things. That's how you'll grow Alyssa."

    Alyssa "My God, I do not know where to put myself. Jules come quickly."

    I urgently need to take stock because I feel I am in a parallel dimension. My grandfather when I was little was looking at this black and white thing that was old but funny. How was it called already? That's it, (The Twilight Zone). At this very moment, I share the fate of these poor protagonists. They were thrown away without giving their opinion in this famous and horrible Twilight Zone and hell was starting. So that's what Alyssa's room looks like. Pfft, does she make a collection of stuffed bears or what? Pink and sky blue wallpaper, dark pink duvet, light blue carpet and blue desk, all this suits him perfectly. In any case if Alyssa continues to blush like that will eventually overheat. Let's forget for a moment the spying and ask the question that will allow me to know if this family is really crazy.

    Jules "Alyssa, before moving on, I have to ask you an important question. Do all men who come into your home become your default boyfriends? I want to say; Imagine a scenario for it to be more alive. We are Saturday night. You've just done gymnastics in a outfit tight fit, so you're very hungry and you order a pizza. Thirty minutes later, you showered and wear a very short skirt when and the pizza delivery man you never met rings at the front door. Your mother only dressed in a babydoll opens him and tells her: 'Your girlfriend is waiting for you in her room. Here are two condoms. Have a nice evening, son-in-law.' "Am I close to the truth?"

    Alyssa "Jules, Jules you are a moron, obsessed and stupid. Of course not, it does not happen like that at all. Shut up. Above all, shut up. I know you and you are ready for a second scenario or you will make of me a shamefully outrageous heroine. Idiot, I do not even know how you could for a second imagine this kind of obscenity while thinking of me?"

    It seemed plausible to me, though. "But admit that for me, understanding what's happening is difficult. I go in strangers home, a woman in front of me asks her to call her mother-in-law. she assures me that you are my girlfriend and offers me condoms in order to to follow you to your room. All this is relatively new to me and especially very strange. I am therefore perfectly entitled to ask me questions about your mental health and to ask questions at you also to check if you are sane. "

    She gets angry? "Everything is your fault."

    Jules "Me? But I had never been here."

    Alyssa "You are so stupid. Nobody would believe  you're so stupid if I talked about it. I invited you eight times to the cinema, twice in the weekend with my family, many times to spend the evening with me and but you always refused because everytime, you had to see your friends. Your buddies, your mates and always your friends, open your eyes a little, it's not just your friends in front of you. Some people are also asking for some of your attention, so watch them."

    I think she's still trying to send me one of her subtle messages, but the coding is too complex for me to decipher. "Gna ???"

    Alyssa "At the point where I am, leave to be ashamed. I'll tell you everything since you're so stupid and you do not really understand anything. I told my mother that you were my boyfriend six months ago. Yes idiot, that's why she calls you step-son. I felt so embarrassed the last time my mother asked me how my relationship with you progressed that I told her we were together. I was not going to tell her that you were too stupid see evidence. I was not going to confess to her that every day you threw me without realizing it. I'm really ashamed now, you're happy I hope"

    Shit, so that was the encrypted message she was trying to make me understand for so long? All thought well, I wonder if she is not a little right. I think sometimes my lack of common sense makes me miss some things.
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