19 Make him run to the loo.

    Jules "Tina, how did you manage to get this huge room? Until now we have only played in small venues or festivals. Did you have to take off your pantie for that?"

    Tina "Not even, do you remember the demo we recorded? This is partly due to this and partly thanks to our yutube page, that's all. Jules, if I told you I do not wear panties today, what would be your reaction?"

    Jules "I will ask you to prove it to me to verify that you tell me the truth of course and as well as to control your epilition. No, Alyssa calm down, I was joking."

    Alyssa "Were you joking? Liar, I'm sure you would like to see her naked. Answer frankly and dare to say that I am wrong."

    If I told him that this morning again I caressed my hair curler thinking of Tina and her big breasts, it is likely that I will have some problems, but if I do not answer, I will also have trouble. What a difficult situation. Let us please him in order to break this tense situation. Alyssa, you know every time I masturbate, it's your face, your ass and your breasts that I imagine, not Tina's pussy so do not be jealous. I asked her if she was well shaved to simulate some interest in her. To please her and think that at least one boy does not find her completely repulsive. This poor girl must feel so sad to have such a big ass that it does not pass through the doors, that being generous with such a monster is the duty of a gentleman such as your servant. You alone makes me be hard like a donkey Alyssa. It's your little pussy that I want to discover as soon as possible. I want to uncap you and hear you shout my name when you will enjoy. Are you reassured? Why are you both looking at me?"

    "Always so delicate Jules."

    It falls well that one. "Stan, happy to see you. 'Help me' How are you my friend? 'Talk. Do something'."

    Stan "Personally I do not find that Tina has a big ass and I assure you that she manages to get through the doors, in any case yesterday she has succeeded. Jules, to tell at her girlfriend that we want to uncap her, it is not very pretty you know. I say that, I say nothing."

    Alyssa "Jules, you have no respect for me and you only want to put me in the horizontal. You are disgusting. I leave. I take the bus back."

    Tina "You have what you deserve, brainless moron."

    What to do in a case like this? To take a coffee in this machine seems to me quite appropriate. "Anyone want a coffee? It's my turn."

    Tina "Are not you going after her?"

    Jules "Of course not, imposing his will on others is against my principles. Everyone must have their free will, I respect this concept more than anything."

    Diego "Beautiful way of seeing things but by doing so all those around you will leave you and never come back because they think it does not matter to you. The principles are important but to circumvent or change them may be necessary my little Jules. If you regret his departure, do not come and complain then."

    Jules "If you continue to scold me for that, it's me who will leave so forget this episode. By the way, hello Diego."

    Diego "You still have not changed your opinion about music? Imagine if you become more and more famous, do you know what that will mean?"

    Jules "Tell me."

    Diego "Jules, I want you to visualize. I want you to breathe their perfume. I want you to hear them. I want you to taste them. Imagine, an audience of beautiful girls in front of you. Imagine a lot of big breasts swaying and jumping for you. Imagine panties and bra that are thrown at you every night. Imagine girls in love with you, with your body. Imagine fans in heat  who think only one thing. "Jules I want to pamper your little brother." Jules, That's what means to be known. That's what celebrity heaven means. That's what awaits you if you manage to motivate yourself. Jules, That's what is waiting for you. That's for you my friend. That's it my friend, it will be you if you accompany us on the trail of breasts. The great tit's eating."

    What is this strange feeling that runs through my body? What is this musical vertigo that makes hearts beat under the big breasts? Can I reach heaven in this life? Fans in heat? Girls who want my body? My little brother who fights dozens of sluts who have their ass on fire. Ahhh, I want it. I will marry this world and ** everything that moves and even that which does not move.

    Jules "Where do I sign?"

    Diego "I knew that by talking to you about what a professional musician is and the passion that should animate him you will understand. Welcome to our Jules world. The world of boobs galore is in front of you. Listen to him and run to him with outstretched hands."

    Jules "I want it. I want to run to the boobs. But before, I run to the loo."

    Stan "Diego, you're great."

    Tina "Respect."

    Diego "No, just know how to adapt. If someone loves animals, talk to him about dogs. If a person loves nature, tell him about ... »

    Stan "Acorn."

    Diego "This is not the example I had in mind but it remains valid. But if a person is only interested in sex like our stupid little brother, tell him what he likes. Make it dream. Make him fantasize and finally, make him run to the toilets."

    Stan "The acorn was the reference example."

    Tina "Respect."
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