23 Do you know if I still have some underwears left without tasks?

    Tina "Not tonight, we have to get up very early tomorrow morning and your friends have psychologically exhausted me. I had never met such fools before I had never seen anyone urinate in the plants of their hosts or try to steal a smartphone before leaving. They are so tiring."

    Strange, I found them rather calm. "Are you still worried about this festival? Everything will be fine, no need to stress for so little. We sold a lot of albums in Europe so relax."

    Tina "We start and we can disappear as quickly as we have appeared. People forget quickly if our concerts are bad. That's why I want to do my best. You should stress a little more, too."

    Jules "Normal you're exhausted. You take care of everything. I do not know very well but why have refused the manager that Sony had proposed? I think it was a huge mistake on your part. Oh, what is that?"

    Tina "You are really insatiable. Okay but only once and  you asleep directly."

    Yes, in two months a lot of things have changed. After our concert, a man in costume offered us an appointment in a very chic restaurant. Of course we did not refuse. Who would refuse free high-end food at a renowned restaurant? Personally, I did not listen to what this man told during this dinner because I was very focused on my meal that was more like a work of art. I'm not such so stupid as to waste my time getting interested in the words of a stranger when free dishes are served to me at will. The members of my group then explained to me what they had talked about throughout this dinner. This generous man in costume represented a musical label who seemed to be  interested in us for some time but this concert was a test to check our ability to a larger audience. Fucker, he trapped us. This was my first thought. But when I was presented the contracts, curiously, the idea that I made of these people, has completely changed. All these men are so generous, I will lick their shoes if they asked me. The same evening we signed. The following days, we recorded our first album, then everything was chained very quickly, too fast. The album has already sold more than 329,000 copies in Europe, 63,000 in Asia and only 21,000 in the United States. How difficult it is for us humble Europeans to reach the kings of music. But sometimes I'm furious. The members of my group, for some reason, do not allow me to speak during the few interviews we had. What can be the reason? Mystery to elucidate as quickly as possible. Thanks to the money we earned, we rent this beautiful apartment, Tina and Stan have bought a nice car and when to me a new laptop with the best video card that can be found on the market. Life has become beautiful but tiring and very positive point, I dry the school very often. Tomorrow we go to England for a festival but again Tina who plays the role of manager, stress and refuses to test my method yet so effective that is to fart to relieve the pressure. Sometimes she yells at me when I ship my overflow under the sheets but is it my fault if my body feels that the time has come to release the gas? Anyway, I will never thank Diego enough that allowed me to see all these tits in live to sway in front of me and shout my name. Boobs are life and we live for boobs.

    Tina "Jules, take your hands off your sex, I do not want to change the sheets in the middle of the night."

    Jules "No problem, I have padded underpants"

    "No, leave me alone." It's 3:00 am and a harpy shakes me as I slept so well. I have absolutely no strength or desire to get up. Why can not we fly and we have to take the train to England? The plane would have been more convenient, Stan and Diego will travel by plane, even our equipment will fly away, but we will not. Explanation. "Oh I would like to go under the Channel, see the fish and underwater life with you while I'm in a train it must be very romantic." Girls sometimes say things so absurd that it is really tiring. Fortunately his car seats massaging because otherwise I will have refused this silly trip.

    Tina "Jules, get up your big ass. We must be in Montparnasse at 5:00 am and you play the lazy ones. It's really not the moment."

    Jules "Give me another hour and I get up."

    Tina "As you like. Busty fans will not be waiting for you. "

    Jules "Oh damn, we have to hurry up. Do you know if I still have some underwears left without tasks?"

    Tina "Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing with you."

    Jules "Shit, I forgot to prepare my clothes for these three days"

    Tina "I prepared them."

    Jules "Where is my passport?"

    Tina "I took it because I found it on the pizza in the fridge."

    Jules "My wallet."

    Tina "On your bag."

    Jules "You see, you always say I'm not conscientious but I'm ready to go and everything is ready."
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