22 Nice fuck room

    06h55pm I'm scared, very scared, no it's wrong, I'm scared. Why do not I introduce my friends to the people who matter to me? Because these oxen say so much bull** and evoke memories so embarrassing that then I dare not look at the people who met them in the eyes. They are awful, disgusting but they are my friends. These four sons of bastards are the best friends I have had so far. If they ask me why, I will answer very frankly "No idea." They are vulgar, badly bred, perverse, a little asocial and like to annoy others so much that it has become sickly for them. Unfortunately, it is possible that I look like them a little bit.

    06h57pm I stand right near the entrance door, paralyzed. I have to evacuate this overload of stress that will cause me an ulcer. I leans me a little forward and I fart a blow. Now, I am free of a certain weight that weighed on my stomach, but Tina looks at me strangely. I guess you can not have everything. Between my smiling girlfriend and my dilated anus, I just choose.

    06h58pm I Always play the guards in front of the door. I watch for the arrival of the invaders. As soon as I hear a noise, even if I pay for it, They must no enter this apartment. Tina is in the bedroom and that's good because I just launched the anti-cockroach operation. What was that. Clop clip, clop clip, clop clip. This coarse and rhythmic approach, I know who it belongs to. The number one cockroach is almost behind the door. Baseball bat ok, Anti-cockroaches ok, Taser ok, I'm ready to receive my good friend, Greg. Before he rings, I open the door, point the tazer at him with his right hand and grab his neck with my left hand. Reinforcements? Fuck, they are trying to break my defenses. Greg was only a scout, he certainly came to sniff the smell of food like the poor he is. The danger is 3, 2, 1 meter away from me. Mason, Vince and especially the son of the goddess are in front of me smiling like morons. As I grasp the anti-cockroach, a hand falls on my shoulder. Too late, I am defeated. An enemy has slipped into my own camp and now any defense is useless. Overcome, the anti-cockroach falls to the ground under the applause of the three traitors who were my friends but who tonight conspired with a girl against me.


    Jeff "Hi buddy, nice ** room. Ambience, I am the master of the harem and I defend my female to foreign cocks what I see. Mason, Mason, I hallucinate, Tina is even more beautiful than at the television and watch her boobs. Shit, I really want to put my head between these two stuffed cushions."

    Mason "Oh damn, can we touch? Jules and I, we share everything since our first contest of the one who pisses the furthest so it will certainly not bother you if I touch them a little?"

    Greg "I want to suckle, I want to suckle."

    Vince "Get out of here little dick. Hi young lady, I'm Vince but everyone calls me the black stallion, in relation to my big cock. Do not pay attention to the poor, but when I walk in the meadows, horses greet me and lower my head out of respect. Truce of useless words. Tina, where's the room?"

    It begins. These acorn heads already start their circus number with my girlfriend and in front of me. These guys are really ashamed of nothing. Who hits? Except for these four toads, Stan and Diego, I do not get on well with very few men. The father-in-law is nice but I always feel like he's a bit gay, so I'm suspicious of him.

    Tina "I also invited your half-sister. Since I know you do not like your sister very much, I wanted to know at least one member of your family."

    Clara "Jules, I missed you so much."

    Jules "B cup we discussed this morning at the entrance of the school I call you back. Have you been drinking or are you already senile?"

    Clara "So here it is in real this Tina. Um, if we take off her big boobs, I'm much prettier than she is."

    Jeff "I'm sure she at least, she does not ask the guys to ** in the toilet from their first meeting."

    Tina "I'm still a virgin, you moron."

    Greg "Tina, I want to taste your milk?"

    Tina "You want a coffee. Greg? That's it?"

    Greg "Forget the coffee, I only want your milk."

    Clara "In addition she produces milk this fat cow. No wonder, when we see these two big breasts. This girl is so vulgar."

    Vince "It must be time to milking, her udders swell. Tina, let's go to your room. Jules take me a bucket and a stool."

    Mason "By the way Jules the video of the mother of your friend was really worth 600 €?"

    Tina "How much? How could you spend 600 € for a video of a mother?"

    Damn Mason you could not close your mouth. "6 € he meant. I did not even watch it. My wife is much more beautiful than Jeff's mother so I do not need that."

    Mason "No, no, it was 600 € but you are now so rich that 6 € or 600 € do not a big difference for you anymore. So you offer me this video if it does not interest you?"

    Jules "No way. This goddess deserves my wrist."
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