20 Very private amateur recording

    Professional photographer "You, the young boy kneels down and takes a hard look. Harder. Less stunned. Forget it and take your natural look. Oh Yes, you are very beautiful, my boy, perfect.

    The girl with big boobs, you are perfect but bombs the chest please. Make me stand out these two shells of 1940.

    The guy with the dreadlocks puts hair on the side, it looks like you're shooting a horror movie.

    You, shaved head, did you soon finished scratching your ass?

    Guys, it's just a few photo so help me a little. Watch out for me It's good again. The young, stop looking at the boobs of miss big boobs please. Miss big boobs hold you even more straight. My god if you stand up in front of someone who is not attentive, you burst him an eye with your pair of melons. Rastaman stop playing with what you just removed from your nose and you, shaved head for the last time, removes the fingers of your ass. Attention, that's it. Fuck guys, in a career of 30 years I've never ** so much to take four pictures. 58 minutes, you imagine how worthless you are. Finally miss big boobs was perfect. I wanted to ask you. Would you like having a drink with me. You, me and your big boobs, together around what you want."

    Jules "Impossible, she is my girlfriend. Looking for another girl, old **."

    Tina "Jules a little respect."

    Friday 9h55pm

    2 months have passed and at this moment at the express request of Jeff, I dry the History lesson. As planned, I'm going to rock lovers. Some morons nicknamed this rock because it seems that when you kiss a girl here, she falls in love with you. So we checked to test the veracity of this legend and of course, like all legends, it is false. Two months ago, Mason forcibly brought a girl he liked here and slipped his tongue between her lips but she did not fall in love with him at all, no, no. Mason, took the full menu. A maxi best off offered by the girl as a thank you. Slap in the face, kick kick back to the balls and when he was Knock-out., she has continued to some kicke him. We attended this dishonorable show but did nothing for our friend who was being demolished. Why? A man must take responsibility for the woman he loves and if we had intervened, the pride of Mason would have suffered as much as his face. Here I am near this rock that we had planned to destroy with a mass but the time doing its work, we forgot.

    Jules "Already here there guys, you're fast."

    Jeff "Guys, first of all, do you have any money on you? Little dick, are not you broke at least?"

    Greg "In the ass **ed, that's 80 € saved to offer me lubricant."

    Mason «60 € If I had bet that one day I will be poorer than Greg, at this moment I will certainly have one less ball.»

    Vince "Shit, what's this plan? 65 €, Greg, son of a bitch, I'm going to drown you in the loo."

    Jules "I am ashamed for you two. Being poorer than the wretched man washing his teeth with the toilets water without toothpaste would hurt in my ass. 682 €"

    Jeff "I understand, at this time of economic recession, having money on either becomes more and more difficult. But still the guys ... All the same, how can you have less than this lonely worm. Forget I will take you 50 € each. In exchange I give you this little thing that I hold in my hand."

    Greg "Are you going to stop treating me like the last of the dicks?"

    Vince "Jeff, Never was a porn movie worth € 200, without me this time."

    Mason "Same, I have more than 650 porn on my external hard drives at home so your little USB stick you stick it in the ass."

    Jeff "And if I told you that above it is a very private amateur recording taken with my HD webcam. It's about my mother and my father-in-law **ing like animals?"

    Jules "Your mother? I'm ready to put all my money but I need your mother."

    Mason "Minute, minute, we want to masturbate on Jeff's mother, too."

    Greg "Slurp, oh damn yes."

    Jeff "The auction is starting. For those who want this USB key with my mom in HD who **ing like the last slut, we start at 250 €."

    Jules «600 €»

    Mason "Disgusting, we can never beat this bastard full of money."

    Jeff "600 € once, 600 € twice, 600 € three times My mother **ing in HD will be for my generous friend Jules for the paltry sum, what do I say, the insignificant sum of 600 €."

    Jules "Thank you Jeff, I'll treat her well. I'm going home guys. I forgot a book."

    Vince "That's will shoot you on the bat, fake brother."

    Mason "Jules is not the culprit, he earns his money himself. It's up to Greg to blame. It's because of the poor like him that our life becomes difficult. Take that in your **ed face. Without you, it's me who would have ** Jeff's mother."

    Greg "Fuck but you're crazy, my nose is bleeding. I'm for nothing if you have no money, grouper's face."
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