21 The ass of a goddess erect to the sky.

    "Power. Start. "[What an excellent image quality. It's strange, my jeans serve me a little too much the balls. Let's put in underpants and watch this little auteur film quietly. Damn, her mother is really a queen. What an exceptional actress I would not be surprised if she received a hot gold. Oh quick ammo, the sauce goes up.] 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 80 minutes, 1 handkerchief, 2 handkerchiefs, 9 handkerchiefs, big pain in the crotch, swollen wrist, cramp in the right knee, stained carpet, second viewving, second Tissue pack "Start."

    ???? "Jules? What are you doing here at this time of day and why do not you wear anything on the buttocks?"

    Jules "Leave the pizza near the door. Money is on the dresser near the front door. Thank you guy."

    ???? "Nice video, this woman is already over 35 but she is beautiful. Is that your style?"

    Jules "You surprise me, you saw that ass and that breasts buddy."

    ???? "I admit that her body is beautiful but what will your girlfriend say if she learns that you fiddle with your curler looking at another woman."

    Jules "No problem, she's at the university and will not be here until this afternoon."

    ???? "And if one of her teachers had a flu and that she were coming back earlier for your misfortune."

    Jules "Everything is long pondered my friend. I would just say that I was sweating of my ball-hole, that's all."

    ???? "I think you take her for a stupid girl. Come see me."

    Jules "My ear, it hurts. And what are you doing here so early to start? I'm sorry, if I knew you were going to home so quickly, I would have thrown away the dirty tissues."

    ???? "You're really disgusting. Look at the condition of the carpet. I rented a carpet cleaner two days ago and look at all those filthy white stains. Can not you do that in the toilet if it's vital? By the way, I forgot to tell you but I invited your 4 friends tonight. You often talk about it so I wanted to meet them. As you do not show me, I stole your cell phone last night and sent them an email. Today they called me to confirm, secretly of course. They did not even know that we had been living together for more than a month. Can you explain that to me?"

    So much has changed in two months that my life has become simpler but also more tiring. The most important change concerns the person who is right now tearing my ear.A beautiful face, big boobs, an apartment and a car, she is the ideal woman for a boy such as me who is just sixteen. How did this happen already? Memory rewind. Two months ago, after a certain photo shoot, I helped a certain girl to get rid of a certain old photographer and one thing by entailing another, to thank me, she invited me to take a glass. One thing by entailing a second, the next day we woke up in the same bed. One thing by entailing a lot, I did not go back to the old woman until three days later. Everything was done quickly and naturally and then we saw each other every day. Things ended like this. Here to be more precise. A month ago, a sixteen-year-old guy and a eighteen-year-old girl decided to live together. The day I announced my departure to the old woman, I am sure that she released the champagne the same evening but I was not there to check it. No, my father-in-law for "Celebrate it" as he told me, offered me a crepe / cinema party between strong and virile men. I would have preferred that he offers me a whore Street Sance but it was not his intentions. Result, mushroom ham crepe, lightened orange juice and a gay love movie with my step dad sitting next to me. Throughout the film, I was paralyzed and watched his hands carefully. I was afraid that this old disgusting too inspired by the film, caress my big spaghetti. The next day, I moved with my Tina in a 5-room apartment we rent. She grumbles sometimes because I dirty more than I clean but overall everything goes very well. I really like this girl and it's a first.

    Tina "Jules, as we are both here and we have nothing to do today, what would you say to give me a little hug."

    Shit, impossible. My little brother can not even stand up anymore. "Oh, I have a sudden dizziness. But what happens to me? Urg, I feel so bad. Urg, Urg, I die."

    Tina "I bet you still masturbated so much you that you can not get an erection. I'm going to the room. Good movie, moron."

    I think I correctly played the role of the dying man this time. The training I had with Jeff would not have been useless. Not good, as soon as I think of Jeff, I think of his mother and her beautiful ass. The ass of a goddess standing up to the sky. The sky to show him his love, sends him his most beautiful rays of sun. I have to write that in order to send it in the next anonymous letter that I will write to Jeff's mother. Impressive, it is not only the inspiration that goes up. "I'm coming my Tina. Thinking of you in your little blue dress made me erect the obelisk like never before."
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