16 Genius-idiots

    My dream until I was eleven was to become an airline pilot and then it happened. Yes, came my tragic trip to Spain. It was a test to reinforce the idea that I had about this future career that extended my arms. But hardly had the plane taken off than I had to say goodbye to my childhood dream and all my illusions flew away on board this plane which gave me a good lesson. Before hoping to fly, we must first check if we do not have air sickness and dizziness. Fate wanted me to be subject to these two handicaps, which nevertheless enabled me to grow and to approach my future in a different and more objective way. Today, I still do not know what I will do, but I will choose a career that will suit me. I think that representative in lingerie would not be a bad choice as a job but I still have all my time to refine this idea. Contrary to what people who do not know me think, my grades are excellent. I'm still on the honor roll without working or listening during class. Last year one of my teachers made a very interesting hypothesis concerning me that I half validate. According to this teacher, I could be one of those children we call (genius-idiots.) I do not know if I'm a genius, but I'm still convinced that I'm sometimes a little silly. The ignorant think that idiots are always happy and live their life without thinking and without worries because they understand nothing, but it is false. First of all, you have to harden yourself so as not to be depressed when everyone makes fun of you and gives you cruel and unjustified nicknames. The real idiot must also do two or three times more effort than others, so I think the idiot has merit and should be commended. I am not a real idiot myself but understand their pain because sometimes I live the same thing as them. Luckily, I'm one of those people who does not care about anything, so these nicknames do not hurt me. But being an idiot or others considered an idiot also offers advantages. For example, nobody will annoy you by telling you his life because no one will think that you will understand what they will tell you. Nobody will never ask help from an idiot either, because that would suggest that the idiot who can get them out of their troubles ,would are less stupid than them. To live a life of idiot is to live a life without constraints but sometimes difficult. While I smile stupidly thinking of what an idiot I am, my smartphone reminds me that unfortunately, I also have a social life.

    Jules "Yes, Tina what do you want?"

    Tina "Always so kind, little Jules. You're free tomorrow afternoon I hope."

    Jules "No, I'm going to the dentist."

    Tina "Do not make fun of me. We need you absolutely tomorrow night so are you free."

    Jules "What time?"

    Tina «04h00pm I will send you the coordinates and the plan of where you will have to come. But it's really important so do not give up on us. "

    Jules "Tina, and if you started telling me what it is, it would be easier."

    Tina "I did not tell you? Excuse me, I'm too excited since this afternoon so I'm doing everything upside down. We pose for a poster for a concert. It's a big room, everything is relative but this concert hall has over eight hundred seats. You can understand that I'm very enthusiastic."

    Jules "Not really, but if I'm come, I will not come alone. Tina, you did not give me the date of this concert either."

    Tina "Saturday in a fortnight, so reserve your evening because although you are still so apathetic, you remain our guitarist my little Jules."

    Jules "Understood, I'll be here tomorrow but if possible warn me a little earlier next time. I'm going to hang up, I'm waiting for a very important phone call from a friend, good evening."

    When I showed up to join this group, I was just looking for something that I would be interested for finally focusing on something other than girls and porn videos. The group members who are now all in first year of faculty, at first were not very hot to welcome a kid as they said. I admit that if a kid of ten years wanted to become embedded in my group of friends, I would react in the same way. Then I joined this group and had fun. But their goal is totally different from mine so for some time, except for our rehearsals, I do not often see the members. If for me it's a just for fun, they want to live from their music and it spoils a little atmosphere. Although I will not qualify as a virtuoso, the guitar is the only thing that interests me and for which I am a little talented, so leaving the band would be Too bad even if currently our ideas diverge. But having to be photographed for a concert, has nothing to do with the music I like playing with them and if this situation were to continue, I will have to make a difficult choice.
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