17 Stephany Doll.

    That night B cup my very annoying new half-sister this time left my room at 02h00am. When I say left my room, it is incorrect, I fired her and then have quickly locked my bedroom. We did not discuss because I did not have time to say a word in four hours. She spoke, talked and talked again. She talked about her new teachers. Commented on the high school and what she thought of students studying there. She criticized the cafeteria, which did not have enough choice and the food was not cooked enough. She moved the items in my room certifying that her reorganization would be much more convenient. Finally, for an hour, I heard criticisms concerning Alyssa. I wonder why these two hate each other so much. No need to look too far, they are girls and girls are by definition very annoying and incomprehensible. It is 1:10 pm and the lunch break ends already in twenty minutes. It's strange how the best times of the day are those who seem to spend the fastest.

    Jeff "Jules bastard, I saw you with the beautiful Alyssa. So how is she in bed?"

    Mason "I bet she suck the cocks. Girls like her who seem serious are always the slutiest."

    Vince "When I think that I have spent the evening with Stephany and you offer you such a girl. You're ruining me."

    Greg "Do not complain, I do not even have Stephany me and I'm still virgin."

    Mason "Who is Stephany already I have a lapse of memory."

    Jeff "Stephany, she has three hole and not a gram of memory is not it Vince."

    Greg "Yes, she's been Vince's girlfriend since last year and I wonder why he has not introduced her to her mom while she lives in her own home."

    Jeff "I would love to see Vince present his inflatable doll to his parents. I imagine the mouth they would do."

    Vince "Stephany is not a simple vulgar inflatable doll in which one drains his balls when they are too full. She was created from Shakira in the Waka Waka clip. Tell me when you get the Shakira's double in your home, assholes. "

    Jeff "She takes hard your Shakira since last year. Mason, did you know our friend Vince and his older brother had a threesome with Stephany after seeing a porn that excited them?"

    Vince "Jeff, son of a bitch, you promised never to tell anyone."

    Greg "Vince is Vince, the only one who dares to put his dick in a mouse hole in the countryside to look for a small tongue."

    Mason "The only one who dared asked his mother to lend him his giant-god. It was two years ago during his father's birthday, if I remember correctly. "

    Vince "I understand it's good, but I thought we were talking about Jules?"

    Jeff "Jules is less stupid than you, it's been a long time since he fled to avoid be asked questions about his Alyssa."

    Mason "Did you know that once, Vince had spread honey on his little brother to find out what sensation he would feel when masturbating. And did you know that this honey was so old that he grabbed his small dick and that his mother had to drive him to the emergency room so they could wash his sex?"

    Greg "Vince is certainly the biggest pervert of us all and that's not a compliment."

    Girl X "They dunk their sex in the honey jars? These boys are really sick."

    Girl Y "It's the same guy who puts her in mouse holes and make love to his Shakira doll with his brother, this guy is a horror."

    Daughter X "Do not forget the god he asked his mother.You did not hear them the other day because you were absent but Jeff was talking about a machine that aspired his sex and all others wanted to try it."

    Girl Z "Seriously, it's very fun to eat behind these crazy every day."

    Jeff "Sluts, we heard you."
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