18 Stop smiling stupidly.

    2:45 pm More than three quarters of hours before the end of classes, but today I will not have time to hang out. When I look back, I remember that I still have not spoken to Alyssa that I must in principle accompany home. Sometimes, there is only emptiness in my head and as I am completely exhausted today, it does not help.

    Jules "Alyssa, I have to go somewhere tonight. It was not planned, but I must be there for 4:00 pm. So you can go with me if you wish, because I will not be able to take you back to your home at the end of classes."

    Alyssa "Do you propose an date? I would never have imagined that Jules the insensitive would be capable of such a nice action."

    Jules "Stop your nonsense. Will you accompany me where I have to go or not?"

    Alyssa "Ok, but as you broke your promise the second day, you'll paid me a drink after your (thing to do) which you do not seem to want to talk. Anyway I will know very soon what it is. Um, on the other hand, you invited me to accompany you, so you will receive a reward but for the moment we are in class so I beg you to withdraw your hand from my thigh."

    Jules "It's to warm me up and nobody will notice anything, do not worry about such an insignificant detail."

    Alyssa "Warm you up? Detail? Stop taking me for a simple minded and remove the before that I pinch you"

    The meeting place is in the southern area of ​​the city, a place where according to the map are mostly located businesses and offices. At this time, the traffic is fortunately very fluid and the streets contain only very few traffic lights. We arrive in front of a small studio photo which also serves as art gallery. We get off the motorbike and hardly have I had time to remove my helmet that I feel two big mounds in my back that are very familiar to me. I usually enjoy these two big hills sticking to me but today, someone in front of me, looks at me angrily.

    Tina "Well Jules what's happening to you? It's been five days since we did not see each other and you do not even react to my hugs. Usually you really appreciate those little loving moments. "

    Alyssa "Yes Jules, what's happening to you? I understand why you could not miss this Appointment, but taking me with you to meet a girl that you seem to know so well and who is so friendly to you is a bit of an exaggeration on your part."

    Tina "Did you take a friend from high school? She is really very pretty. I should be jealous that my boyfriend is walking around with such a pretty girl."

    Alyssa "Boyfriend? Jules, you're really cruel of making me understand things that way."

    Tina "Stop, stop, I was joking. I'm Tina, the singer of the band in which little Jules plays the guitar. Nice to meet you real girlfriend Jules because you're certainly his girlfriend. He has never brought anyone, so he can bring you, you must be special to him. So he also has cute sides this little obsessed."

    Alyssa "I just ridiculed myself. Sorry, my name is Alyssa and you're right but it's very recent."

    Jules "I do not know who here should feel the most ridiculous. Tina where are Stan and Diego?"

    Tina "They'll arrive in thirty minutes. I told you 4:00 pm to be certain that you do not be late because it happens to you all the time, but the real time of the appointment and the photo are only at 04h45pm. Do not make that head and tell me a little about how you managed to seduce your girlfriend."

    What a plague. "When you finish teasing me, warn me and you exaggerate to ask me to come forty-five minutes early, I'm not in university and I had to burn three red lights to be here on time."

    Tina "Nice, nice, here's another hug to make me forgive."

    Alyssa "Jules, stop smiling stupidly. It's not because an older beatiful girl gives you a hug that you absolutely have to do this stupid head."

    Jules "Why is it still me that makes me scream? I am the victim. It's Tina on whom you should scream, not me."

    Tina "But no, Alyssa is not going to shout at me because everything is your fault. I give you a hug to console you because you complain all the time and she knows it. Besides, it's not me who smiles like a simple-minded little Jules."

    Alyssa "Exactly, you should not look excited and happy in front of me when another girl touches you. If the excitement goes up, do not let anything appear so that I'm not jealous."

    Tina "Jules you're not ashamed to get excited by sticking to another girl in front of Alyssa."

    Jules "Have you both finished? I received the message but if you rub yourself like that, I will be very excited, I am only a very weak young man of the bottom half."

    Tina "Is this true? Can I touch your lower half to see how excited you are?"

    Alyssa "No, forbidden it's mine."

    Jules "Do you want to touch Alyssa? My heart is big and overflowing with generosity, so I let you check with your hand."
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