15 tongue Soup

    Do you know these old manga in which a bird passes, leaving points behind him when a situation is very troublesome? I am currently there, I live a very embarrassing situation and I seek this bird which could allow Alyssa and me to leave as quickly as possible of this silent and suffocating atmosphere. It is clear that what is found in manga, is never used for anything in real life and I will have to improvise a kind of very turnabout to escape this moment quite tense. But it's Alysaa, the only girl with whom I get on well and if I told her that she interests me too, I risk ruining our friendly relationship.

    Jules "Alyssa, you are aware that I am not very gallant and you can not say that I am very good at relations with girls. If I ever told you that I agreed to be your boyfriend, there is a 99% chance that tomorrow you will understand that you have made a huge stupidity."

    Alyssa "Do you think I do not know you're a boor, an idiot and you do not understand anything about girls? But I do not care. I like you as you have been for a long time. You are Idiot, vulgar, obsessed and you laughing at the testicles of my dog. I will not regret it, I am sure of what I say, otherwise I will not have been so patient and endured your involuntary rejections for months. This time I ask you. Jules, accept to be my boyfriend and I want you to feel reassured, I will accept you with all your faults."

    Jules "It's not very flattering all that but if you regret it then do not come to blame me for not having warned you."

    Alyssa "So does that mean it's yes?"

    Jules "Let's say it's not no."

    Alyssa "So it's yes."

    Jules "But ..."

    Alyssa "Shut up. Yes or no, answer."

    Jules "hmm, yes."

    Whoaa, she eats my tongue? I would not have thought she was hungry for me that much. "Jules, take off your hand from my breasts."

    Jules "I'm sorry, I thought the idea was pretty good and very appropriate at the moment than we lived. I will add that I wanted to put them since our met so it's an involuntary reflex."

    Alyssa "Wait a little and if you do not behave like a pervert, you'll have the right to touch them one day."

    Jules "In how long?"

    Alyssa "Shut up and continue, I've waited too long for this moment."

    If I were hungry, this tongue soup would fall at the right time but for now, I'm not that hungry. I hope my hands will can walk around her body fast enough because she can not imagine how exciting it is for me right now. Let's avoid her noticing the bump in my pants, she might be upset. In any case, it is formidable. She used my request to take me hostage and make me a boyfriend with tied hands. And then we say that it is men who are dangerous.

    Alyssa "Jules, will you pick me up in the morning and drive me to school?"

    Jules "Impossible, I have to drive B cup there. I made a blood contract with the old woman and now I'm trapped."

    Alyssa "I see, you will take me home. I guess I can already consider myself happy but Jules, you do not think that to nickname her mother (the old woman) and her half-sister (B cup) is wrong."

    Jules "You are right. I should nickname my mother (the dragon) and B cup (A- cup) because I think I overestimate her. Thank you for pointing that out to me."

    Alyssa "That's not what I meant, so forget it."

    What happened today was quite unexpected but I do not regret it at all. Alyssa is beautiful and very nice. I think I never had a girlfriend that I particularly liked and that I considered otherwise as holes so maybe this time there is a chance that it works and that we tolerate himself. As I open the front door of my home, the howl of the dragon is directed towards me. What have I done to get her excited like this?

    Old woman "Jules, why do you come back only at this hour? I asked you to come home early tonight because you had an important appointment. There is another question I would like to ask you. Why did not you bring Clara home after school?"

    A second voice comes from the stairs "He abandoned me for a vulgar and ugly girl. This girl insulted me in front of a lot of people while we did not even know each other."

    Old woman "My poor Clara, it does not surprise me coming from a friend of this idiot. I really pity you, as this path had to be long and hard. Do not laugh unworthy son. Next week, come home after school for your appointment, did you understand me?"

    Jules "Who should I see this time?"

    Old woman "I made you an appointment with a psychologist. You need it, then you will go. It's an order."

    Jules "If I go meet your psychologist, it will be only the fifth and what he will say will be like the others that I have no need of him and therefore it is useless. Before I go up to my room; If someone had to consult a psychologist in this family, it certainly would not be me. I think we understood each other."
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